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Lilyella, Lily for short, had thick, long, red hair and striking green eyes. Not only was she beautiful, but she was very smart too. It sounds like she would have a great life to go along with it, but that is where her story turns.

When she was quite young, Lily's mother died. It left Lily and her father in poverty, but they didn't want to sell their Manor, so they made do with what they had. Desperate for a better life for his daughter, Lily's father remarried. It left her with a cruel stepmother, Janine, and an even meaner and ruder stepsister, Petunia.

Petunia was very jealous of Lily. She envied 4verything about Lily; her looks, brains, and much more.

Janine and Petunia were pleasant enough around Lily when her father was around, but when he was on one of his many trips, it was a completely different story. They worked her like a servant, although they had plenty of them at the Evans Manor. She had to scrub the floors, tend the fires, and cook fancy meals. They would rarely let Lily out of the house, only to the market. When that happened, she had to dress in horrible clothes. It was, according to Janine, so that no boys would notice her, thus leaving more for Petunia to choose from. Lily hated it, especially as one of her favourite activities was riding horses.


One day King James XVII announced that he was hosting a ball for his son, James Terrence Potter XVII. The ball was the talk of the land. Everyone who was anyone would be there. It was known that this ball would be to find James a wife. Everyone was having their gowns sewn, choosing their finest jewelry, and so on.

Everyone except Lily that is. Her father was away on a trip again, and she knew Janine and Petunia wouldn't let her. Oh, how she wished she could go. Not just to meet the Prince, but to have some fun. She was rarely allowed to.


It was the day of the ball. Lily had just spent the whole morning, and some of the afternoon preparing Petunia for the ball. Janine decided to go along with Petunia to the ball, to make sure her i precious /i Petunia got to dance with the Prince enough times to make a lasting impression. Lily laughed as she thought what impression it would be, and if Petunia would really want it to be made.

Having heard stories before, Lily jokingly called out, "Oh Faerie Godmother! I want to go to the ball!" -pop- A small lady appeared. She was a bit short, but was fairly young looking and pretty.

"Who are you?" asked Lily.

"Can't you tell? Child, I'm your Faerie Godmother!" the lady said laughing.

"B-but you're so young!" Lily exclaimed.

The Faerie Godmother laughed again. "Young! I was young 300 years ago, when I was only 100. But thanks for saying so darling."

"So… Can you help me?" Lily asked.

"Of course child," said her Faerie Godmother. "Let's see… we're going to need- a dress, jewelry, a carriage, horses, horsemen," she rambled on and on. "Oh, and a mask!"

"Why a mask?" Lily questioned.

Faerie Godmother explained, "What would Janine or Petunia do if they saw you there?"

Lily realized what would occur. "Wait! How did you know about my step-mum and step-sister?"

Faerie Godmother replied, "I've always been here, watching over you."

"Then why did you never help me before?" Lily exclaimed.

"I am only allowed to when you ask for me. Today was the first time," Faerie Godmother explained. "But we're wasting time, let's get started. I can't make the items out of thin air, that's big magic. Big magic can have serious consequences. I'll have to transfigure items. Also, I'm terribly sorry, but I don't have very much magic, so the items will change back. Meanwhile, will you bring me, let's see… a pumpkin, two lizards, four mice, an apron-I know you have many of those, a rag and some yarn."

Lily ran off to get the items. First she brought back the pumpkin.

"That will be your coach," Faerie Godmother said.

As Lily went to catch the lizards, Faerie Godmother uttered a spell and changed the pumpkin into a carriage. Lily brought the rest of the items and Faerie Godmother transfigured them also. The mice were changed into horses, lizards into coachmen, apron into gown, rag into mask and yarn into jewelry.

Lily ran off to change into her new clothing. She looked absolutely stunning. The gown was strapless, and of cream colour. The necklace was a silver chain, with a silver heart inset with rubies. On her ears Lily wore sparkling diamond earrings.

When Lily went downstairs and outside, she saw a coach with four beautiful horses and two handsome coachmen waiting for her. "It's perfect!" Lily shouted with joy. She ran over and hugged her Faerie Godmother.

When she pulled away, Faerie Godmother reminded Lily, "Remember, these transfigured items will take their original form at midnight, please make sure to be back by then."

"Okay, I will," Lily promised.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" exclaimed Faerie Godmother, as she handed Lily a pair of glass slippers.

"Wow," Lily gasped.

"These were your mother's when she was a little girl. They will not change back," Faerie Godmother said with a smile. "Well, you better go now."


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