The White Witch and The Slayer by Gina

Copyright: 2005

Rating: R

Setting: alt season 6

Pairing: Faith/Tara

Summary: Buffy isn't as she seems, Willow is heading down an evil path and it is up to Tara, the remaining scoobies

and Faith to set things right. Tara/Faith

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Disclaimer: Joss owns it all, I make no money nor own anything nor does any site that archives this story.

A/N: all text between '' is thoughts of a person

Chapter One


Tara Maclay sat in the bedroom she and Willow shared since they'd moved in to the Summers home shortly after the death of Joyce to help Buffy but things went rapidly downward from there. Buffy had to sacrifice her own life in order to save the world from the hell Goddess Glory. Willow went off the deep end at that point, choosing to delve deep in the dark magic to bring Buffy back. This was all against the stern warnings of Tara and even Spike who was grief stricken over the loss of Buffy but thank the Goddess he shared some semblance of sensibility along with Tara.

Willow defied them all with the help of Xander and Anya who were too enthralled with the idea of Buffy coming home to realize there may very well be dire consequences. Indeed all looked swell at first, Buffy was home and fighting the demons as usual. She had become a bit withdrawn but that was normal in a case such as being yanked out of heaven, which is what Willow presumed, happened after she couldn't convince Tara, Dawn nor Spike Buffy was in hell and they should rescue her.

It in fact was Dawn who had came to Tara and told her something that gave her the first inkling she was right about dire consequences. It seems that Dawn had walked in on Buffy having an angered moment, she shattered a large glass mirror and cursed but Dawn swore she saw an angelic looking Buffy in that mirror and it wasn't just a reflection of the Buffy who stood before her all red faced and angry.

As Tara sat in the bedroom wondering what to do about Buffy and Willow who only grew angry if Tara mentioned the dark magic usage to her, Dawn made the hardest phone call of her life. "Hello Giles this is Dawn, I think you need to come home right away, Willow is wigging out in dark magic, resurrected Buffy and Giles, I think my sister is evil." Without waiting for an answer, Dawn hung up the phone with tears in her eyes, knowing in her heart that she made the right choice.


Rupert Giles pushed his glasses back in place on his face after hanging up the phone. Dawn hadn't given him a chance to speak a word; worry was evident on his face. He indeed remembered giving Willow a stern warning about the magic, calling her a rank amateur but now feared she was no longer that. He had noticed her attitude towards the magic changing and feared it could happen as far back as when she used such a dangerous spell to resoul Angel but hoped her judgment was better. A quick phone call to Anya, who defended her actions staunchly by stating she was only trying to help unlike himself who left them high and dry with a crazed witch high on dark magic and hell bent on bringing precious Buffy home, clued him in on his fears. Willow had indeed used the spell he feared she had.

Osiris, keeper of the gate, master of all fate, hear us. Before time, and after, before knowing and nothing, accept our offering. Know our prayer. Osiris! Here lies the warrior of the people. Let her cross over, Osiris let her cross over! Osiris, release her! He knew she had obtained Vino De Madre (wine of the mother) as well as the Urn of Osiris to complete this spell. What frightened him was that the spell caster was to be heavily tested in order that he/she would be deemed worthy. They must channel powerful energy to bring back the departed and this only spelled deep trouble for Willow.

He rose to his feet, shoved things quickly into a suitcase and raced out the door in a great haste. He knew there was little time to waste; especially if Willow's dark senses picked up on the feeling that the good side was trying to seek help. His only hope now was that if Buffy was evil, whatever was harboring itself in her wasn't going to be to difficult to stop and that Willow hadn't yet gone to far to be brought back by Tara, with all the help he could offer.