Summary: Sasuke have sworn off love forever. He vowed never to let another girl get close enough to hurt him except for Hinata. He and Hinata make the perfect non- couple. He even helped her to get noticed by Naruto. But when Hinata's gentle touch begins to make him blush, things gets complicated. Is being 'just friends' enough anymore?

Suddenly Loving You

By: Hiedra

Chapter 1

It was almost nightfall and yet the sky was already dark because it had been raining outside his small apartment. He was seated at a darkened corner of the room holding a bottle of whiskey. There were empty bottles scattered on the floor. He had been drinking for almost three weeks after his girlfriend, Sakura broke up with him. He just couldn't understand why she left him. All he did was to love her but still his love wasn't good enough for her to stay with him. He thought she loved him but when she said that she was just blinded by her childhood infatuation of him, she left him. Oh, how could he be so dumb? The great Uchiha Sasuke had been dumped by his girlfriend! The humiliation was killing him. Even though no one was asking what happened or Naruto was not teasing him though, he knew they were all rejoicing because he was dumped and all. This was the first time he loved a girl and now he is experiencing what is the consequence of loving.

Suddenly, a knock on the door broke the silence in his apartment. He was actually not going to open the door when suddenly a familiar voice occurred behind the door saying: "Sasuke, it's me Hinata. Can I come in?"

When he heard this, his decision changed and he stood from the corner of the room. Still holding the bottle in his hand, he walked towards the door kicking some bottles to clear his path. He couldn't even walk straight because he drank too much. His hand reached the knob and opened it.

"Good evening Sasuke…" Hinata greeted politely.

"What's good in the evening?" he snapped and took a swig of the whiskey he was holding. "What brings you here?" he asked.

Hinata then gave a warm smile to him which gave him an uneasy feeling every time he saw it. "I brought your dinner with me."

Sasuke scratched the back of his head. Hinata had been the one delivering his meal prepared by his sensei, Kakashi for the past days. When his sensei first delivered his meal, he pushed him away. He didn't want to see anyone. But then he was surprised to see Hinata one day at his doorsteps smiling at him and holding lunch boxes in her arms. He let her enter his apartment with an unknown reason he couldn't explain. He even ate what was inside those lunch boxes she brought. He didn't know why he didn't push her away but maybe it was because Hinata was a different kind of person. He somehow saw something familiar to him. They were both lonely. Then after that, she regularly delivers his meals. He pitied her because she was too obedient.

"Sasuke…" he heard Hinata called. "The light here is busted." She said.

Sasuke shrugged. "There's no extra light bulb here but I guess the light in my room is ok." Ha said and lead the way into his room.

He flicked open the switch and the lights were up. Hinata was surprised on what she saw inside. There were more empty bottles of whiskey scattered on the floor. The bed was unkempt and half of the coverings were lying on the floor. The smell of the alcohol was all around the room.

"Wait here for a moment." Sasuke said as he realized that the bottle he was holding was already empty.

Sasuke stumbled in the kitchen and headed towards one of the kitchen cabinets. He immediately grabbed a bottle of whiskey and slammed the cabinet door shut. He took a deep swig and then staggered back into his room.

When he came back, he saw the beddings were neatly arranged. He then glanced around and saw Hinata carrying a small table in her arms. She placed the small table beside the bed and placed the lunch boxes on top.

"You can eat now." She said to him, smiling.

Sasuke sighed and walked towards his bed and sat on it. He placed the bottle of whiskey on the side of the table.

"Stop it will you." He suddenly snapped.

"Huh? What will I stop?" she asked, dumbfounded.

Sasuke opened the lunch boxes. "Your smiling." He said.


Then Sasuke began eating his meal and he suddenly stopped when he taste the food was kind of different than the usual. This was then noticed by Hinata.

"Is something wrong with the food?" she asked worriedly.

Sasuke shook his head in reply.

Hinata sighed in relief. "I thought you would not like my cooking."

Hearing this, Sasuke lifted up his head to look at her. "You are the one who cooked this?" he asked.

Hinata nodded. "It's because Kakashi-sensei was too busy so he asked me to cook for you. So…um… what do you think?"

Sasuke stared at her for a moment before answering. "It's better than the other meals you brought for me." He said not really intending to flatter her.

"I'm glad you liked it." Hinata said happily.

After that, he continued eating his meal while Hinata began cleaning his room from the mess he had created.

