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Summary: At the age of 17, Sasuke and Sakura were given a task, which was to baby-sit an extraordinary baby. They never thought of this mission to be easy, because one: they have to live in ONE house. Two: the baby was atypical. Three: The baby used to call them "Mama" and "Papa". Four: Kakashi is there to guide them. And last, but definitely not the least, secrets begin to unfold, and witness Sasuke's misadventures towards love.

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Oh Mama, Oh Papa!

Chapter 11: The Breaking News!

By: Hazuki Saiuno


Actions speak louder than voice.

"What the hell are you doing there?!"

The lone figure sitting on the edge of the tree bark with an open book that firmly roofed his face didn't even rouse or move from his position. Slowly, he lifted the book away only to look blankly at the loud person who disturbed his solitude as always.

"You—BIG DUMMY!" Naruto yelled angrily as he neared him by stomping his feet on the ground. "What are you still waiting for?! The day after forever?!"

Sasuke looked at him for a quick time and then closed his eyes. "The day after you get lost."

And that hit Naruto's nerves. No worries needed, his nerve cells are still functioning thanks to the good meal he has received a while ago. But still, he couldn't help but wonder—for all the damnated things that the worst among the worst products of entire humankind had created, why it has to include his best friend? Aside from being the egotistical jerky Sasuke— the ugliest chicken-haired dog of the Uchihas— he is incredibly dispassionate and haughty!

But that doesn't actually concern Naruto. He accepted that veracity million years ago.

In fact, he was worried about the avenger's declining social life…

… Specifically his cold love life.

"Oi, Teme."

Sasuke gazed at him sharply. Naruto's tone of voice sure lowered down a bit from what he expected.

"I know that you are hiding something from me. Isn't it about time you tell me what you're lamenting all this time?"

"I have nothing to unveil."

Naruto neared and lay down beside him, placing both of his hands at the back of his head and gazed at the sky. His blue sapphire eyes then followed the direction of the bird freely flying above them, and sighed eventually like it's the first time he did this.

"Hehhhh… Sure we got a pretty fair weather, don't you think?"

Zero response.

"And Sakura-chan's so pretty today ."

Any connection?

"…And it is pretty obvious that Sasuke-teme is in love with Sakura-chan—! OW!"

The last remark made Sasuke's insides boil in displeasure, especially by the idiot's absurdity. Why do Gods of Common Sense didn't bless the stupid moron a skill that guaranteed sensible information would come out from his mouth whenever he communicates with a normal human being?

"Man…" Naruto whined in pain. "You don't have to throw that stone…owwww…"

"You're annoying."

Replacing his whining face into a mischievous one, he retorted. "You're just being defensive—or rather— in the state of denial!"

There's no point of hiding it from me, teme.

Sasuke eyed him. He's up to something—the Uchiha freak can sense it—particularly with the change of expression he's showing him.

"Know what? Just pull out your damned shit pride already and admit your feelings—no, your desperation for Sakura-chan!"

It was an overstatement, though.

"You're pathetic."

Naruto's fist curled up into a ball. Conceited persons are really dense when it comes to emotions! "And your pathetic excuse of a man really annoys the hell out of me! You coward of the mighty toffee-nosed Uchihas! I bet you don't even have hormones…!" Sasuke gave him a defiant look. "— don't tell me you're a hermaphrodite?! Or are you just a girl or tomboy or something possessed, and was dressed up like a man, or you're just a simple as a gay?!"

Sasuke glared Naruto as hard as he could. Okay, here we go again; no one could truly compete with him for being a number one blabber-mouth engine of Konoha. He is speaking (or scolding him) like a grumpy old man waiting for his death to arrive and muse over the good things and value of life (inclusion of the power of youth quote) no to end. How he wished that he (Naruto) would help environmentalists in stopping pollution by reducing the unconditional noise he emits everyday!

"Cut it, dobe. I don't need your lecture." Sasuke simply said and got up from his sit, his right hand ducked on his pocket. "What do you want?"

A long pause of silence occurred before Naruto stood up and break the ice.

"I want you to become Sakura's happiness."

It certainly caught his attention. Sasuke watched Naruto with the corners of his eyes, fully realizing his statement. Deep within him, he was sort of surprised by his actions; so unusual for the blonde-haired idiot to say so— when what he's babbling about is not even connected on becoming a Hokage.

