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Loving the Youkai

Chapter 23

Explaining the Exchange


It would be a lie to say she wasn't expecting him to blow up. However she wasn't expecting it to be that darn terrifying.


Kagome sat there. Frozen to her seat on the futon. She really hadn't expected him to be this angry…

She watched as he jumped up, knocking over the chair he had previously been seated in in the process, and storm over to the window; looking angrily out at the passing clouds as though they had committed some horrible wrong doing upon him. Choosing her moment, she continued on.

"So, Reikka took my life. It was very simple, no blood or anything gory… and I fell into darkness. I guess I was in the netherworld."

He still wasn't looking at her but she could tell by his body language that she had his attention.

"I was stopped at The Gates. I'm sure you've heard or read about them in your scrolls. Anyways, The Gates are the gates to Heaven or Hell. Reikka was there, waiting for me and instead of passing through The Gates and going left or right, I passed through and went straight. I felt her grip my hand and the next thing I know I'm back in the palace and nothing has changed except…well except for my appearance."

She paused this time to enjoy the fact that those sunrise colored eyes were now roaming quite approvingly over her newly developed body.

Hey we all need ego boosts every now and then right?

Feeling a little better about herself, she plowed on with her story. Keeping an eye on the fact that his eyes still hadn't left her form.

"So once I was back, and I had all my wits about me again, I felt this terrible pain in my chest…and I knew, I just knew that something was wrong with you. I simply knew that you needed help. I remember walking to the window and looking out, Reikka told me to go to you and knowledge that would help me help you would simply come to me as I needed it. She promised that she would return later to help with my training"

One of his perfectly arched eyebrows raised at the mention of training.

"So I went onto the field…and well you know what happened after that. I'm still not sure how I summoned that kind of energy to bring back all the dead and seriously wounded soldiers, but I'm simply glad I did."

Kagome stopped then. Deciding not to mention what Reikka had said about them not officially mating just yet. She still wanted to know that crazy womans' reasoning behind that. Looking up at Sesshomaru she noticed that he seemed to still be taking everything she had just told him into memory. He spoke up rather suddenly, causing her to jump from being startled.

"So my mother, the past Angel of Life and Death has passed her duties down to you. Are you staying here with the living or are you going to the netherworld with my mother?"

There was an iciness in his tone that she did not like one bit, but seeing how he seemed to have some knowledge of what his mother was, she chose to tactfully ignore it.

"Hai, I would assume that she has. Demo, I would like you to know, My Lord, that I have no intention of staying in the netherworld. My life and the man I love is here in the world of the living."

"That didn't stop her…" he said as he walked away, not once turning back to give an explanation or anything, but simply turning on his heels and marching out the door.

Awestruck, Kagome sat on the futon wondering what to do and what to say. Was there anything for her to say to someone who had obviously never let go of the fact that his mother had evidently left him? She needed answers and she needed them now.

"Reikka, I need to speak with you. Now."

Funny thing, having power.

A pale skinned woman with bright blue eyes appeared in front of Kagome and bowed slightly.

"Tenshi-sama." she said with a smile on her face "What is it that you need?"

"Did you leave Sesshomaru and his father when you realized what you were?"

There was and eerie silence that drove Kagome insane.

"Yes…and no, I had known what I was since I was of age. Sesshomaru's father knew what I was, which is why he already had my blessings to be with another woman. Dog demons need affection of the deepest and strongest kind to combat their angry and jumpy nature. Being the only one of our kind left, I had not the time to give him that. My leaving was for the best."

"Sesshomaru doesn't seem to think so."

"No…he never did. It was just before his father was killed that Inu No Taisho finally told Sesshomaru what I was and why I had left. That was my doing though, I had wanted him to be old enough to understand my reasons."

"Well he didn't and I don't think he does now either."

"Oh, I'm sure you're right…but right now I think what he's most afraid of is losing you the same way he lost me. I heard what he asked you, about if you were going to stay or not. Kagome I want you to know right now that I will never, ever ask you to stay in the netherworld. Your place is here with my son and Rin. Once I have trained you it will be up to you to train her and look after her, and your future children with my son."

"What is this training?"

"Character training. I must teach you to look into peoples' pasts' and see their faults and good moments and decide along with the mental help of Kami-sama who shall be sent where. The training is quite simple really, and I won't need to take you anywhere, I'll be with you internally so I can help you when you encounter people who are in need of your judgment."

"Oh, okay."

"Oh, and I sensed you had been worrying about what I said about not officially mating my son just yet, I only met until you have had your first training experience. My request is for your benefit, for I am sure you want to be at the height of desirability for my son on your official mating night, and my dear, after that first training experience, I can assure you that you will be. It will make both you and my son extremely happy. I promise."

"Oh do you? And how can you be so sure?" Kagome's voice now held a smile and a laugh behind it, though her smile was rising to her eyes.

"Goodness child, how do you think Sesshomaru was conceived?"

That was all it took to not only convince Kagome to wait, but to knock the laugh she had been holding back out of her. Both her and Reikka shared the laughter and smiles before Kagomes' trainer spoke of time being short and that she mustn't linger too long in this world with the hallway door wide open. That statement snatching another grin from Kagome.

"The two of you will be fine, of this I am sure. I do not doubt that your first training experience will be soon, have your joining day spontaneously. Whenever you have your training experience, have your joining day. I promise you won't regret it."

"Okay, I'll remember that." Kagome said smiling waving a goodbye as Reikka seemingly disappeared into thin air.

"I really will remember that…" she thought out loud.

Unknown to Kagome, a young dog demon with very keen hearing had been standing just outside the door the entire time, catching a glimpse of his mother and hearing the whole conversation.

He smirked.

"I'll make sure you do."