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Authors note: I have been sitting on this story for a while and decided one day to write it down. This is also my first solo story so please be gentle!

It was happening quickly, but was still happening.

Jordan was slipping back into her old ways and everyone could plainly see it.

Two weeks earlier

"Jordan. Jordan. Jordan!" shouted Garret

Jordan, a spit fire ME who had apparently fallen asleep at her desk, was rudely woken up by her boss and bestest girlfriend Garret Macy. "What did I do now!"

"That's why I'm here. I just got an angry phone call from a certain detective. He asked if he could avoid working cases with you for a few weeks. Do you want to tell me what that is about?"

She knew it was coming. Last night, Woody - the certain detective – asked her if she was finally ready to let them come clean to their friends and co-workers about their relationship. Keeping in mind that last time she came clean with her friends about a relationship with a co-worker she got burned (and I mean burned), she asked why.

The night before

"Why! Why! Why do you think! Jordan, I am tired of hiding this! Why are you so afraid to let people know? Half of them already suspect and the other half don't care! What is going on is there someone else?"

"What? No, of course not! I …I just want to keep this between us right now. Why do we have to ruin the good thing we have?"

"I'm tired of this Jordan! Sick and tired. I'll give you three weeks to make up your mind."

"What are you saying Woody?"

"I'm saying why don't we take a brake. We should date other people for a few weeks and then you can give me your answer."

With that, he was gone. Jordan just stood there and stared at the door for what seemed like days. Was that it? Was what she had secretly desired for the past four years over? She didn't get that much sleep that night. Jordan just sat on her bed and wished she was different. Wished that she could go back in time and never had to have experience heart break.

The next morning

"I really don't want to talk about it Garret," said Jordan. She didn't know if she could relive the experience of the past night with out breaking down.

"Are you sure?" asked Garret with obvious concern in his voice

"Positive" Jordan stated blankly.

Back to the Present

Since then Jordan and Woody had both dated sparingly since the incident, but neither really enjoyed it – no matter what others believed. Jordan had noticed the girls Woody was dating. They all seemed to be Barbie clones with only one dream: to never have to pay a bill.

(Jordan's thoughts)

Maybe that's what Woody has always secretly wanted. Why wouldn't he? Woody doesn't really want me. I was just something that he couldn't have and that made him want me more. There is only one way that we can both move on.

She knew what she had to do. There was only one thing. Run.