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Ok this is my first every SVU fanfic.

I'm going to make one of those stories that deal with the characters but not so much the plot.

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Back ground: Olivia and my mom were friends for years, but a year ago my mom was killed in a car accident and I moved in with Olivia. I'm in middle school, so I've gotten to the age where I hate authority figures, but I really need a mom. So obviously, there will be some conflict in the story, but I will not be using curse words so it should be safe for all reader.

Sarah's POV

Olivia hasn't been home on time all week. She keeps promising that she'll be home at a certain time but she never is. My birthday is tomorrow and she said we would start celebrating tonight, but it's almost ten and she's still not home yet and she hasn't called yet either. I finally give up. I slide the kick guard onto the door so she can't get in when she finally comes home.

I pick up the phone, call the station, and ask for Detective Benson. She finally answers after a few minutes. She always answers the same way," Detective Benson." That's all she ever says, no how are you or may I ask whose calling. I say," It's me. It's already after ten." She said," I'm sorry, Elliot and I are working a big case and I just can't get home right now." I said," You promised you'd be home two hours ago." She started to say," I know sweetie…" Then she heard the click from where I had hung up on her.

Olivia POV

The phone on my desk is ringing.

Shoot I promised to be home two hours ago and I forgot to call Sarah to tell her I'd be late.

"Detective Benson"

It's Sarah, she's mad because I promised to be home and I'm not.

"I'm sorry Elliot and I are working a big case and I just can't get home right now."

I wish she wouldn't argue with me. I need to talk to her about that when I get home. She's knows I can't just drop things and come home all the time. My job is a big commitment I told her that when she moved in. I told her I'd rely on her to take care of herself and make sure she got all her homework done. Maybe I need to get someone to stay with her. I'll check into that later.

"I know sweetie I'm sorry." Then the dial tone sounds through the phone.

She hung up the phone on me!

I dialed back to the apartment but Sarah wouldn't pick up. I talked through the answering machine," I'll be home within an hour. We need to talk." I finished up my work and told the Captian I needed to head home that Munch was going to help Elliot and that I'd be back in the morning. Then he reminded me I actually had taken a day off tomorrow for Sarah's Birthday.

That's why she's so upset. Her birthday.

Sarah's POV

She always comes home if I don't answer the phone when she knows I'm there. It's just about the only way I can let her know I'm upset or mad at her. Some times, I wonder how victims talk to her so easily. They must see a different side of her than I do, because it's so hard to tell her anything. Much less, some thing I want to hide. She is really good at reading me though. She always knows when something's bothering me. Well she does when she's around. I sat down by the door far enough to where when she opened it she couldn't reach me but she could still see me. I sat there and waited until she came home. I knew it wouldn't be to long. I figured she would at least have an idea now as to why I was so upset. I heard her key in the door and waited for the yelling to start. The door opened and she seemed stunned when it was suddenly stopped by the kick guard. She didn't Yell like I thought she would though. She saw me sitting there beside the door and she squatted down in front of the door and asked," Can you open the door so we can talk please." I just looked over at her trying not to cry. I said," We can talk through the door."

She sat down with her back against the door and looked in at me. She said," I'm sorry that I wasn't here when I promised, and I'm sorry your mom isn't here for your birthday." She hit the nail perfectly.


Last year:

My birthday was last week, and I had a big party with all my friends. I love my mom. It was a surprise party and It was awesome. We talked today in my free talk class about what we would do if we lost our parents. I asked," Mom, what would happen to me if anything ever happened to you?" She said," You would live with Olivia and she would take care of you like I do." I asked, "Can you do a favor for me?" She said," Anything, just ask." I asked," Promise you'll never leave me. At least not till I'm all grown up and I have kids of my own." She looked at me and smiled and said," I promise I'll never leave you Sarah. We'll be together forever."

End of Flashback

Olivia's POV

When I got home, I slid my key into the lock and turned it. However, the door suddenly stopped and I realized she had put the kick guard on so I couldn't get in. I looked in through the three inch crack and saw her sitting on the wall near the door. I squatted down near the door and asked her to let me in, but she refused. I sat down with my back against the door and said," I'm sorry that I wasn't here when I promised, and I'm sorry your mom isn't here for your birthday." She looked away from me. I could see the tears in the corners of her eyes. I wanted to pull her into my arms and hold her, but she wouldn't let me in. She sat there in silence for a minute before I said," Please open the door. You don't have to come anywhere near me. Just go sit on the couch so we can talk. I sit in the chair away from you if you want, but I need t get in the house."

Sarah's POV

She was right. I couldn't keep her locked out forever. I finally let her in and I walked over to the couch and sat down. I pulled one of the throw pillows into my lap and sat there waiting for her to say something. She sat down in the chair across from the couch and just looked at me. I looked down at the pillow in my hands but I could feel her looking at me. She said," You have to look at me if we're going to talk, and you have to say something." I stayed looking down and said," Everyone always breaks their promises.