Author's notes: Sorry for starting a new story! This idea just popped into my head when I watched an episode in 100 deeds for Eddie Mcdowd. That's where I got this idea. I promise I will post the next chapter up in Running Away.

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"That's it. We're finished for the day." said Kakashi as he took out a magazine from his pocket. Sakura and Naruto groaned loudly as their sensei giggled while reading.

"That's disgusting, Kakashi-sensei..." said Naruto as he sat down on the ground, cross-legged. Sasuke just shook his head in disgust.

With a poof, their sensei disappeared, leaving the three on their own. Naruto stood up with a smile.

"I have to go. Iruka-sensei promised me a bowl of ramen. Sakura-chan, do you wanna come?" asked Naruto excitedlyas she faced the pink-haired girl. Sakura glanced at Sasuke a little and blushed.

Sakura just shook her head and then Naruto's face turned into a scowl. Sakura just smiled at him before walking towards Sasuke. Naruto then walked away.

Sasuke was sitting on the ground, leaning against the trunk of a tree. He had his eyes closed as Sakura walked towards him slowly.

"Um, Sasuke-kun...Do-do you want to go train with me?" asked Sakura shyly as she fiddled with her thumbs.

I'm spending too much time with Hinata-chan...

Sasuke did not even move a muscle nor open his eyes.

"No." he said simply. Sakura was not even fazed a little. She was used to his kind of treatment. Sometimes, she even wonders how she could keep up with him.

Sakura sighed a little before turning to him again.

"Well, do you want to go and eat ramen with me?" she asked. Sasuke cannot believe this girl. She was very stubborn.

"No." he answered shortly. Sakura sighed again. What does she have to do to make him spend a little more time with her?

Sometimes, she just wishes this silly crush would go away. But sometimes, she wonders. What if it wasn't just a silly crush? Could it be something more?

Sakura decided to give it one last try. After all, one more couldn't hurt, right? Right?

How wrong she was...

"Um, well Sasuke-kun...Do you want me to walk you home?" she asked. This time, Sasuke could not take it anymore. This girl was as stubborn as a rock. When would she give up?

He stood up and glared at her menacingly.

"You know what, no. I give you my answer everytime, and it's the same as always. Why bother asking again? Just give up. Find another one who will actually love you. Love doesn't exist in my life. You're so stubborn and naïve. You'll never change. You keep thinking you can change me, guess what? You can't. Just go away and leave me alone." He said calmly.

Sakura's shoulders drooped down as she turned around, her back facing Sasuke. Oh well, she was always hurt everytime...Why bother? If only she could give up her silly crush, she would probably be stronger.

Sakura just nodded before walking away from Sasuke. Sometimes, she hoped that when she walks away like this, Sasuke would be beside her.

Suddenly, Sakura felt a force on her right shoulder. She fell and looked up to see an old lady wearing a cloak.

Sakura stood up and began apologizing.

"I'm really sorry. I wasn't looking. Were you hurt?" asked Sakura gently. The old woman smiled at her.

"Thank you for your concern young lady." She said simply before resuming her walk again. Within a second, the old lady was gone.

Only one thought was spinning in Sakura's mind.

How odd...

Sasuke was walking back home. He had just finished training alone and was now ready for a quick shower.

Suddenly, he bumped into an old lady. The old lady fell and her cloak got soaked in mud. Sasuke just rubbed his shoulders and stared at the old lady.

Then he walked away. Just like that. The old lady then smiled.

Finally, I have found someone to teach a lesson to. Hmm, we'll see...I think five deeds would do him good...

The old lady stood up before she began walking towards Sasuke.

"Young man, stop for a second." Said the old lady. Sasuke stopped but did not look at her. The old lady then walked towards Sasuke and faced him.

Sasuke just glared at the woman in front of her. Uchiha Sasuke's time is precious.

The lady then held out her hand and began muttering something. Sasuke glared at the old maniac lady in front of him.

I don't have time for this...

As he was about to walk away, the old lady began to talk in a language he knew.

"You my boy, will turn into a dog. You need an attitude change, young man. This is my lesson for you..." Said the old lady. Before Sasuke knew what was happening, he suddenly felt a little swirl.

Suddenly, he felt paws instead of hands, fur instead of skin. He turned into a dog!

"What-what did you do to me?" he asked the old lady. The old lady laughed and then bent down to face the black shi tzudog in front of her.

"The only way for you to turn back is do five good deeds, coming from your heart." Said the old lady slyly. Theshi tzuglared at her. The old lady seemed amused to see a dog glaring at her.

"You will have your own master. She will be the only one who could understand you. To others, you would only be barking. Goodbye, Uchiha Sasuke." Said the old lady and she disappeared.

The dog growled and then began barking. He can't get revenge as a dog. What could he do to kill Itachi? Bite him?

Sasuke growled then began howling. Suddenly, he remembered what the old lady said.

She will be the only one who could understand you.

Who was that 'she'?

Apparently, his question was answered when a pink haired girl appeared in front of him. She looked like she had been crying. Sakura immediately stopped when she saw the black shi tzu in front of her.

Sakura kneeled down then held out a hand.

"Don't be afraid..." she whispered softly. Sasuke had doubts to go near her. But then again, Sakura would be his new owner.

Sasuke walked closer to Sakura. Sakura smiled at him before patting the dog's head.

"You know, you look exactly like Sasuke-kun... You're such a cute shi tzu! I mean, you have raven fur, and he has raven hair. You even have dark onyx eyes, just like him." said Sakura softly. Sasuke's eye twitched.

"I am Sasuke." He growled. Sakura withdrew her hand immediately.

Did the dog just talk to her?