The Picture

Summery: This story takes place on the day after Prince Charmed. But Leo never said that he still trusts Chris. He rather hates him for the incident with Wyatt. Now Piper finds a picture from her future family. But what if she gets something wrong and makes a horrible mistake?

Chapter 1: A horrible mistake

Piper Halliwell entered the store room from her club P3. She needed some papers about the income from last year and she was pretty sure she had put them into the drawer in the store room. But they didn't seem to be there. Frustrated she wanted to give up and leave but then something on the floor caught her attention. It was a picture. When she leaned down she could recognize her and Leo standing in a park with two children.

Two children? Confused and curious she picked the picture up and looked at it closely. She could see that she seemed to be a bit older but Leo still looked the same. No wonder, he was a whitelighter. No, an elder, she corrected herself immediately. The older looking boy on the picture had blond hair and bright blue eyes. He seemed to be ten or so. A smile spread across Piper's face as she realized that it has to be Wyatt. But then she looked at the other boy who had brown hair and green eyes and who seemed to be just a bit younger as Wyatt and again a wave of confusion rushed over her. Who was this?

He couldn't be her son too, right? She and Leo were separated so it wasn't possible. But then she noticed the warm smile and the loving eyes with that Leo looked at her on the picture. It seemed like they were still happy together. And when she looked closely at her hand, that was lying on the mysterious second child's shoulder, Piper could see a ring. But how was this possible?

Then it hit her. Leo and she would still be together if he hadn't become an elder. They would still exchange these loving looks like on the picture and apparently they would even have a second child. Tears formed in her eyes while she softly touched the face of her baby boy on the picture and realized that she was never going to meet him.

Then suddenly she realized another thing. This picture was from the future and there was only one person she could think of when she heard the word future. Chris. He had taken this picture back to the past with him. But why? He was the reason she and Leo had split up, just because of his advice Leo had decided to become an elder. Was this the real reason why Chris had come back? To destroy her family?

Yesterday the order had taken Wyatt and turned his morality. And it had been only Chris' fault. He had tried to bring her and her sisters to the decision to bind Wyatt's powers. And when he had seen that it doesn't work he had told them that her son is going to be evil. But Piper wasn't so credulous to believe him. After all he was the reason that her family had broken in the last months and just because of him she would never be able to get to know her second boy. With tears running down her cheeks she sat down on the couch and looked at the little boy on the picture.

Just then Chris orbed in. Immediately he saw his mother sitting there, crying heavily. First he wanted to orb away again before she could see him but then he couldn't help but felt like he had to comfort her somehow. Even if she had told him yesterday that she never wanted to see him anymore, she was still his mother. He loved her more than anything else even though it hurt him that it seemed like she hated him right now.

"Piper" he said softly. He was still not really used to call her by her first name. There had been many occasions where he had almost slipped his secret because he had wanted to call her mom. Or tell her how much he loved her and that he really was here to protect Wyatt, his family. "What's wrong?" he asked her as she looked up at him.

For a moment Piper really believed in the concerned look and voice of her new whitelighter but then she realized that he surely just wanted to trick her again. But not this time. Her sadness turned quickly into anger as she looked into the face of the man who was responsible for her destroyed family. "You bastard!" she shouted furiously and flicked her left hand in his direction to blow him up.

Chris quickly ducked and instead of him Piper's power hit the picture on the wall behind him. Completely shocked he once again looked at his mother who stared coldly back at him. What the hell was going on here? Chris knew that she was angry at him about what had happened yesterday but that his own mother tried to kill him wasn't something he had expected as he had decided to travel to the past. "What's going on?" he asked her calmly to avoid that she tried to blow him up again.

For a moment she just continued to stare at him but then she hold up the picture in front of him and asked angrily "What's going on? You destroyed my family, that's what's going on! You broke me up with Leo, you are after Wyatt and you're the reason why I'm never going to have my baby boy!"

Chris stared with open mouth at the picture from his family that he had taken with him from the future. He had known that it was kinda stupid to take a picture with him because his whole family would be here anyways. But he needed something that remembered him on the good times he had spent with his brother so he would never give up on his mission no matter what would happen.

But he had never thought at the possibility that Piper would find the picture. He had always taken it with him but it seemed like he had lost it. And now she thought that he wanted to destroy her family. His family. It seemed like she haven't seen the other side of the picture yet where Wyatt had once written down a note because then she would already know who he was.