Sasuke's eyes secretly watched Hinata. He wondered why she was so kind to him when the fact is they were not that really close. She was the only girl in the town who didn't have the eyes for him but instead she had her eyes for Naruto. He knew all about it and all the people in Konoha but the only one who didn't know about her feelings was Naruto himself. He had taken compassion on Hinata because of this. They were both forsaken by the people they loved. He knew Hinata was feeling the same way but still she proved to everyone that she was strong unlike him who was trying to escape the reality by drinking. He was such a coward compared to her.

After finishing his meal, Sasuke immediately grabbed the bottle of whiskey only to be stopped by Hinata's hand. She was the first one who grabbed the bottle and took it away.

"You should stop drinking this." She said.

Sasuke frowned. "Will you please give it back?" He said.

Instead of giving Sasuke the bottle, Hinata gave him a vacuum bottle.

"What's this?" he asked.

Hinata then opened the lid of the bottle and from it escaped the aroma of a brewed coffee. "Drink it. It'll be good for you."

"I'm not drinking this." He said and put the vacuum bottle down on the table. "And give that back to me." He lunged forward to reach for the bottle but Hinata was too clever for him and hid the bottle behind her.

"You first drink that and I'll give this back to you." Hinata stated.

Sasuke sighed. "Whatever." He hissed out and took the vacuum bottle. He sniffed the aroma coming from it and then slowly drank the content. He was surprised to himself. Why was he let a girl like her order him like that?

After his last swig of the coffee, he put the vacuum bottle down. "Happy now?"

Hinata giggled. "I have my word." She said and handed over the bottle to Sasuke.

Sasuke grabbed the bottle from her hand and immediately gulped down the whiskey in his mouth.

Hinata gazed at him and shook her head. She then started to clean the table Sasuke used. She stacked the lunch boxes orderly while Sasuke continued on drinking his beverage. When she got finished, Hinata then carried the lunch boxes in her arms.

"I'll be back tomorrow morning." She said to Sasuke who is now slumped on his bed.

Sasuke nodded and raised his hand lazily to wave at her.

Hinata just smiled at this and went on her way.


When Hinata stepped out of the compound, she noticed that the rain had not yet stopped. Luckily, she brought her umbrella with her to protect her from getting wet. She was a few feet away from the compound when she glanced up at one of the apartment windows where Sasuke was. She was surprised to see no light coming from it and thought that Sasuke switched it off. A part of Hinata had taken pity on him. She just hoped that he'll get better and train again with his comrades. She thinks that Sasuke was one of the great students that Konoha had ever produced and could be a good candidate for being a Hokage someday.

Hinata smiled before turning her back and walked her way home.

As Hinata continued walking, she suddenly heard a voice coming from somewhere near her. With an unknown reason, Hinata's feet suddenly took her to the voice's location. She stopped a few feet away and was surprised to see Kakashi standing in the middle of the rain. She was about to approach him when suddenly a feminine voice came up from somewhere so she decided to hid behind a tree. Her eyes looked where the feminine voice came from and was shocked to whose voice it was.

It is Sakura!

She was also at the same state as Kakashi, all wet and they had a serious look on their faces.

"Do you like me?" Hinata heard Sakura asked to Kakashi that made her wonder.

"This is not right and you know that." Kakashi replied.

Sakura shook her head. "No!" she exclaimed and ran towards Kakashi.

Hinata was shocked when she saw Sakura hugged her sensei tightly. As if she didn't want to let go from Kakashi.

"I love you Kakashi, can't you understand?" she heard Sakura said that made Hinata's jaw dropped in shocked.

"So this is the reason why." Hinata muttered to herself. Her eyes then shifted to Kakashi and waited for his answer intently.

"You know I love you but this is not right and…" when Hinata heard this coming from Kakashi she felt the world stopped in seconds. She couldn't believe that Sakura and her sensei were having a secret relationship. This is why she left Sasuke behind.

"…and Sasuke is my student." He said and removed her arms away. "Whenever I see Sasuke I felt guilty and now he didn't even go out from his apartment because of what happened."

"It's not your fault. It is I who should be the one to be blame." Sakura countered and then soft sobs suddenly came from her.

Kakashi's face suddenly softened when he heard Sakura cry. He wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. "Please don't cry…" he pleaded. "Please… It hurts me when I see you cry."

Hinata's grip on the umbrella tightened. Is it possible for a sensei to fall in love with his student? But from what she was seeing, the answer would definitely be yes.

She stepped backwards and left the event she saw. How could she face Sasuke tomorrow after what she saw?


To be continued…


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