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Chapter 5: The reconciliation

Once Chris arrived at the doorframe of his mother's room he could see her lying in the arms of his father. He couldn't help but thought that there was maybe hope for him yet to get conceived. He really wished he wouldn't have been forced to separate his parents when he arrived in the past but it has been the only way he could have been able to become their whitelighter.

Chris realized that they needed some rest after what he had put them through today so he turned around again to walk out of the room quietly. But his arm knocked against a picture frame and before he could do something to stop it, it fell to the floor and shattered with a loud crash. Immediately his parents sat up straight and Piper hold out her hands to blow the interducer up. Chris quickly raised his hands in defense and exclaimed "Please don't blow me up again."

"Chris!" Piper gasped surprised. She couldn't believe that it was really him. She wanted to go over to him and hug him but she was too scared that then he would might leave again. Leo also didn't know how to react. After Piper and he had calmed down a bit he had orbed them back to the manor where none of them had spoken another word. The realization of what they had done to their son was to hard to speak about it and the fear that they would might never see him again to huge.

But now that they were all in one room Piper and Leo weren't the only ones who didn't know what to do. But as Chris saw the tearstains on his mother's face he felt a wave of guilt rushing over him. "I-" he began but had to stop for a second to make his voice sound a bit stronger. "I'm sorry for everything. I never wanted to hurt you guys."

Seeing how her son looked down at the floor in sadness and guilt caused Piper to stay up and take a step in his direction. She didn't know if she could dare it to get closer to him even if it didn't seem like Chris wanted to leave this time. But still she hesitated to hug him though she had never wanted anything else so much like this.

What she didn't know was that Chris felt the same at this moment. He needed them to forgive him. But maybe it was too late for that. He could see how Piper stayed away from him and it almost made him leave on the spot. But then he remembered his aunt's words. He had to give them a chance. Finally he looked up at his mother and asked "Will you ever be able to forgive me?" He wasn't able to hold the fear of rejection out of his voice and expression.

Piper noticed it but still she wasn't really sure if she should give it a try to hug him. The seconds passed without any of them did something and Chris bent his head down again while he tried hard to fight back the tears. It was too late. Even if they haven't hated him earlier this day now they seemed to do. Why the hell had he been so stupid and said those things on the bridge?

Piper saw that now tears started to form again in her son's eyes and finally she went over to him. When she stood just a few inches away from him and he still hadn't orbed away she summoned all her courage and pulled him close into her arms. First he was clearly tense but then he let go and wrapped his arms around her like he had wanted to do since he had seen her the first time after he had arrived in the past.

Leo sighed reliefed as he saw that finally Chris seemed to understand that they were really sorry for what they had done. He just hoped that now they could talk about everything and work things out. It was hard for him to think about the pain he had caused his own son. But it seemed like he hadn't just hurt him in this time but also in the future. He remembered that Chris had said that he had never wanted him. But why did Chris thought that? He would never say something like this to his son. His thoughts were interrupted as he heard his son sob.

"I'm so sorry" Chris repeated while his tears fell onto his mother's shoulder. Now that he was finally in her arms again he couldn't hold it back anymore. It was almost like as it has been when he had been a little child and scared of some demons. His mother has always taken him into her arms and hadn't let go till he had calmed down. But now it was a bit different. The fear that she would let go was unbearable and Chris didn't know what he would do if she couldn't forgive him for all the shady things he had done.

But his fear was quickly soothed as Piper stroked through his hair and whispered calmly "Ssshh… it's okay baby, it's okay. There's nothing you have to be sorry for. And nothing I have to forgive you. It's me who needs to be forgiven."

Chris shook his head slightly. "No, it's understandable what you've…"

Suddenly Piper pulled away from him and Chris looked at her with fear that he had might said something that had made his mother angry at him again. But again he calmed down quickly when Piper squeezed his hands tightly and said "It's not understandable what we've done Chris. And I feel so horrible for what we've put you through. I can understand if you hate us…"

"I could never hate you" Chris quickly cut her off.

Reliefed Piper smiled slightly. She knew that there was still a lot she had to make up to her son but it made her indescribable happy that Chris didn't hate her. "Will you ever forgive us?" she then asked, seeking for some hope that everything would work out in the end.

"I already have" he answered without hesitation. Like he had told his aunt, he hadn't been mad at them for only a second. Well, maybe a bit at his father but never at his mom. As she now hugged him again, for the first time since eight years he felt really happy again. "I love you so much mom" he said before he could stop himself. But then he quickly added "I mean – Piper."

"Chris I love you too" Piper responded. "And you can call me mom if you want."

"Well you're not really my mother – not yet" Chris said while he glanced shortly over to his father who was still sitting on the bed. "And maybe you're never going to be."

Piper didn't know what to say at this for a second but then she also looked back at her ex-husband and the love she could see in his eyes made her realize how much she still loved him herself. She looked back at her son and stated "I'm your mother Chris. And nothing can ever change this."

Chris had to smile at Piper's words. He wanted to hug her again but hesitated. He still wasn't really comfortable by letting his mother close to him. What if saving Wyatt didn't change anything on the fact that she was going to die on his fourteenth birthday? Then he would be forced to handle the pain of loosing her again and he didn't know if he could bear it.