…So much for a friend to know about the cold Avenger— Sasuke.

"Sakura-chan had gone through all the hardships she had enough. She became strong not only for us, for you, but for her own will. And she rightfully deserved an everlasting happiness."

Sasuke smirked. He wondered where in the deepest depths of hell he got those lines with that seriousness written all over his face. Still, Naruto may have forgotten one thing about him.

"Perhaps she deserved me." He trailed off, his tone never faltered. "But I don't think I deserve her."

A tiny pang of guilt ushered inside him. And he felt something contrast to what he had just said.

Instead of answering him back, Naruto chose to continue what he is saying, completely understanding what he is trying to imply. There's still hope for these two.

"She deserves you or not is not the main issue here." The future Hokage avowed as he neared Sasuke. "Her happiness is all what I wanted to assure."

And Sasuke felt a soft pat on his shoulder. He smirked, knowing what he is going to say.

"And I do trust you for that task."

Gradually, a pair of onyx orbs shot open only to be locked with Naruto's. They looked at each other for a while like they were trying to read each other's mind.

Or else I'll kill you one hundred thousand ways if you let you chance slip away, you very stupid teme.

"Isn't it a little early for acting like a Hokage, dobe?" Sasuke stated with a mocking tone. "Ordering me like I was just your ninja."

I would do it even without telling me to do so, moron.

Naruto pouted and placed both of his hands at the back of his head. Uchihas really do have a different kind of approach in returning gratitude! "It's not really practicing my oncoming leadership or exercising my freedom of speech. Just an advice from a cute citizen (Sasuke: senior citizen) concerned for your little stupefied ass's sake."

Sasuke snorted. "And you sucked at it."

"Geez, your welcome." Naruto followed-up. "And by the way, even if I'm on your side doesn't equally mean that you would get her that easy. Like for an instance, there's also a certain person sharing the same expression you have, same feeling you have, and the same girl you've fallen for." He then felt Sasuke's gaze on him again, but this time, it is more severe than the previous ones. "So I highly suggest you to stop the act with your oh-so-cool-for-hundred-million-years-attitude-that-will-surely-make-my-obssessed-fangirls-go-insane-like-a-mad-cow face! Hurry up and move fast…!"

Does Naruto have to make it long?! "Quit your flowery words, dobe."

"In short, you have a rival." Naruto paused for a while for an intake of air. "And he's stealing chances from her, mind you. His actions towards Sakura-chan still go unnoticed by some people but it will never deceive me. Yet don't get too nonchalant. I bet he's going to formally court her, very soon."

Still wearing an emotionless façade, Sasuke clenched his fist so hard that it went almost white at the mention of his rival. He mentally told himself to stay calm no matter what; it caught Naruto's mind and a sly smile curved on his lips. Actions really do speak louder than words.

"Could it be Kakashi-sensei?"

Naruto then choked out an uproarious laugh after his brain had processed what he has just said. "That amnesia-bearing aged sensei?! NO HELL WAY!"

"Then spit it out. Now."

Upon hearing his demanding request (or a command) Naruto began to tell him everything about their Sakura-chan's little secret.

Thus, Sasuke's eyes broadened literally.

Stars shimmered in patina, and the alluring moonlight cascaded over the horizon as it signaled for the night of Konoha's Leaf Festival. Stall owners have already built their booths before even the night started, and as the time flies, noise filled the different areas where most of the people crowd over. Clad in their traditional clothes (kimonos and yukatas), they all began enjoying the night all the way with different features of the said celebration. And a certain group of Konoha shinobis is not an exemption.

"WOO YEAH!!" Naruto screeched with spirits as he inhaled the lovely aroma of his surroundings that filled his nose, becoming more exuberant. "Let's enjoy the night away guys…! ROCK ON!!"

Shikamaru mentally slapped his head and heaved an annoyed sigh. "Tone down your voice a bit, Uzumaki. We're not in a club or somewhere you'd willingly give your throat and soul away."

Instead of retorting back like he usually does, Naruto just 'hmped' and then diverted his attention on the young ladies beside him whom are having a little chit-chat. Beam quickly appeared on his lips as he witnessed the group of the most gorgeous women of the night right before his eyes.