Piper watched closely as the look of shock on Chris' face didn't go away. "Now, have you anything to say before I blow you up?" she finally asked still full of anger about what Chris had caused her family.

Chris didn't know what to say. But now that she was so close to figure out who he really was he couldn't help but wish that she would turn the picture around and read what Wyatt had written. Before he could think about it any further Piper raised her hand again in the attempt to blow him up. "No wait. Please let me explain" he pleaded sadly and grabbed her arm. It was hard for him that his mother looked at him with hatred.

"Explain? What is there to explain?" Piper asked harshly but she was willing to give him a chance to say something.

"I – I'm…" Chris really wanted to tell her the truth. He couldn't bear it any longer that his whole family distrusted and hated him. But would it even change anything? All the things he had done, the lies he had told; it would all remain. And wasn't this the reason why they all hated him so much? So would it make any difference if they would know?

"You're what?" Piper asked impatiently and freed her arm out of Chris' grasp.

He couldn't. Chris couldn't tell her the truth. It was one thing that she hated him when she didn't know who he is, but the thought that she even hated him when she knew his identity – he just didn't thought that he could bear it. "You have to trust me. I don't want to destroy your family" he said instead and cursed himself that he once again almost slipped his secret because he wanted to say our family. "I'm here to protect Wyatt and…"

He didn't have the chance to finish because Piper had finally enough of his lies. She flicked her hands and before Chris could react she blew him up. Immediately his body scattered into blue orbs and a few seconds later they formed together again. But Chris wasn't a full whitelighter like Leo. He wasn't dead. When his body was in one piece again he fell to the floor in pain and hold his right side where now a huge wound was.

Chris gasped for air while the pain rushed over his body. He couldn't believe this. His own mother had just blown him up. But maybe he deserved it. He had said that he didn't want to destroy her family, but wasn't this what he had done? He had split his parents up and he was also responsible that the order had been able to take Wyatt yesterday. And Piper's second son, her baby boy, he, will might cease to excist. So if you look at it like this he had really messed up. "I'm sorry" he struggeled to say while tears came into his eyes.

Piper had known what she did when she had used her power against Chris but now that he was lying there badly injured she felt guilt coming over her. Does he really derserve this? But why not? After all he had done it was natural that she would want to prevent that he could ever hurt her family again.

"I was… I just wanted to – to save Wyatt" Chris repeated. The tears were now streaming freely over his cheeks but not just because of the pain his body was in but more because of the pain his heart was in. He had never thought that his mission to save his brother would end like this. That he would be killed by the person who means the world to him, his own mother. But still he felt the urge to make her understand. "I wanted to protect him. Protect you. I'm so – so sorry."

Piper stood there and was surprised by the sincery voice, the look of pain and the tears that were flowing down her whitelighter's face. The whole last months he had been spending with her and her family she had never seen him become emotional. Not even when his fiancé had died. But now he didn't just seem to be in physical pain but also in emotional. The hurt look in his eyes made her consider that it was might true what he told her. But before she could think of this possibility Chris spoke again.

"Believe me, I would never – I could never hurt Wyatt or you" he said before he started to cough heavily and the taste of blood came into his mouth. "I just… wanted to save you all – save our family" he added weakly. He didn't realize what he just said because his vision started already to blur but Piper was totally shocked at his words.

Our family? But this wasn't possible. He couldn't be a member of her family. "What did you just say?" she asked him, wanting to hear that she hadn't understood him right. But Chris couldn't answer. The pain and the blood lost were too much and he lost his consciousness. Piper's gaze once again fell onto the picture of her future family and as she looked at the brown haired little boy a horrible feeling came over her.

Out of some weird intuition she turned the picture around and saw that someone had written a few lines on it. While she read the comment her eyes watered up again as the realization of what she'd just done hit her. When she finished reading what Wyatt had written she let the picture fell down to the floor before she knelt next to Chris and took his hand while she sobbed uncontrollable. "Leo!" she then shouted to the ceiling in fear and desperation.

Next to them lay the picture with Wyatt's comment. 12th july. Mom and dad went with me and my brother to the park. Chris and I had a lot of fun. He's the best brother I can imagine…