'Today may just have been the best day of my life' Spike thought to himslef as he lay on a large towel on the warm sand with Buffy wrapped in his arms. They'd spent the past few hours finding out if making love on the beach was as beautiful as it sounded. The conclusion was it was even better than they could've imagined, but then they both suspected that had a lot more to do with who they were with than where they were.

Spike sighed and pulled his woman tighter to him as he realised she'd fallen asleep in his embrace. God she was beautiful, he could spend hours just laying at her side gazing contentedly at her. He had no idea she did the same thing some nights, watching the wonder of him breathing.

Right now, Spike wasn't the least bit sleepy and so he began cataloguing all the perfect days from the past month. The day he'd become human, all thanks to Willow who he was certain he'd love for all time, though of course not in the same way he loved his Slayer. That same day he and Buffy had told Angel they were leaving and never planned on setting foot in his evil law firm ever again, that'd made for a perfect day all by itself.

Then there was the first day when they arrived back in England and they'd finally got a chance to prove feelings they'd had for so long by making sweet love together. Spike was fairly certain the walls at Giles' house weren't quite as thick as the Watcher would've liked, though the poor bloke never said anything.

Spike, his Slayer, and the Little Bit had since travelled across Europe, having the time of their lives on a large chunk of the insurance money received for the fall of Sunnydale. Italy had charmed Buffy and Dawn, and Spike knew they'd be happy never to leave. The day of their flight back to England he'd surprised them by telling them he'd got the money back on their plane tickets and put down a deposit on an apartment by the beach.

Now every day was perfect, or close enough and Spike often spent time like this, counting blessings he wasn't even entirely sure he deserved.

"Hey" Buffy said softly as she woke from her slumber, "How long was I alseep?" she asked as she shifted and rubbed her eyes.

"Not long, pet" Spike told her, kissing the top of her head absently.

"What're you thinking about?" she asked as she looked up and realised he was looking all pensive.

"Just things" he shrugged, "Life, love, nothing heavy" he joked.

Buffy reached up to kiss his lips, smiling when she pulled away.

"Every time I wake up, I wonder if I dreamt all this" she admitted, "I can't belive how happy I am, how well everything worked out"

"Know what you mean, sweetheart" he agreed, "Doesn't get much more perfect than this, does it?"

"Maybe it does" Buffy said softly, looking down and then up again into his eyes, "Spike...how would you feel about being a Daddy?" she asked him.

"You're...You're pregnant?" he stammered almost unable to believe what he was hearing.

"Pretty certain" Buffy admitted, a little worried what his reaction might be. They'd breifly talked about marriage being a thing they'd do one day in the future but the subject of children had never really come up, "Spike, say something" she urged him, and he suddenly seemed to realise how worried she was.

"Oh Slayer, you have no idea how much I love you" he told her with a smile, "Or how much I adore the idea of us having a kid together"

He kissed her then leaving no doubt in her mind that he was indeed thrilled and that he loved her unequivocally as he always said he did. There was no denying anymore that she loved him equally as much too, and that love would last an eternity.

The End

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