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Self Righteous Sacrifice

One Uzumaki Naruto was making his way to Konoha's hospital. Normally, he'd have to be dragged there for even just the simplest checkups, but today was different. He was here to see if one of his special people was okay.

As he made his way down the white halls, chanting the room number of a certain white-eyed girl over and over again, he stopped. He heard a door close and some voices around the corner. What made him stop was the fact that the two speaking were Hinata's father and the Godaime Hokage herself.

Tsunade walked out of the hospital room in which Hyuuga Hinata resided. "She's going to be okay, but there is one problem"

"Go on" He heard Hinata's father say.

The Hokage took a deep breath and exhaled in all out before she spoke. "There is a 90 probability she will not be able to use her Byakugan, let alone see again."

"Don't joke with me, Hokage-sama" Hiashi said coldly. Naruto could feel the man's glare intensify.

"No one's joking, Hiashi-san." Tsunade shot back at him, coldly. Try to intimidate the Hokage, will you? "The nerves in her eyes have been severely damaged. Be thankful that her eyesight may be all that she lost. If that attack had been a bit stronger, she could have died."

"She knows that she is supposed to protect her eyes with her life."

"Look Hiashi-san, I understand your clan is important to you, but as I recall it, Hinata took that blow for you. If the Byakugan is so important for an heir to have, give her yours. She's protected your eyes well enough."

The Hyuuga Head glared at the Hokage once more before walking off in the opposite direction of Naruto. Tsunade placed her hand over her eyes and sighed. She turned and was shocked to see Naruto approach her.

"Obaasan, can I see Hinata now?"

So here he was, in Hinata's hospital room, watching her sleep. He had been there for what seemed like hours. She lay there, surrounded by white walls and sheets. Her breathing is slight, due to her being unconscious. He watched her chest rise and fall at a slow pace. That was the only real confirmation he had that she was still alive.

He looked out of the window. He knew he had to leave soon. Kakashi would be reaching the training grounds soon. He sighed and got up from his stool. His eyes returned to her face. Her eyes were bandaged heavily, some blood soaked through the many layers already. But no matter how banged up she was, she still looked very pretty. That was one of the reasons why she was a person he liked, but he knew there was more.

Like how she protected the man that made her life a living hell because, no matter how horrible he was to her, he was still her father.

Or how she would easily give in to buying him ramen every once in a while.

Well… there were many reasons he liked her better than anyone else, but putting them into words and actually telling her was always a problem. He never really had this problem with Sakura. Then again, he never really liked Sakura like this.

Sighing, he looked around the room, blushing guiltily. She'd never know it was him. On that thought, he brushed his lips against her forehead, before he rushed out of the room to start training again with a little bounce in his step.

In his rush to leave, he missed the small smile and glowing blush that appeared on the raven-haired girl's face. She may not have been able to see him, but, as she became quickly aware, there's more than one way to sense a person. Who else smells like ramen, fresh rain, and earth?

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