Thanks to everyone whose been reading this story. This is the final chapter and I hope it does justice to the rest of the story. Hopefully I can start on another story soon.


It's been ten years now.

I'm living a life I never imagined, but I'm happier than I ever dreamed.

With two years left of college, I'm looking forward to graduating with a degree in Child Psychology and planning for my future.

Heather and her husband had a beautiful baby, who is now a ten year old who enjoys ballet and singing; they named her Annie… Annie Elizabeth… just like my mom.

Olivia is still in New York working for SVU, and I never see her leaving until they force her to retire.

I'm living hundreds of miles away from home, but still manage to talk to Olivia at least once a day.

Next spring I will tie the knot with my fiancé, a man I have been dating for four years…he's a cop, Special Victims Unit.

What can you say there's just something about that uniform, like Olivia, some one willing to give every thing to stop human suffering and better the world one person, one case at a time.

After graduation we plan to return to New York.

He will work with Olivia, and I'll be the consulting psychologist for the unit. Talk about irony.

A place I once thought was taking my life by always taking Olivia… now I want to give my life to them too.

I pick up the phone and call home.

Olivia answers," Hello?"

I start the same way I do every time," it's your daughter…"

We talk for almost two hours this time.

We have so many things to get together for the wedding.

She asks," Have you decided what to do about whose going to give you away?"

I answered," There was never anything to decide… you're going to give me away…"

For me, those two years after my mom died will forever be the most important years of my life.

They taught me that sometimes life throws a curve, but it's never impossible to knock it out of the park.