Chapter 14

"Spike kneels down beside Tara's now lifeless body. She had been such a good friend to him, to everyone really and he thought surely he would be doing the world a service to have Ms. Maclay back in any shape or form. On the other hand, he wondered if this was some selfish need of he and the Scooby gang's, they'd lost so much in such a short time, did they want something to hang on to? Were they simply unable to withstand another loss?

He looked around the room for confirmation from the gang. "Do it," Dawn snapped as she helped Giles tend to his wounds.

"We can't let her go," Xander spoke softly knowing in his heart of hearts this may not be such a good idea but unable to handle losing yet another loved one.

"You can't turn Tara into a cold heartless demon which is exactly what she will be if you do this." Anya speaks with the most sense of anyone in the group thus far.

"She deserves a chance," came Faith's not thought out reply.

Spike, deciding to go with the majority of the votes leans down towards Tara's neck. "I'll bring you home Glinda," he feels to make certain there is still a slight pulse which is all he needs.

"Stop now!" Giles shouts.

The others begin to protest but see why Giles yelled at the blonde vampire. Tara's hand was moving. "Hospital like hours ago!" Dawn shouts helping Giles to his feet.

Faith rushes to Tara knocking Spike backwards in her haste. "Hey T," she gets down on the floor beside the wiccan as her eyes flutter open. "We're gonna get you to the hospital."

"No, just home," Tara murmurs so quietly the slayer hearing barely was able to pick it up. "I'll be all right with some rest," she added.

With that, Faith gingerly picks Tara up and heads out the door. "I don't think that was wise," Xander says bitterly.

"Leave them be Xander," Anya pipes up as the others head for a place to rest.


The sun was just beginning to poke its way through the windows when Tara opened her eyes. She ached all over and her vision was on the blurry side but her eyes began to focus more clearly with each time she opened and closed them. She tried to turn over but a searing pain in her ribs stopped her. A scuffling chair caused her to turn her gaze to the slayer who was coming to her aid.

"I gotcha T," Faith said gently rolling her over to the other side. "You need anything or are you going back to sleep?"

"W-W-Willow told me to come back," Tara stuttered the words out. "She did love me." Her words were low and stuttered brimming with sadness.

"That will help you heal, knowing how she felt." Faith said trying to understand where Tara was going with this. "I wish there would have been another way Tara, I didn't want to have to kill her." Faith spoke sorrowfully as she looked at the sadness permeating from Tara's features.

"F-F-Faith I'm sorry for what I tried to do," Tara's face changed from a look of sadness to one of guilt. "I only wanted to make things right and I almost screwed it all up. Mr. Giles told me that he told you everything."

"Don't sweat it T," she puts a hand on Tara's cheek running her index finger gently over it with all hopes that she was welcome to do this. "We all want to accomplish the greater good ya know? So we sometimes get ahead of ourselves. Besides, with what you had gone through with Glory, what you did accomplish was very brave. You know T, we would have all died without you. You're one special lady."

A small smile crept across Tara's face. She recalled, what now seemed long ago, when she called Willow special. What Faith was suggesting here, was that it was in fact Tara who had the special power. Though her modesty wouldn't let her believe it, Faith was indeed correct in her statement. "I think you are special too Faith. You have a lot to give the world if they would just understand you and let you."

"T, I'm sorry for what I had to do to you, how I had to fake everyone out to get in with Glory and all but sometimes being a slayer takes me to places I don't like to go and if you can understand this, you're the most special one in the world." Faith smiles at her, leaving no room for argument. "Besides T, I don't want to give a lot to the world anymore, just you." She moves closer placing a tender kiss on the blonde's lips. "

"I feel safe with you Faith," Tara said looking into Faith's deep brown pools. "I will always love Willow but I have room for one more in my heart if you will allow me in your life."

"You snuck in the back door already when you weren't lookin T." Faith said gently pulling the woman closer. "Hell I wasn't even lookin' but you've done something none other could do. You made me feel, made me want to live and to heal all my mental scars." She placed a few gentle kisses on Tara's soft lips. "I never thought I would feel like this before but it took one special loving blue-eyed woman to make me do it." A few more kisses and the women snuggle in for a few more hours sleep.


The gang is having dinner at the magic box. Not the most likely of places to eat but seeing as Giles was bunking in Dawn's spare room now, they thought it best. There were to many old memories at the Summers home, not that the magic box didn't have them too but they all felt it was a nice place to make a new start for the gang.

"So, who is going to help me pick out a wedding dress?" Anya asked beaming with delight. After all these years as an evil demon, she now was getting a fresh start of her own with the man she loved.

"D and T should be able to handle that," Faith offered. There was no way she was going to be caught dead in a dress shop with a bunch of giddy women.

"Well since that makes you the butch," Xander spoke up filling his mouth with food looking ovre at Spike. "What say you help me pick out a tux, Giles is going to be my best man and Spike is giving An away so you should be able to do something."

"I'm sure she will be," Dawn chimed in gleefully. "She will be bouncing unruly demons and drunken parents from the reception."

"What a trip this is going to be," Spike said smiling putting his arm around Dawn. She indeed was growing up into a fine young lady and though Giles and Tara had reservations, they could see the two were getting close.

The gang chattered well into the night having a good time for once in what seemed years. A night without any evil, any angst, any shocking revelations of any kind. It was a night that showed them all what a normal life was like before they had to go back to the bustling business of fighting evil.

Faith walked home hand and hand with her lover, a true smile spread across her face for once. It felt good to be happy, to belong somewhere but most of all, to have family.

She began kissing Tara as they entered the apartment. "Faith, shouldn't we um, you know, um, slow down?" Tara enquired knowing she was healed enough to make love with Faith.

"What for T," Faith said smiling. "We've already done the deed."

"Yes but, I want to grow and know each other. That was a rushed thing and," Faith pulled her close kissing her passionately.

"Want, take, have," she said grinning down at the blonde. "I did that with your body already T. Now I want to do that with your mind and soul. I want to make love for the first time in my life and besides, haven't you heard yet? Faith always gets what she wants," she finished speaking rubbing Tara's back.

"What exactly is it you want Faith?" Tara said unable to stifle her laughter. She supposed Faith would never lose her bad girl attitude and she was glad of it.

"I want to kiss you like this," she began kissing her. "I want to run my hands over your voluptuous breasts, down your stomach until I get to the good part between those thighs." She is now massaging Tara's breasts with a hand that quickly moved up under her shirt while Tara was enthralled in her eyes and husky voice. "Most of all though T, I want to tell you that I love you."

After the two finished making love they lay drifting to sleep looking forward tot heir new life together. Tara looking forward to a second chance at happiness with a woman she knew would keep her safe and love her. Faith was looking forward to learning what love was, what a happy life was and what being accepted was for she never knew any of these things.


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