"Chris?" Piper asked him uneasily as she saw that the look of fear had returned into her son's eyes. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing" he answered quickly. He really didn't want her to know about this. "I'm fine."

"How comes that I don't believe you?" Piper asked while Leo finally walked over to them too.

"Come on Chris" he said and put hesitantly a hand on his son's shoulder. "You can tell us."

For a second Chris really considered to tell them but when he looked at his mother he couldn't. She didn't need to know. Hopefully he was able to change her fate. "I just thought about Wyatt" he said instead but cursed himself for it a moment later as he saw the worried and dejected looks on his parents faces.

But Leo quickly understood that Chris was the one who needed comfort right now so he turned his worried expression in one of determination. "Don't worry Chris. We'll save him – together. You don't have to carry this burden alone anymore."

Chris couldn't helped but was very surprised at his father's words. He had never said something like this to him in the future. All Leo had ever done for him in his life was making him feel not good enough – not good enough to be his son. Maybe this time around everything will be really different, he thought while a new hope spread in him.

"What's your favourite food?" Piper asked suddenly.

"What?" Chris asked back confused.

"Your favourite food" Piper repeated. "I haven't got dinner yet and I'm starving. And after all I'm your mother and mothers need to feed their kids. So tell me what you want and I'll go and make it."

"Err… what about pancakes?" Chris finally answered.

Piper gave him a funny look before she shook her head in faked disbelief. "This should make me question my quality as a cook in the future. I was once a cook in a pretty good going restaurant and my son's favourite food are pancakes."

Chris grinned brightly. "Yeah but your pancakes are the best in the world so you really don't have to question your quality as a cook."

Piper smiled happily back at him. It was such a good feeling to have him around again and be able to act like a mother towards him. She once again embraced him and this time Chris immediately returned her hug. "Welcome home honey" she said before she pulled away from him again to go downstairs and make some pancakes.

Chris looked after her still not really able to comprehend everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours. Piper's last sentence echoed in his head. Welcome home. Home. He hadn't lied when he had said that he hadn't got a home since his fourteenth birthday. After Wyatt had started to take over the world he had made a museum of the manor and Chris had never been able to call something else his home again.

"Chris?" Leo asked uneasily. Piper had already set a lot of things right between her and their son but Leo wasn't sure if it would be so easy for him too.

Chris turned around to his father and knew immediately what was bothering him. "Leo I'm really sorry…"

"Stop saying this Chris" Leo cut him off. He was a little hurt that Chris still called him by his first name but he knew that maybe he deserved it.

"But I need to tell you this" Chris responded and sat down on his mother's bed. He hesitated another second before he said "I was the one who sent you to Valhalla. You were right all the time. I never wanted you to break up with mom but making you an elder was the only way I could become their whitelighter. I know that it wasn't necessary that I let the Valkyries keep you like a prisoner but… I was angry at you and – can you forgive me?"

Leo sat down beside his son and asked the question from which he feared the answer badly "Why were you so angry at me?"

Chris sighed heavily. He didn't want to talk about this but he realized that if he really wanted to change this too he had to tell his father about what he had done. "Because you were never there for me" he finally answered. "You had always just time for Wyatt but never for me. You always favoured him over me and sometimes you acted like I wouldn't even exist. I don't know why you did this – but I don't want it to be like this again. I always just wanted you to be proud of me."

It was hard for Leo to listen to what his son told him but he was determind to change all this and spare Chris the pain he had caused him. "I won't make the same mistakes again Chris. I promise" he said and looked his son directly into his eyes before he added "And I am proud of you."

"Chris! Leo!" Piper's voice could suddenly be heard from downstairs. "The pancakes are almost aready!"

"Well, we should better go downstairs" Chris said and stood up from the bed.

"Chris" Leo called after him before he could leave the room.

Chris turned once again back to his father. "What?" he asked curiously.

"I love you son" Leo stated.

Chris swallowed and tried to think of something he could answer his father. He had never heard this words from Leo but he couldn't deny it that he had always wished that he would once be able to get to hear them.

"You don't have to say anything" Leo quickly added as he saw his son struggle for words. "I know that I don't derserve it that you love me too."

"Well I barely even know you. But you can still change it. It's up to you… dad" Chris reminded him.

Leo nodded. "I know. And I will change it."

"Chris! Leo!" Piper's voice came upstairs again.

Leo now stood up too and went over to the door. "Are you coming?" he asked Chris as he realized that he wasn't following.

"Yeah just give me a sec" Chris answered. Leo nodded again before he went downstairs to join his ex-wife in the kitchen.

Once Leo was gone Chris looked around in his mother's room and smiled happily. He hadn't felt so good for ages. Finally he could believe it that Piper really loved him and Leo might even too. Just the future would tell how things will be between them from now on. A future Chris was for once really able to belive that he could make better. After a last look on the picture he had taken with him into the past, and that was now lying on his mother's bedside table, he walked out of the room to go downstairs to his family.

The End

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