Hello, fanfiction wanderer. My name is Iced Blood, and I'll be your mental illness for the evening. I wanted to mention something before we get started with the story. It's old. If you take a look at the dates underneath the summary (don't worry if you don't; I usually don't, either), you'll note that it was started a number of years ago, and it's been quite a while since I finished.

That said, I made mistakes with this story. With characterization, plot development, narrative exercises...pretty much everything about this story, I look at it and think, "I could have done so much better." Nonetheless, I'm proud of this story for a number of reasons. It's the longest published work I have on any website; it tackles a number of important social issues at least semi-realistically; and most of all, I finished it. It's a complete work.

The opening scenes and issues in this story may seem innocuous, but I will also warn you that things take a substantially dark turn right around the halfway mark. However, I also think there's a marked increase in quality during that second half. This story is a journey through my evolution as a fanfiction writer, and as a writer in general.

I hope you enjoy it.

"YOU bring this up at least twice a week."

"Well, you never answer me."

"Perhaps I don't want to answer."

"Then I'll keep asking."

"...Why are you so adamant about this?"

"I promised him!"

"Why does that involve me? I never promised anyone anything."

"You promised me you'd always be there if I had a problem. This is a problem."

"When did I promise that?"

"When we were little."

"I remember no such promise."

"Sure you do! It was at our special hiding place! You remember, don't you? Behind the jungle gym, in that old cave-looking thing? We even made that flag for it with construction paper!"

"...You remember that."

"'Course I do!"

"You're going to hold me to a promise I made six years ago."


"I was talking about bullies or homework, not necromancy."

"Necra-who's-it? It's computers!"

"It's much more than computers. I'd have to find a way to reconstruct his body."

"You can do it!"

"I'm pleased to see you have such faith in me, but you don't comprehend that what you're asking of me is excruciatingly complicated. You can't grasp the delicacy such an endeavor would require."

"Stop using big words, I can't understand you when you talk all smart."

"...Look. It would be hard enough locating his consciousness on our system. And that's just the easy part! Do you realize just what sort of procedure it would take to revive a body that's a decade in the grave? I can't even fathom how anyone could do such a thing, least of all me. I'm a software designer, not a biologist."

"But...could you try? Please?"

"Oh, for the love of...would you knock that off?"


"That...that...thing! You do that entirely too much!"

"What thing?"

"That...forlorn, lost puppy look."

"...Is it working?"

"Don't you have homework to be doing?"

"It is working, isn't it?"

"Oh, be quiet, you little con artist."

"Will you try it?"

"If I do, will you leave me alone?"

"Yes, yes, I promise! I pinky promise! Forever and ever and ever!"

"I doubt that's true...oh, fine. I'll try it."

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Yes, yes, fine, you're welcome. Now let me go, I can't breathe."

"Oh, sorry!"

"Go on, get out of here. Do your homework."

"Okay! Thank you so much!"

"I know, I know. Go."


"Hey, hey, hey! Don't slam my...door. Ugh...children."

My first new story in a while. I realize there isn't much to this prologue, but that was the point. As always, I appreciate constructive feedback more than anything else, so if you feel so inclined, please tell me what you think. I hope you enjoy this.
Special thanks to Caorann fridh Bronach for agreeing to help me with this story and for being a great friend. Watch out for the guinea pigs!