Taking aside the fact that they are kunoichis of the village, they are also women— just like gifts, (according to some random people) they must always look presentable no matter what. Of course, they do know what fashion is. It's just that, they preferred to be simple, yet elegant.

And Naruto is so damn sure he is going to enjoy the night, really.

His eyes then landed on the smiling Sakura-chan.

Naruto grinned evilly.

That teme is one of hell lucky bastards in the universe! He would certainly need tissues for nose bleeding…! Hehehe!

"I swear I'll erase that precious face of yours if you won't stop grinning like a total maniac." It was Sakura who threatened him with a menacing and irritated voice. Well, just blame it on the actions he did that made everyone (in their group) stop their tracks –even Hinata— and think that he's gone insane. Sakura pinched his cheek not too lightly and he couldn't help but whimper in pain.

"Ite ite ite…! You don't have to do that Sakura-chan…" Naruto whined, rubbing his swollen cheek. "By the way, where's that ugly teme? I know he's coming—"

"He will not come." Sakura cut him shortly with a hinge of disappointment in her voice. The previous events suddenly replayed on her mind and it even made her more dismayed. She eventually sighed and told herself not to think of it anymore, hence her expression then changed into a gutsy one as she placed one hand on her hip. "Heck, I'd really believe that the sun revolves around the planets if ever he comes here. You know that man— he's not a sociable type of human being created by freaks of nature…! Especially with that… that insensible face! Sometimes I wonder if he was formerly a zombie or something! And… also his voice— he seemed like he was… living dead… grrr…"

Her comrades gaped at her boldness, without faltering.

STILL, it's different when the 'someone' you're flatly talking about is merely five inches away from you, yet like there's no way you'd stop criticizing him.

"S-Sakura-chan… I think it's—" Hinata tried to stop her but failed; instead, she earned an 'it's okay!' look from the girl.

"Too much? Don't worry Hinata-chan! He will NEVER hear me because he's…" Sakura trailed off confidently, but then vanished in an instant when she felt another presence beside her a familiar chakra that caused her eyes to widen in disbelief. "…not here… Sasuke-kun…"

The said person merely looked at her with his usual impassive eyes (or zombie orbs in Sakura's terms), fully understanding what she has asserted a while ago. He was quite surprised at her sudden outburst about him being an arrogant blah blah blah but then he chose not to mind it… at all. And he wasn't alone; in his arms is the infant who seemed to be still sleepy, as he kept on stifling baby yawns.

But that particular sudden intrusion didn't surprise Sakura that much— it was their attires that made her literally flushed like it was her first time again having sort of a new-found admiration.

The infant's small navy blue yukata with very endearing leaf designs on it perfectly fitted him. The sleepy look on his face just added to his cuteness, and she can't help but smile and giggle. "Kawai…" she mumbled out of her dazed state as her emerald eyes fell on the… specific damned handsome baby-sitter.

Sakura felt like her eyes are glued on the scene before her. She can't speak, move, or even look away from the man who has caught her heart first, thinking that she has been captivated once again by his looks. Just some kind of crush, by physical attraction, and not as intense as what she felt for him before. True, Sasuke was wearing a simple dark blue yukata with an Uchiha clan symbol embroidered on the left side of the clothing. AND the most noticeable thing about him was his hair— it was not the regular chicken hairstyle, because it was down (Like Train Heartnet's or Kira Yamato's) and seizes a wet-looking appearance.

So the doomed brooding teenage prodigy of the Uchiha Clan does have a fashion sense.

He looks so… sexy.

"Oi, Teme!" Sakura was been snap out from her reverie by Naruto's call, and then slightly looked away to hide her hot cheeks. "New hairstyle, ne?! At least you looked like a sopping chick than an impregnated hen… hehehe!"

Sasuke grunted at the remark and merely looked away. Again, he reminded himself that talking to any psychologically handicapped person is a waste of time. Insentience, his vision landed on the certain rosy-haired lass who seemed to be fidgeting— possibly out of her shame.

He smirked. Karma does really know when to come out anytime.

"Uhm…ahem…" Ino faked-cough suddenly just to catch their attention, and eventually opened her mouth to say something. "Ano… I almost forgot that we have someone to visit… right Shikamaru?" she then nudged the said boy, winking at him. Shikamaru on the other side, raised an eyebrow because he doesn't know what she's talking about. It didn't take any longer when he conceived the troublesome idea of hers.

