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James was searching for the mysterious girl because she was so attractive, but there were alternative reasons as well. She seemed..accepting, and kind. The acceptance was so important because he had a big secret.

James Potter was a wizard, he could do magic. Not magic in the form of slight of the hand or mere card tricks; real, true magic. This wasn't a secret to those close to him. It ran in the royal family, and his school in fact specialized in it. To the rest of the world it was just an elite educational school, but in actuality it trained wizards and witches to control and focus their powers. There was an entrance exam and instead of the students' acceptances being based on their academics, it was more if peculiar, unexplainable events occurred during their test.

James saw the rare and genuine heart and soul in the girl he'd met at the dance. He wanted to pursue her, date her, and possibly even marry her. She had a way to her that captured him.


Lily lied in her bed, pondering the events of that night. She'd danced with many guys, true, probably as many as the prince had danced with girls. But he kept returning to her, couldn't seem to get enough. Why her? Sure, she was pretty, and smart, but guys tended to pursue the ones..how to put this nicely? The ones that were not so endowed in the mind part, the ones that would the guys could get far with.

Not that she minded the attention. In fact she rather enjoyed it. But for several reasons she knew it could never happen. First, as long as her step-mum and sisters were in control, which they always were, she wouldn't be allowed to even think of seeing the prince. There was another fact of these odd occurrences in her life. When she got very angry or upset about something, unnatural, unexplainable events occurred. She couldn't control it, and no one knew about it. They would banish her! Or try to force her to use it to do them good. She had never been able to tell anyone about these mysterious happenings, she just wanted to be normal.


Lily's step-sisters and step-mum were quite lazy, thus Lily was forced to run errands. This put her family in a dilemma because Janine and Petunia had told their mum about their suspicions of Lily being at the dance and the Prince attempting to find her. To attempt to disguise her while she was out, they made her wear glasses and a wig of black curly hair. They offered no explanation to Lily as to why the disguise was necessary, and this was quite frustrating. The wig was very uncomfortable and Lily hated wearing it. She had no choice though and left to go pick up the items needed from the market for her step-mum.

Lily went on her way and wandered through the market looking at various booths. She stopped at one, admiring the beautiful hand crafted jewelry. As she was gazing at a necklace of turquoise, she heard some commotion in the street and turned around. She found herself staring at the handsome face of the prince who was there on horseback with some of the guards of the royal family. She didn't try to communicate with him because she was in the ridiculous wig and glasses, but most of all she was embarrassed of the way she had to disappear the night before. He was charming company, but she had had no choice but to run away if she didn't want to reveal herself, especially in front of her step-sisters.

Her glance at the prince had been enough though. James had recognized her through the various disguises. It was her piercing green eyes. They were like none that he had seen, so deep and true.

Lily had turned back around to examine the necklace more, as she knew that if she looked at the prince anymore she might not be able to look away. She began to think of how angry she was with her relatives' control over her life, especially dressing her in these disguises. Lily was quite upset and angry about it, and another peculiar thing occurred, like it sometimes had in the past when she felt this way. The wig of black hair disappeared, revealing her gorgeous red hair. She was surprised, and frightened if anyone saw, especially the prince.

James blinked a few times. He had thought he had seen the girl from the ball the night before, but with black hair. Now it was red, the real color of the girl's hair, as if a wig had been removed. "It couldn't be…" he thought, pondering his own abilities and what he had just seen.

James and his guards halted, and he dismounted, approaching Lily, still looking at the jewelry. "Excuse me, miss," he started, "I believe you left something at the castle the other night at the ball. Would you come with me?"

Lily thought excitedly that she might get her slipper back. Even beyond that, it was basically an order from the prince and she could not refuse. Lily agreed, and James helped her mount his horse and they rode back to the castle.


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