The past can bee a killer


It has been many nights since Abby has gotten any sleep. Her eyes were puffy and red; she has been coming in every day for the past few months now tired, beaten, and shaky; this left Gibbs, Kate, Dinozzo, and Ducky very concerned.

Every time Gibbs would ask Abby if she was ok she would just smile and say she was fine, but the truth was she had been having nightmares about a murder that happened over 700 years ago she doesn't understand why but she is.

Abby was sitting at her computer yawning and stretching waiting until someone gave her something to do, no sooner as she stopped stretching she turned around and saw Gibbs standing behind her; he just smiled as she stood there stunned.

"Hey Abby I have an assignment for you" Gibbs said handing her the bag with the piece of hair inside it

Abby just stood their looking at Gibbs as he just kept smiling. Abby finally snapped out of it when she felt Gibbs's right hand touch her left cheek. As he stared into her eyes they knew they both loved each other, but they had to for now keep it on a professional relationship.

Abby had to be at least between 25 to 28 and yeah Gibbs was older but so what! So they were breaking rule number 12, but rule number 1 is do not be afraid to beak the rules, especially when it comes to love. The thought of Jethro Gibbs in love with Abby just amazes her.

"You got a case for me?" Abby asked smiling while trying to take the bag out of Gibbs's left hand

"You bet" Gibbs said smiling still keeping his right hand on her left cheek this time stroking it with his thumb.

Gibbs finally took his hand off her cheek stared into her eyes for a few more seconds turned and left. Abby's smile faded away leaving a frown in its place, she turned as she thought to herself "Hun no good-bye kiss" she was about to sit when she heard her name being called she brightened when she turned and saw Gibbs

"Yes Gibbs? Forget something?" Abby asked hope shinning in her eyes hope for what? For him to kiss her?

"Yeah I'll say I almost forgot I need the analysis with in an hour" Gibbs said turning to leave but then stopped turned back around and walked up to Abby.

"What?" Abby asked looking confused

"Nothing!" Gibbs answered grinning.

"Then what is it that you want?" Abby asked looking even more confused now

"Just this!" Gibbs said pulling Abby into a long kiss that seemed like an eternity

They kissed for almost a minute and finally broke so both could breath he stepped back and looked into Abby's eyes again only to see them sparkle with happiness.

"What? You didn't think I was going leave without giving you a good-bye kiss now did you?" Gibbs said smiling as he turned to leave.

Gibbs turned to leave only to see Kate and Dinozzo standing their, there mouths opened wide then they both started smiling.

"Ok what now!" Gibbs said feeling a little busted

"Wow! Boss! I didn't know you had it in you" Dinozzo said grinning bigger then ever making Kate laugh.

"DINOZZO! You here for a reason?" Gibbs asked getting a little annoyed.

"Yes! We got a Murder" Kate said handing him the paper with the address on it

"And why aren't you two on it?" Gibbs asked smiling a little

"Because we need your help!" Dinozzo said not taking his eyes off his boss.

"Alright lets go" Gibbs said.

With that all three left Abby's lab, with a smile still on her face she turned breathed big and began to work.