"So guys, have a nice time! Oh, and Sasuke-kun!" She called out as she flashed an evil eye at him. "Take care of that forehead girl, okay?!" With that, she hurriedly yanked her boyfriend away and left them.

Silence came as each of them tried to read each other's mind. Carefully, TenTen looked at Neji, and they also bid their adieu in spur of the moment. The subsequent moments turned out to be awkward, and Sasuke and Sakura began to feel something.

They weren't ninjas for nothing— the can easily sense what's going on, like reading between the lines of actions done. Thus, Naruto's next for sure.

"W-Well… We have to go Hinata-chan…! I cannot wait for the special ramen at Ichiraku!" Naruto squeaked and quickly snatched his girlfriend's hand, earning a startled look from her. On the other hand, his teammates threw him a wrathful look, and it made him quite edgy as he began choke out jittery laughter.

"Oi… what's with that monstrous look… OH MY! We've got to hurry!" Naruto responded and readied himself (along with Hinata) to…run. "Well, see 'ya Sasuke-teme and Sakura-chan! Oi, teme! Don't do it on Sakura-chan at this rate… she's still too young for… that…!"

Sasuke glowered at him. The dobe's getting attached to their former teacher too much!

Sakura got what he meant. Naturally, she grew hot and almost wanted to strangle Naruto to death, if Hinata wasn't present there. "Naruto…"

"Oh, and P.S." Naruto winked at them wickedly. "There's a new built hotel somewhere there if ever you won't be able to fight the sensation—ahhhh!" Naruto wasn't able to finish his proposition and dashed away like he was running for his life, dragging the poor Hinata with him— it is all because the dangerous aura that Sakura was emitting.


And the festival has begun.

Since the departure of their other comrades, Sasuke and Sakura (along with the baby) have been walking for some time through the crowds. Smile can be seen through people's expressions and many are playing various customary games. As they bypass the people and stalls around them, Sakura can't help but feel more gauche— well, due to what happened previously and Sasuke's lifetime cold attitude— and then impeded walking, with her head slightly bent downwards. This action made her male companion also stop his tracks, and looked at her.

"I'm… sorry…"

Sasuke stared at her with steady eyes, and he clearly heard what she has just said. He can feel that she's guilty, and truly regretful for what she said earlier.

You don't need to. I deserved it.

"I…" Sakura suddenly jolted her head up and gazed at him with teary eyes. She felt so pathetic, futile, and contemptible to be called a true friend. True, she has finally yelled out loud the bad things she has felt for him over the years, but still she didn't even take the consideration of his feelings,—whether he has it or not— totally forgetting about her limitations of what to say and… change.

He maybe bitter, arrogant, egocentric jerk but he owned a heart like any other ordinary human has, that can be hurt.

"I'm sorry—AH!" And before she could say all those words again, Sasuke quickly grabbed her hand and resumed walking with her. Sakura gasp at his hasty action, and her tears freely glided down her cheeks. She didn't know where he was going to take her (or them), and she was about to untangle her hand from him but failed when she sensed him tighten his grip on her

And she was so certain that it was one of those rare times she felt so… protected.

After some moments of walking, they stopped at a somewhat private place, but not far from the locale where people crowd over. The water from nearby river flowed in serenity, and cherry blossoms fluttered around them in grace. Sakura couldn't believe at what she is witnessing because she never thought that Konoha has this kind of place— so refreshing, peaceful, and romantic.

"You're annoying."

His trademark for her escaped from his lips, he smirked, and guided his other hand along her cheek only to feel the traces of her tears…for him. "You better do something than crying. It doesn't suit you very well."

Sakura gaped at him with wide eyes, and blushed furiously. Now she doesn't know what's going on, especially with him.

"Sakura-chan had gone through all the hardships she had enough. She became strong not only for us, for you, but for her own will. And she rightfully deserved an everlasting happiness."

By just looking at her, he could easily identify what she's thinking— and he doesn't equally get why he's doing that to her either. All he could discern was that his body, mind, heart, and the WHOLE him, was moving on its own.

"Would you like to stay here?" his hand dropped on his side. Sakura somehow missed the sudden warmth on her face.

Stay here forever…with me.

Sakura was perplexed, and her head was in turmoil. She wanted to ask so many questions, what, how, and why. Yet, she chose to smile.

