Yu-Gi-Oh! Wrath of the Gods

Disclaimer/Author's notes: OK I admit it. I am shameless. This is basically movie, I copied Wolf General's idea. The Arch shouldn't be as long as say War of the Gods, but it will probably be longer than WG's movie. I just haven't had any motivation to write any WOTG lately but the other day on my way to work this story started running through my head, and so this is it. This story takes place approximately one year after the Global Duel tournament on Davis and Asriel's Honeymoon. I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! And the only cards that I own are the ones printed at the bottom. No there will be any spoilers for WOTG.

Davis Coffin reclined back as the sun hit him. He wore a simple white T-shirt and a bathing suit. A beautiful supermodel-type with short blond in a pink bikini lay next to him. He took a sip of his grape slushy and let out a contented sigh.

Davis fingered the gold ring on his left arm. Though he wasn't used to it yet the ring felt comforting. He'd only met Asriel Heart a year ago and yet the two of them seemed to know that they were destined for one another. It hadn't taken much convincing on Davis's part to get Asriel to change her name. Though they were very young they were both in the 50 best duelist on the planet category, which meant that there was a descent-sized paycheck for them.

Davis still found it kind of shocking when his picture was feature in Duelist Extraordinary Monthly ranked27th best in the world. Asriel was ranked 28th. Davis sighed and reached over and held his wife's hand and squeezed it.

"Davis Coffin?" said a guy of about 19 in a Hawaiian Shirt and jean-shorts. He reminded Davis a little of his beast friend Malachi Anasazi. Except that Malachi was blond and this guy was brunette.

"Never heard of him," Davis said casually without hesitation.

"I've seen your picture," he responded, "My name is Leo Griffin, I represent Black Falcon Industries. I have a proposition for you."

"Not interested."

"I assure you that it will be worth your time."

Asriel glanced up and removed her sunglasses.

"Look," she said, "You've obviously gone through some trouble to find us because we went to some trouble not to be found on our honeymoon. Let me break it down for you: We don't like Black Falcon industries so you can take your proposition and just shove it up your…"

"Asriel!" Davis interrupted. Davis was the only person on the planet who could get away with taking to Asriel Coffin like that and live. She could be dangerous when she wanted to be.

"I was told that that might be your initial reaction," Leo said, "This being the case Davis Coffin I challenge you to a duel."

"Why should I accept?" Davis responded.

"Because if you win then I can ensure that no one else will disturb you on your honeymoon."

"Sounds good," Davis said, "But what if you win?"

"Then you hear me out and listen to my proposition."

"All right," Davis said reaching into the duffel bag in between his and Asriel's beach chairs. He pulled out a DD2 and slid it onto his arm. He then leapt up and faced Leo.



"I'll go first," Davis said, "Since you made the challenge."

"Be my guest," Leo responded.

"I summon Mataza the Zapper in attack mode." (1300/800) Davis said, "and set three cards face-down."

A samurai in green armor appeared standing in the sand. A recent upgrade with Kaiba's system was the ability for the holograms to interact with their environment. Davis's monsters did this anyway.

"Then I shall make my first play," Leo said, "I summon Giant Rat (1400/1450) in attack mode, then I play the continuous spell card Two Man Cell Battle. This card let's us both special summon a four star monster during our End Phase. A single card face-down, Giant Rat attack Mataza the Zapper."

The oversized rodent lunged forward and attacked Mataza. The samurai showed no fear as the creature bit him and he shattered into millions of digital pixels.



"Reveal trap card," Davis said, "Rope of Life let's Mataza make a comeback with 800 additional attack points. (2100/800) and all it costs is my hand."

Davis slid the remaining two cards into his graveyard. A rope from out of nowhere slid down into a hole in the sand and lifted Mataza out.

"I activate the effects of my Cell battle now," Leo said unfazed my Davis's readiness for him. I summon Alpha the Magnet Warrior in Defense Mode. (1400/1700)"

"My move," Davis said, "I summon Getsu Fuhma (1700/1200)"

A red haired woman in samurai armor appeared on Davis's field. She nodded towards Mataza. "Sensei," she said. Mataza nodded back to her.

