The Night Before

By Uchiha Jin

It's the night before. Chopper is in his room, alive and breathing, but seemingly dead. Usoppu is with him, but for once, he is not speaking. Nami has locked herself up in her room, crying. Sanji is in the kitchen, cooking. Zoro is on the deck, sleeping, but not. He wants to cry, but he holds it in. Tomorrow, tomorrow will be the day.

Tomorrow will be the day that Tony Tony Chopper loses the idiot that he looks up to. He will lose the man that has shown him the world, he will lose an idiotic older brother. Chopper is unmoving. Wide eyed and unable to find his tears. Chopper cannot stand the idea of loosing someone else. He has lost enough already, he thinks he cannot go on any longer. Although Chopper is a doctor, he cannot bring people back. He wishes nothing else than to be able to bring people back.

Tomorrow will be the day that Usoppu loses the only friend that believes him. He will lose his first real friend and he will lose the friend that made his dreams come true. Usoppu tells himself that his friend is fine, that his friend is out exploring at the moment. He tells himself that tomorrow, his friend will come running back to the ship. He will tell his crew members to set sail, he will say this with a smile on his face. Usoppu knows that he can only lie, but for once, he wants to speak the truth.

Tomorrow will be the day that Nami loses her savior. She will lose the man that has freed her from slavery, she will lose a dear friend, a younger brother. She cries. She wants to apologize for all the trouble she caused him. She will even forget about the money he owes her if he would just stay with them. If money could save him, Nami would give up everything she has.

Tomorrow will be the day that Sanji loses the number one fan of his cooking. He will loose the boy that appreciates his cooking more then anyone else. He will loose the boy that has come to mean so much to him in such a short period of time. Sanji is currently cooking for that boy. He is cooking the best he has ever cooked. Sanji will give the boy his meal in the morning. The boy will smile and Sanji will cry. Sanji regrets that he had not cooked for him more in the past. Sanji promises that he will cook for the boy for the rest of his life if he were to come back to their ship unharmed.

Tomorrow will be the day that Roronoa Zoro loses his most cherished friend. He will lose what is most precious to him, and he will lose his everything. Tomorrow he will cry for the first time in ten years. He will scream until he's throat bleeds. He will fight until he cannot move. Tomorrow, Zoro will lose dearest companion. He wishes nothing more then to be able to hold him now.

It's the night before. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates is in his cell. He wonders what potion Chopper is making at the moment. He wonders what story Usoppu is telling to his crew. He wonders how much money Nami has gathered from the Straw Hat Pirates. He wonders what food Sanji is cooking. He wonders where Zoro is sleeping, and whether or not he will have a cold tomorrow.


Tomorrow will be the day that Monkey D. Luffy is executed. Tomorrow, Luffy will die with a smile on his face, knowing that he had the best crew he could ask for.