"And I do trust you for that task."


"Mamaaa… Papaaa…"

They both turned their heads to the little one on Sasuke's chest, who is rubbing his eyes in a baby-like manner. Sakura's smile broadened and the lad immediately gave him to her. She planted a small kiss on the baby's cheek and hugged him tightly. In response, he giggled cutely and wrapped his petite arms around her.

Sasuke smiled inwardly at the picture before him.

"From now on, you'll be called Sei, okay?"

Sei grinned at her. "Mamaaa…"

"Tired of calling him cliché terms?" Sasuke said in a teasing tone, referring to what she usually says like 'cute baby'. "A random name, I see."

Sakura pouted at him. "Sasuke-kun no baka! It's a special name!"

"A special name for a special child like you."

"Ne, Sei-kun. I hope you wouldn't grow up like that…man!" Sakura said as she pointed at Sasuke. "But don't worry; as long as I'm here, you're not going to get influenced by some random jerk. Ha.Ha.Ha."

Sasuke 'h.n.-ed' and tilted his body around as he began walking away. "Talk like a witch and laugh like a witch. Perfect combination. Impressive."

"Mou… You're so mean!" Sakura said smilingly and trailed behind him.

And somewhere… over the rainbow… (XD)

"Damn… way to go Sasuke-teme!!"


"Now both of you, shut-up. Troublesome."

"I didn't know that… Sasuke-kun was that… romantic."

"That TEME! Pretending like he doesn't know how to handle girls…!"

"OH MY GOD! What if he's a playboy before?!"


"Naruto-kun… they're going to hear you…"

"This is… troublesome…"

Neji slapped his forehead literally. This is making a nuisance on him. Why in the hell he's involved with their 'plan' about 'MISSION: Get Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura together within this night' anyway? But he got to admit, that the former avenger knows to play with his emotions very well.

He confessed it all.

"Haha, nice try kid." A middle-aged man commented as he patted the said kid's shoulder. The boy cursed under his breath as he looked at his scooper, threw it recklessly and walked away. The man smiled at the customers who kept on trying their best to scoop the goldfish watchfully. After all, goldfish scooping requires skills in balance and manipulation of force.

And it is one of Sakura's favorite games when festivals come.

"Sugoi…! Let's go goldfish scooping, Sasuke-kun, Sei-kun!" Sakura spoke out with exuberance written all over her face. She watched the other children scooping goldfish, with happy, yet so innocent eyes. Sasuke almost smirked at what she's flaunting right now; it just added to her loveliness this night. Childish.

"Act a little around your age, Haruno."

Sakura playfully slapped his shoulder and sneered at him. "But by this time, I'll act according to my will, Uchiha."

"Awww! Not again!" another boy whined in annoyance when his poi (scooper) partly broken and the goldfish fell through it. He was about to leave when Sakura tapped his shoulder, and crouched beside him. "Didn't I tell you before never giving up, Kaigarou-kun?"


Hearing her infamous name, all the people around turned to look them, actually surprised seeing her in this kind of place. Who wouldn't get interested gawking at the Hokage's apprentice and one of the best medical ninjas in Konoha?!

But the ones who most enjoyed scrutinizing her were men.

Activate Uchiha Death Glare ninety-nine point nine.

"Yosh!" Sakura mumbled, looking so determined than ever. "Ne, oyaji… can I play?"

"Why not, young lady." The man gave her a poi. "Goodluck!"

With that, Sakura immediately received the scooper and began controlling her ordinary force. No, she wasn't using her chakra because it risky, even if she is a connoisseur in controlling it. With quick reflexes and stable balance, she instantly caught a goldfish—without breaking the plastic paper frame of the poi— she let it still for half a minute and then she placed it on the bag. "Here, take it." She told the boy and gave it to him, smiling genuinely. "Just concentrate, okay?"

The people 'ooohhedd' in awe, unmistakably amused by Sakura's skill in gold scooping.

A triumphant grin replaced the boy's unexplainable one. "Sugoi, Sakura-oneechan! Thank you very much!"

"Your welcome!" Sakura was about to stand up when something caught her eye beside her. She has just saw Uchiha Sasuke squat beside her, with the baby still in his one arm, his one hand holding a poi. "Sasuke-kun…"

"I'll play."