"Activate reverse card: Card of Sanctity so now we both draw till we have six cards in our hands," Davis said picking up cards from his deck. "Now Mataza will attack Giant Rat and Alpha."

The samurai flickered twice, but that was the only apparent motion that he made. However the Giant Rat and Alpha split in half and then broke apart into dust.



"Now," Leo said, "By Giant Rat's effect I can now summon Gamma the Magnet Warrior (1500/1800)

A pudgy being made of Magnets replaced Giant Rat's spot on Leo's duel disk.

"Getsu Fuhma," Davis said looking at his demon-slayer and pointing towards Gamma."

The Red haired warrior looked at Gamma with disdain obviously preferring to battle demon-subtypes. But nonetheless she lunged and struck the Magnet warrior.

"Using your Two Man Cell battle I summon Mystical Elf in Defense mode (800/2000) end turn."



Leo smiled. "I summon Beta the Magnet Warrior, (1700/1600) then I play Premature Burial to revive Alpha (1400/1700) and I trigger Call of the Haunted to call on Gamma (1500/1800)."



The two declared Magnet Warriors burst from the ground.

"I set a card face down and unite my magnet warriors."

The three Magnet warriors disassembled in front of Davis's Eyes and reassembled as one huge being made of magnets.

"Behold Valkiryon the Magna Warrior (3500/3850)" Leo said.

"Valkiryon attack Mataza!" The giant magna warrior lunged and stuck Mataza. As he did tiny particles began floating into the air.

"Mataza didn't die in vein," Davis said, "My Deck Devastation Virus is now pumping your deck full of a virus that your weak monsters are susceptible to."

"No it's not," Leo said grinning, "I'm familiar with your virus card and was prepared for it with my Trap Jammer."

As Leo's card flipped up, the tiny virus particles that Mataza had released vanished in whips of smoke.

"Oh Crud," Davis said, concerned for the first time since the duel began.

"I switch Getsu Fuhma to defense mode and summon Element Magician (1500/1200) and Element Doom (1500/1200) with Two Man Cell Battle"

"Watch this Davis," Leo said, "I play the Continuos spell card Frontline Base. And use it to summon Y-Dragon Head (1500/1600) then I summon X-Head Cannon (1800/1600) and end my turn summoning Z-Metal Tank. (1500/1600) Together the combine into the ultimate XYZ-Dragon Cannon (2800/2600)"

"True," Davis said observing the very powerful monsters on Leo's field. "But I sacrifice my Element Doom in order to summon Chaos Command Magician (2400/1900)

A monster similar to the Dark Magician appeared on Davis's field. His robes were a mixture of green and gold however, not purple.

"Why him?" Leo asked.

"Because he is immune to effect monsters that target," Davis said smiling, "your XYZ-Dragon cannon can't do a thing about him."

"Except that XYZ is stronger than him!" Leo said laughing.

"I play the Spell cards Mage Power and Spell Economics." Davis said ignoring Leo's laughing. "This boosts Chaos Command Mage's power by One thousand." (3400/2900)

Leo stopped laughing.

"Command Mage attack." The XYZ-Dragon Cannon burst apart in a flash of light."



"Your Command Mage is still weaker than Valkiryon," Leo said, "Valkiryon attack Chaos Command Mage."

"Initiate D. D. Kuriboh!" (300/200) Davis said, "By discarding him from my hand and removing from play one other card in my hand I can defend all of my LIGHT monsters this turn."

"They told me that you were good Davis," Leo said, "I just didn't believe them. A mistake on my part I can see. One card face down."

Davis drew, "I play Lightning Vortex. By discarding one card in my hand I can destroy all face up monsters on the field."

Bolts of lightning reined down on Leo's field but when the electrical blasts cleared Valkiryon was gone but his three component pieces were still there. (1400/1700) (1700/1600) (1500/1800)

("Crap,") Davis thought ("Leo must have separated them to make it harder destroy them.")

"Command Mage attack Beta!"

"Sakuretsu Armor."

Davis mentally slapped himself in the face.

"Swords of Revealing Light," Leo said.

"I play Dimension Fusion," Davis said, "this brings back our Removed From Play piles. Dark Magician of Chaos comes forth. (2800/2600)

The Rare effect monster version of Magician of Black Chaos stepped out of a swirling vortex of energy.

