Author's note: I do not own any characters in this story, but the story line is mine. Sorry it took so long for chapter two, but I had been very busy.

Chapter 2

With a smile still on Abby's face, she turned around took a deep breath and continued to work. Abby took the hair Gibbs had given her and ran it through the data base.

At the crime scene, Gibbs, Kate, and Dinozzo walked up to the body, Ducky who was already examining it looked up and greeted his fellow comrades with a smile. Gibbs just smiled back.

"Hey ducky, what do we got?" Gibbs asked greeting his long time friend.

"White, male, late 30's, blond hair, blue eyes, no id! Looks as if he was strangled to death" Ducky said shaking his head.

Ducky then looked up only to see Gibbs smiling at him, ducky couldn't understand what had gotten Gibbs in a good mood so he stood up and walked over to Kate and asked.

"Oh ducky ducky ducky! Don't you know Gibbs had his lucky good-by kiss today" Kate said smiling bigger then ever

"What? As in French kiss? Or just a peck on the cheek kiss?" Ducky asked a little more confused

"Nope! French kiss" Dinozzo said for Kate

"B-But by who?" Ducky asked as if he didn't already know

"Abby!" Both Kate and Dinozzo said in unison

By this time Ducky's mouth flew open, he couldn't believe what he had just heard, Abby and Gibbs! Together? Oh yeah he heard correctly, but ducky always thought Gibbs was going out with a red head he never thought it was Abby. A voice made Kate, Dinozzo, and ducky jump out of there skins.

"Glad to see that you are doing your jobs" Gibbs said coming up behind them making them jump a little.

"uh boss?" Dinozzo said in a squeaky voice

"What is it Dinozzo!" Gibbs said turning around

"I uh-found this letter with the body" Dinozzo said handing him the letter

"And you're giving me this now?" Gibbs said this time smacking him in the head

"Yeah-sorry boss wont happen again" Dinozzo said with his eyes shut.

"It better not" Gibbs said as he started to open the letter

As Gibbs finally opened the letter he saw what he did not like, he turned pale the moment he started reading it. Gibbs was lost in thought as he just stared into space, his brain trying to process what was on that letter. It read…..

"Dear Gibbs,

Like the little gift I left for you? Well if you don't then that's too bad, I think I did a good job, but enough about me, Gibbs I want a million dollars in cash and a one way ticket out of state and if you don't heave my demands I will personally take another one of you're co-workers, and how about that Abby of yours quite a beauty isn't she? She is lucky to have some one like you! It would be a shame if some thing happened to her now wouldn't it? I'd keep an eye on her I know I will be! Ta ta for now.

Yours truly

nights stalker"

Gibbs waded the paper up and got into the car he then yelled for Kate and Dinozzo to get in and told ducky to meet them at the HQ and he would explain there, it was a race agents the clock Gibbs had to get to Abby before this mad man did he just hoped he's not too late.