Hey all! Here's a quick GSR peice (sans Sara lol) set after the total amazing-ness of NestingDolls. Its mainly a dialogue fic between Catherine andGrissom becauseI sensed that they had something to say to each other from the looks that we were left with lol

Hope you enjoy!

"Do you have something to say Catherine?" the dim blue light illuminating the fire in Grissom's eyes

"No. I just hope you know what you're doing"

"I do" He turns and stalks out of the office

"Really? 'cos I'm not so sure you do" she took chase down the hall " she's been at this lab for 5 years, and for 5 years she's been in love with you, for longer no doubt"

Grissom spun on his heal and pushed Catherine into his office, "You have no right to say that"

"Say what? That she's been ready and waiting for you to be with her and you've never so much as said you share the feelings, which you so obviously do by the way-"


"So she stays and slowly, day-by-day goes a little crazier because she's in love with someone who doesn't love her- no, she knows she's in love with someoneand thinks they don't love her-"


"So, 5 years go by and nothing. Then one day, she blows. She's stupid with a suspect; she's rude to me; she shouts at Ecklie, which I give her credit for but that's beside the point, and she's threatened with termination. And there's Gil Grissom. Knight in Shining Armour on her doorstep. Come to save the day.

"You can't just pick and choose when to care about her Gil! You can be her everything in a time like this and go back to normal when this has all blown over! You'll kill her!"

"Don't you think I know that Catherine! Don't you think I know that I brought this on? I've turned a beautiful, caring, brilliant woman into an angry, crying mess. But I didn't do it alone"

"What's that supposed to mean? Are you saying I helped?"


"Really? 'cos it sounds like you are Gil"

"I'm not"

"Ooooh…I get it"

"Get what"

"She's told you hasn't she?"

"Told me what?"

"Told you what gets her so involved in cases like today's. What gets her flying off the handle in domestic cases"

"So what if she has told me"

"Exactly. She told you. She didn't tell me. She didn't tell Nick, Warrick or Greg. She told you. So you're taking that information and applying it to every other time she's done something and finding fault and blame in everyone around her. Well I have news for you, Grissom, you cant do that. She hasn't told us anything so we didn't know there was anything wrong with acting like we did. If anyone's at fault, she is"

"Why Catherine? Because she didn't want the whole lab to know her personal business? Because she's got this deep, dark secret that she'd rather died with her? Just because the world knows your past doesn't mean she wants everyone to know hers"

"I had no choice in my past! Eddie came and shouted it out for all to hear!"

"Sara has no choice in hers either, and whether she likes it or not its slowly gonna get out. I just want to be there to help her through it. To help her realize that she cant change the past, but can stop it changing the future."

"If she screws up again like she did today, there's no going back you know? She's back on the next flight to 'Frisco faster than you can say 'She likes vegetation'"

"I know"

"Just be careful, okay? I don't want to see her go anymore than you do. Are you going back to hers now?"

"Yeah I am"

"Tell her we're here okay? We all care about her and want her back"

"I will"

Catherine got up and had opened the door when Grissom spoke.

"Hey Cath? What was with you and Ecklie just then?"

"I was showing my propositions for the budget, he was proposing a whole different thing," She noted the change in Grissom's features and shock and anger flashed before them. "I can handle Ecklie, you just handle Sara"