Yay, the first thing I've written that's not SasuGaa! (ignoring the fact that she's only written two fictions) I am helping the ever tiny sandcest fanbase! So, on with the fic!

Kankurou sometimes worries what people think about him. Not all the time, not anymore, but he used to when he was younger. People worry about stupid things sometimes, and Kankurou has decided worrying about what other people think of him is one of those things. You learn that when you have a brother like he does. The kabuki make up helps, it's almost like a mask, but still sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes, he worries. Which is fine, it's a thing people do.

Kankurou wonders if Gaara worries too. He thinks maybe that he does, but Gaara's not like most people, actually, he's not like any people, not any that Kankurou knows anyways. So maybe he doesn't worry, Gaara's not the type to worry and doesn't have the same moral values as the majority of society either. It makes him feel better, he's realized over time that Gaara has other things to worry about.

He can't believe it's taken him this long to finally realize that even Gaara, as unstable as he is, needs the same things that he and everyone else needs. He feels a more than just slightly guilty about that, and he thinks maybe if he had just been more of a brother to him than maybe Gaara would've thought more of he and Temari and maybe not threatened to kill them all those times. Maybe that's why their relationship is so odd. It's certainly not a normal sibling relationship. Then again, the kazekage's children are not exactly normal so maybe it makes sense that they don't have a normal relationship. The three love each other now, in a sense. It's not always visible, but it's there, and they all know it, they have Naruto to thank for that.

But Kankurou's relationship with Gaara is different than his relationship with Temari or Gaara's relationship with Temari. He wonders what Temari would think if she knew. He's afraid that if she did, then the fragile family life they have will be broken, and he doesn't want that. He's hoping she won't mind, that she'll still love him, but until he can be absolutely sure he's not going to tell her. He hopes Gaara won't either, because he thinks Gaara might. Sometimes Gaara's very much like a young child, and kids that age are honest about almost everything.

Comparing Gaara to a little kid makes Kankurou feel guilty all over again, and dirty too. And for not the first time he feels what he's doing is wrong. Very, very wrong.

Then he looks at Gaara underneath him. Looks at how the already messy spikes of crimson hair are more tousled than they usually look. Watches the tiny beads of sweat that are gathering on his forehead. Listens to the soft moans that Gaara tries to hold in by biting his lip until it nearly bleeds. The best part though, are his eyes. Sea green orbs are clouded in lust, but there's something else in them too, something almost warm, the warmest Kankurou's ever seen them. They don't look cold and empty anymore.

And he thinks if he can make Gaara feel like this, then it can't be as wrong as he thought.

And suddenly he doesn't feel quite so guilty anymore.

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