Dreaming of a Halfa

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Title: Dreaming of a Halfa

Rating: T+

Pairings: Dash/Danny

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Chapter 2



Jerking awake, Dash looked around. Putting his face in his hands he thought back to the dream.

'I actually wanted to hug him?' he gagged at this thought, 'Good thing it was just a nightmare, besides I'm not gay...' Shaking his head, he rolled over, pulled the blankets up from the foot of the bed, and fell back to sleep.


School was uneventful for Danny. There was an explosion in the chemistry lab again and the jocks picked on nerds and losers while the teachers adored them for it. Well, all except for one, the counselor. She was a person who treated the jocks like they were meant to be treated...you can guess how. Last time Danny had sessions with a counselor, she turned out to be a happiness-sucking witch. But this counselor was different. He didn't sense anything about her and she kept her office warm so that was another hint that she was human. She came from Romania and her name is Satina. Satina came from a family of gypsies, but she gave up h er ways because she thought that they were childish. Though she did know a lot about fortune telling and reading tarot cards.

She immediately suggested that Danny have sessions as soon as she saw him. Of course Danny objected, why would he need therapy? But then she told his parents that Danny could stop his slipping grades if she helped him and his parents, being slightly blind-sighted as they were, forced him to attend sessions. After a few sessions, where Danny realized that she really wasn't making him miserable, he decided to give her a chance.


'If she tries anything ghosty-ish, she's dead...again.' Danny thought untrusting, and glared at her as he sat down in the chair in front of her oak desk. The room was nice, decorated in a gypsy style. It was painted dark green and cleaned up after Spectra, the counselor from hell as Danny liked to call her.

"So...Danny," She said, her English and slightly slurred. Who'd blame her, she was only in the U.S. for a year.

"Miss. Dalhasa..." replied Danny coldly.

"Call me Satina if ju wud." She requested, looking mildly put out by his tone.

"Umm...okay, Satina. Why am I here again?" Danny asked, a winkle forming on his brow.

"Because ve think ju are having a slight problem adjusting to jour… changes in life. So… Danny, are ju okey? Jour parents say ju are acting very vierd lately" her expretion was concerned, and Danny couldn't help but wonder exactly who 'we' where.

"Of course I'm okay, just… moody for some reason." Danny told her, gazing the bookshelf that had recently been moved.

"If ju say so." though she didn't look full convinced.

Over their two hour session, letting him miss his 3 and 4 periods, they talked a lot, child hood experiences and what not, and got to know each other.


He got to her office and knocked, waiting for her to invite him in. He had gotten used to the sessions and looked forward to them every day.


Finally the end of the day came and every one was rushing out of the school, practically flying. Danny, however, took his time. Why rush, it wasn't like it would do him any good right now, only cram him in with other adolescent bodies.

"Hurry up Danny or we'll miss the movie!" exclaimed Tucker.

"You guys go ahead, I get there." Danny's voice mumbled, being muffled by the locker his head was currently occupying.

"Are you sure? We can stay if you want?" asked Sam, shifting her pack into a more comfortable position on her shoulder.

"No, I mean it, you guys go ahead. Just because I have to miss it doesn't mean that you do too." He waved them away, head still getting to know the inside of his locker.

"Okaaay..." Sam sighed, turning to run down the hall after Tucker.

As soon as they were gone, Danny finished finding the last few things to squeeze into his bag. He turned a corner, nearing the door, when a blue trail of mist escaped his mouth.



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