And that made their spectators even more surprised.

Sasuke then put the whole poi into the water softly and slantingly. He aimed at a goldfish which is near the wall and near the surface. He kept still and luckily, he caught one and raised it gradually a little higher. Of course he knew this game well; he was used playing it when he was younger.

Remembering those old times again, Sasuke's hand slightly quivered. Kuso… it's going to break soon…

Sakura, witnessing his somewhat troubled face, patted his shoulder. He was quite trembling, maybe he recalled something nostalgic.

And the poi was about to slowly slip from his hand when he felt a soft hand over his.

Sasuke stared at her with surprised look.

"Never let go, Sasuke-kun."

Onyx met Emerald.

"And… never give up."

With that, his hold on the poi tautened, still looking at the girl beside him.

"I won't."

I won't let you go this time, either.

Sei giggled. "Ahhhhh…"


The goldfish plunged down on the water smoothly.

Silence ensued and it was the owner who broke it.

"Well… I think the one who let go is the goldfish…" He joked. "And your love for each other is stronger than that… plastic frame… you see… hehe…"

Both of them blushed at the remark as they heard wolf whistles around them. Sakura quickly withdrew her hand from him, and both of them stood up. Their audience, instead of resuming their own god-knows-what businesses, they surrounded the two— some are quite curious, mischievous and happy to see them, and tried to talk to them when Keigarou done it the first.

"Still, that's amazing, Sakura-oneechan, oniisan!" Kaigarou 'thumbs-uped' and beamed at them. A woman then neared them and greeted Sakura; she is Keigarou's mother and one of Sakura's acquaintance.

"Oh, Konbanwa Sakura-san…" The woman greeted. "And…Uchiha-san…"

Sakura greeted back and Sasuke… is being Sasuke.

"Okaa-san! Sakura-oneechan and this good-looking onii-san were soo great in catching goldfish!" the young boy proudly stated as he tugged his mother's kimono lightly. "I promise I'll be as good as them next time!!"

"Eto…" Sakura reddened at his praise. "Not really, Hana-chan…"

"As expected for both of you." Hana smiled at them, and suddenly, she noticed the presence of an infant that is carried by Sasuke. "Oh, what a cute baby! What's his name?"

It startled Sakura. Kami-sama… just don't they ever try asking where Sei-kun came from… "Uh… S-Sei-kun…"

Hana arched an eyebrow. Something specific was missing, though. "Whole name? From whose family he came from?"

Sakura is so sure that she is doomed to be hopeless. She became so careless; she hadn't prepared for this and she doesn't know what to answer. Convincing answers and explanations are somewhat invalid— like for example, if she told them that he is a relative of hers or Sasuke's, they wouldn't consider it. First off, they all know about the massacre of the Uchiha Clan, second, Sakura is the only child of the Haruno family. It is like the family was intended to have only one child ever since, up to now.

…And they, the concerned and whatever kinds of citizen of Konoha are not fools.

They won't also believe if she says that they were just doing a simple baby-sitting mission. They were elite ninjas for Saint Whoever's sake! It would have been given to other shinobis, or even genins to do!

Lastly, Tsunade has instructed them not to tell anyone about their real task of baby-sitting an extraordinary baby. It'll only lead to endless rumors, arguments, and chaotic events. Only their close friends must know and only them.

Sweat trickled down Sakura's temples. There's no way out, actually.

"Ano… he is—"

"Uchiha. Uchiha Sei."

Everyone—including Hana and Sakura— gasped at what he said. He must be kidding!

"But Uchiha-san…" Hana called his attention and looked at him curiously. "It can't be… that…"

"He's not a relative of mine." Sasuke stated composedly, maintaining his usual posture.

"What do you mean—?"

"He is my son."

And it even made the fuss and commotion palpable around them. Now, it is really worth listening, eavesdropping, gossiping, or whatever just to get the latest and most mind-boggling news.

Sakura was gaping at him with real wide eyes. REALLY BIG EYES. She doesn't know what he is up to!

"Oh… that's a real big thing Uchiha-san… we didn't know about… that and … but… can I ask about his mother?"

He eventually looked at Sakura, and smirked. He draped an arm around her and abruptly pulled her to him.

"She's my wife."

And Haruno Sakura felt that she is going to faint anytime from now.