"Since I summoned Dark Magician of Chaos," Davis said. "I get one spell card back from the Graveyard. Mage Power! (3800/3600) I also set this card facedown." (4300/4100)

"Very impressive Davis," Leo said, "But now I activate Borrowed Time a card that can be treated as any card in the game for one turn. And I treat it as Obelisk the Tormentor (4000/4000)"

Davis shuddered in fear, as one of the three most feared monsters in the game appeared in front of him. The gigantic blue behemoth known the world over. Once the property of Seto Kaiba, it now belonged to the King of Games himself.

"Tribute Resurrection revives Alpha, Beta and Gamma at half their stats. (700/850) (850/800) (750/900)"

"I think you know what comes next," Leo said licking his lips.

Obelisk reached over and grabbed Alpha and Beta. The two magnet warriors became energy and were absorbed into Obelisk. (INFINITE/4000)

"I will not bow to a false god," Davis said, remembering Ibrahim the former Jewish sage, "Nor will I be defeated by one. I activate my face-down card Borrowed Time!"

A replica of the card that Leo had just played flipped up. The picture on the card was that of a Dark Magician of Chaos holding up his left hand. There was a Time Wizard in DMOC 's hand.

"I was not aware that you had a Borrowed Time Card!" Leo said in surprise.

"I'm just full of surprises," Davis said with a smile. "The few duelists who have this card usually try to go for something flashy like say oh…Obelisk the Tormentor? But I think that strategy is the key to this card, not brute strength. To that end I will be using Borrowed Time as Reverse Trap."

As Davis spoke the words the card shimmered and transformed into the Reverse Trap.

"This drops Obelisk's ATK power," Leo said observing the monster (0/4000) "I trigger Emergency Provisions. Since Obelisk is Technically Borrowed Time, a quick-play spell card, I can sacrifice him, along with Two Man Cell Battle and Frontline Base to increase my life points.



Davis grimaced. "You may have Life point advantage but I have monster advantage."

"Element Magician and Mystical Elf are hardly an advantage," Leo said.

"I tribute Element Magician in order to summon Dark Magician Girl (2000/1700) and I play Tribute Doll to offer Mystical Elf to summon Dark Magician. (2500/2100)"

Leo snorted. "What an overused set of cards," he said laughing. Davis's Light transformed Dark Magician looked at him sternly.

"Ever since Yugi Muto became King of Games everybody and his brother Pete have been using those stupid magicians, and not one of them was worth it."

"Don't mock my Mages," Davis said.

"Uh-huh are you going to do something already?" Leo said.

"Dark Magic Nova!" Davis said sliding his last spell card into the slot.

"Kuriboh," (300/200) Leo said bored, "Thought that you'd be all impressive and blast my last monster to oblivion with a cumulative attack?"

Davis said nothing.

"I am very impressed with you Davis," Leo said, "You took down a god card, and that is exactly what I was looking for. But you don't stand a chance against me. I outclass you."

"And you're humble too," Davis said.

"No just stating the facts, I play The Divine Hammer of Obelisk-Moijnor," Leo said, "And equip it to Gamma. This card makes any monster it's equipped to a Gold attribute Divine-Beast type. Plus it increases Gamma's power by 4000." (5500/5800)

A gigantic blue and Gold Hammer appeared, it was more of a pillar. Gamma hovered over and touched it.

"Attack Dark Magician Girl," Leo said.



"I'm still in!" Davis said.

"No you're not, Meteor of Destruction!" Leo said unblinkingly.



Davis blinked in surprise. "I lost?" he said.

"Yes," Leo responded, "Now about that proposition?"

"All right," Davis said sitting down, "Let's hear it."

Asriel climbed over two Davis's chair and began rubbing his shoulders, while keeping a watchful eye on the man whom just beat her husband.

"What I'm about to tell you will change your world and the Game of Duel Monsters forever…

To be continued…

Original Cards:

Borrowed Time

Tribute Resurrection

Divine Hammer of Obelisk-Moijnor

Original Cards By Wolf General:

D. D. Kuriboh

Dark Magic Nova