A lil' tribute to the runt, mutt, monkey, better known as Wheeler. Enjoy!

The Name's Wheeler

The name's Wheeler, Joey Wheeler,
I'm not Bond, nor badass Kaiba,
Not even a dodgy dealer.
Just plain ol' Joey Wheeler.

I'm the underdog, loser, second best, small fry
I'm- who are you? Monkey, lightweight, didn't-even-try.
You all thought you was so hot being fancy dis, fancy dat
Finkin' dat I wouldn't understand, cos "face it, it's Joey".
Well you're wrong. What you doin' now Tristan?
Still cheerin' from da sidelines?
Dice boy Duke, still tryin' it with da big shots?
An' Téa, still pursuin' your dream o' Yugi?
Well it ain't gonna happen.
I'm bigger, I'm better, and I'm back
It's Joey! Throw your hands up in da air
Make room for da new king o' games
Roll out da red carpet cos now I'm playing it for real.

Sorry-didn't-catch-your-name, yeah, that's who I am,
And look where I ended up,
A whole lot better dan you,
A million dollars higher up.

I had a sarcastic, scornful tone in mind, do you think I achieved it?