Summary: Sasuke have sworn off love forever. He vowed never to let another girl get close enough to hurt him except for Hinata. He and Hinata make the perfect non- couple. He even helped her to get noticed by Naruto. But when Hinata's gentle touch begins to make him blush, things gets complicated. Is being 'just friends' enough anymore?

Suddenly Loving You

By: Magayon

Chapter 9

"How's my daughter's condition?" Hiashi asked the doctor in-charge to Hinata. He was standing beside his daughter, who was lying unconscious on the hospital bed and the oxygen mask helps her to breath.

"Hinata-san got a broken bone on her right leg and arm so we need to cast those parts. She also got her forehead cut so we have done some stitches to it to close it. Other than those, she'll be fine." The doctor explained.

"Is that so…" Hiashi said with a relived tone. "When will she wake up?"

"It depends on the patient's healing process. It seems that your daughter put much of her time to train herself. She's pushing herself too hard. The reason why she isn't waking up is due to that her body needs to regain strength after all she has been doing."

Hiashi looked at his daughter. To what he remembers, this was probably the longest time he stared at his daughter. He knew he was never been a good father to her. Seeing her in a situation like this breaks his heart. His ambition to see Hinata become strong put his daughter's life in danger. All he wanted was that Hinata would be the perfect inheritor of becoming the next head of the clan. He never showed any love to her but the truth is that he really loves his daughter. He regretted the time he forsaken her. He regretted the time he did not pay attention to her. He regretted every thing he has done to her.

"Doctor…" Hiashi placed his right hand on Hinata's forehead as he spoke. "Please take care of my daughter."


Sasuke went to the hospital with Kakashi the moment he was informed. Once he heard that Hinata was in a critical condition he wants to run to the hospital but her composed himself. He did not want his Sensei think something about him and Hinata.

"Here we are." Kakashi said, stopping in front of a door.

Sasuke's heart pound furiously as he slowly opened the door. He was afraid to see Hinata in a dreadful situation. He took a deep breath and took his first step inside the room. The room was full of silence. He walked slowly and finally saw the hospital bed Hinata was lying on. His heart sank as he saw the figure of Hinata. She was lying unconsciously with bandages all over and her leg and arm were in cast.

"How's she?" Sasuke asked. He stood a few feet away from Hinata's bed, afraid to come closer to her.

"As you can see, she's still not waking up but the doctor said she'll be alright once she wakes up." Kakashi said, standing beside him.

Hearing that, Sasuke sighed in relief.

"I want to see her!" a loud voice suddenly could be heard outside.

"But you should be in bed." Another voice said in a pleading tone.

A moment later, the door burst open revealing a very enraged Kiba. He had a cast on his left leg and he used an underarm crutch to support him.

"Hinata!" Kiba shouted. A female nurse tried to stop him from entering.

"The way you're acting won't help Hinata." Kakashi suddenly said.

Hearing that, Kiba silenced up. "It's my fault why she ended that way." He started. "If she did not save me from being hit by that man, she might not be in that bed. It's my fault!" tears began to fall from his eyes. "I should have protected her."

"Hinata would do the same even if it wasn't you." Sasuke suddenly said. "And she'll probably don't like hearing that from you."


The days became weeks and the news about Hinata's condition spread like a wildfire throughout Konoha. The Hyuuga compound was full of visitors asking what is the current situation of Hiashi's first born. Unfortunately, Hiashi could not answer them back. Hinata still give no sign of waking up. The doctor said that they could not see what was wrong why she won't wake up. Her vital signs were stable and her wounds were slowly healing. The only explanation the doctor gave to Hiashi was that Hinata did not have the will to wake up or in other words, she did not want to wake up to see what was waiting for her.

Hearing that information given by the doctor, Hiashi felt his heart crushed into pieces. His daughter did not want to wake up and he knew exactly why. The way he treated her when she was healthy and awake may be the cause why his daughter is discouraged to be with them again. The number of people who often visits his daughter at the hospital proved that Hinata has been a good person. He still questioned himself how Hinata became such a wonderful person despite of having him as her father. What Hiashi realize was that he is a very lucky father to have someone like Hinata as his daughter.


She felt like floating with the clouds. It seems that all her worries have been taken all away from her. She was in a misty place. All she could see was a thick fog everywhere. She felt peace inside of her and she like that feeling.

Slowly she opened her eyes. It was a little blurry at first but gradually her vision became clear. She was alone in a room. Her white pearled eyes took a glance to some areas of the room to find someone she could ask a question she still did not know what. When she felt something was covering her mouth, she tried to move her right hand but she failed and instead she used her left hand to take the thing off. It was an oxygen mask.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It puzzled her why moving a little was to tiring for her and why did she have an oxygen mask on.

"Hinata! You're awake!" a happy voice suddenly said.

She looked at to where the voice came and her eyes landed on a young man with a brown hair and have some tattoo on his face that was smiling at her. Beside him was a young man with sunglasses that was also smiling at her.

"Thank god you're finally awake, Hinata" Kiba said as he approaches Hinata. "I'm so happy." Tears threatened to fall from his eyes.

"Who's Hinata?" she suddenly asked, looking so innocent that shocked both young men. "And who are you two?" Hinata breathed heavily. Even talking was very tiresome for her.

"I think we should better call the doctor." Shino said, trying to maintain his composure.


To be continued…


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