Square Love

A/N: Well, let's just say that I have no idea how this idea popped into my head. I was searching for something refreshingly odd, and I guess I found it. It was such a simple idea, I can't believe that I didn't realize it until it smacked me cross the nose. Well, anyway, it's Shuro/Kei in a weird way.
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Staring in the mirror, Shuro studied her fair facial features: her piercing blue eyes, the perfect red lips, the slender chin. The glass pane provided an emotionless version of the girl staring back at it. Even the painful tear that managed to slide down her reflection's cheek - though she had willed it to stay unshed - was cold and distant.

The tear made its way down her pale face, down to her mouth, where she parted her lips slightly to taste the salt that was oddly comforting. Crying was the one thing she could fall back to.

Who was she?

Growing up confused was enough damage psychologically to her self-image. She'd been from a girl, to an uncertain boy, back to a girl in her own rights. She hated having to bind up her chest every morning, living through the day as a boy, having girl fans drool over her, and know she was a girl. A girl who Kei didn't see.

Kei.. then there was Kei. Watching him grow up... and become the typical heartbreaker was hard. Shuro wondered bittersweetly when Kei would realize that the only girl he would ever need was already right beside him. She knew him well enough to know what he needed in a girl, and the fans he'd been associating with lately didn't suit him. Shuro, on the other hand, know she did. Tracing a line down her face with a finger, sharp enough to make a white line down her already ghostly appearance, she felt another tear spring from out of her burning eyes.

Maybe Shuro, if Kei even accepted her feelings, would be a meaningless one night plaything made of cheap plastic like all his other conquests to be brokenly thrown away the next morning. Kei had done that with his toys when he was a toddler, and he was doing the exact same thing with girls now.

But Shuro had to take the risk. Standing up a bit straighter, Shuro defiantly glared at the mirror. "Well, I'm going to be different... I hope."

She wiped her tear away and smudged it on the mirror, leaving a streak of wet, marring her perfect reflection on the smooth surface. She deftly started to unbutton her shirt, the shirt that tried to convey to everyone that Shuro was indeed a boy. But as the shirt was thrown aside to reveal the cloth binding, Shuro was again reaffirmed that she was a girl. Agirl that could love Kei, and whom he could love back.

But maybe that wasn't enough for Kei. It certainly didn't seem like it, the way he'd been running through all of Kyoto's lot like he was. Taking the end strip, she unwound the tight cloth to free herself of the cheap plastic that every other girl was molded into.

As the strip of cloth fell away, flat, gleaming pecs of perfection were revealed.

Shuro ran a hand over them, satisfied.p And got up, barechested, to go to Kei's room.

Maybe he liked boys better.

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