Chapter 33- Epilogue

"Oh Momma, I'm so nervous," Rin turned from the mirror to look at her mother with tears in her eyes. "I just can't believe this day has finally come."

Kagome smiled, wrapping her daughter in a warm hug. "You look beautiful, don't worry. Everything will be just perfect. Just like we planned."

Rin nodded, wiping away the tears. She had a lot to do before it was time to head down stairs where everyone would be waiting for her. This was her day and she was so glad that her mother was there with her. If it hadn't been for Kagome, this day might never have dawned.

Careful not to rumble the beautiful, white silk kimono her father had bought her, Rin relaxed under her mother's careful ministrations. Kagome, as always held a gentle touch whenever it came to brushing and arranging her hair. Not even her ladies in waiting could do as well as her mother could.

As Kagome curled and layered her hair with various bead strands and decorations, Rin drifted in memories.

Uncle Inuyasha had come to retrieve them from her father's den the day that the Master was destroyed. He had explained what had happened and that it would be a while before they could see Kagome who had severely depleted her powers that day. And he had been right, her mother had slept for almost a week straight. During that time, her father had ensured that everyone he ruled over would accept Kagome as his mate. Only a few who really didn't know the part she played in the defeat of both Naraku and the Master died for their disrespect toward her. The strange part was that her father was only responsible for two of those deaths. Several of the other youkai who had been saved by her mother had stepped in to ensure her safety before her father even had the chance to.

That had been almost a year ago.

Now anyone who had a problem with having a half-breed as their Lady, wisely kept it to themselves, but as always her mother continued to make friends wherever she went. Much to her father's dismay.

Now Rin knew that the Shikon had also granted her wish. Her family was more then complete now. Her father and mother had married in the human custom not long after her mother had awaken and Sesshomaru had openly adopted Shippo into his household, not that Shippo remained long since the Kitsune twins that traveled with her grandfather, Lord Kisho, had offered to further her brother's training in the Kitsune arts.

They were all going to be there today and she couldn't wait to see them all again. It had been months since they had returned to the Northern Lands to repair the damages that the Master's army had caused. But from what she heard regularly from her mother's reports that all was going well and the Northern Lands were almost restored to their full glory.

On occasion her mother and father would travel there to make certain her grandfather and brother were doing well. Rin on the other hand had seldom traveled with them, ruling in her father's absence much to the amazement and dismay of those who counciled her father.

Lord Tatsu, was always there to help her in Sesshomaru's absence so none of the Council members dared speak out against her human lineage. The great dragon lord had once again taken on the robes of the council and often advised Sesshomaru on various matters of the state when he deemed it necessary. He would also threaten to turn the great Western Lord over his knee from time to time whenever he thought her father was getting to full of himself much to her mother's amusement.

Ozeki was also on hand most of the time, remaining her mother's personal guard and close friend. The bear general had come along way since the whole ordeal started and Rin was glad that someone was always watching out for Kagome, after all her mother's ability to get into some sort of mischief or another was becoming legendary among the Western Lands.

Uncle Inuyasha and Aunt Kikyo had returned to their village where Kikyo continued to be the village miko. Whenever she needed help, Kagome would always rush out to help even if Sesshomaru didn't like it. Her father had quickly learned it was best not to interfere with her mother's wish cause it would only cause him a huge headache.

But Rin had never seen her father happier. Her mother, Kagome, had done that for him.

Iyashii and Hayashi had also returned home, where they continued to produce the finest silk around. Her father had managed to barter with them for a continual supply for the Western Castle. In fact the beautiful kimono she wore now had been specifically designed for her though them. It had been a surprise when she found the beautiful silk stretched out on her bed this morning after returning from her bath but she couldn't have been more pleased. They had done a beautiful job and all the beautiful beadwork that had been carefully placed in the symbol of her father's house was simply breathtaking.

"It's almost time," the deep growl of Kuro's voice came through the door signaling the approaching event.

"Thanks, we're almost done," Kagome called out, placing another strand of hair into the carefully arranged up do.

Rin smiled as she heard her mother swear under her breath as the stubborn strand refused to stay where she placed it.

Kagome had taken to calling Kuro "uncle" much to the lion's dismay, but he never once told her to stop it. She had also been instrumental in convincing Lord Kisho in allowing the lion and his family to become the newest ambassadors between the two lands. A position that allowed Kagome to visit him and his family on a regular basis.

Her great grandmother, Lady Kana often visited the Western Castle where they would all talk for long hours at a time. On her visits the lady often taught Rin a thing or two about the histories of her people, not to mention certain battle moves. No one but her mother really knew where Lady Kana spent her time when she was not visiting the castle, but no one wanted to push the irritable Lady of the West especially now that Kagome was expecting.

Rin couldn't help the giggle that slipped out when she caught sight of Kagome's extended stomach. The newest addition to the family would be soon making their appearance and she couldn't wait to spoil her new brother or sister. She knew that Shippo looked forward to it as well.

"You ready?" Kagome embraced her daughter from the back, their eyes meeting in the mirror.

"As I'll ever be," Rin took a deep breath before gracefully rising from her seat. Today was the day she had dreamed of every since the Master had been put to rest. Today she would marry the one boy she had always loved.

Sesshomaru had not liked the idea at first, but Kohaku had come along way since he was trapped under Naraku's spell over ten years ago. He was strong and brave and everything she had dreamed about. It hadn't taken her mother long to convince her father that the young demon slayer was perfect for their daughter and that through their marriage a bond would be established with the demon slayer village. Enemies turned allies, for as long as the Western Lord upheld his bargain to always protect the lands from any evil.

Already, Sesshomaru had aided the village in putting an end to many of the rogue demons who terrorized the lands.

A light knock sounded on the door a moment before her father stepped through. Though his face was arranged in the stoic mask he always wore, Rin knew that Sesshomaru was proud of her. It showed in his golden eyes whenever he looked at her. He was dressed in his finest, blue silken haori and hakama, his armor polished till it shown. He had opted to wear the blue instead of his usual white because Kagome had convinced him that only Rin should be dressed in white on her special day. Her mother had dressed in a similar blue kimono. The symbol of the Crescent Moon was also depicted on the back of their clothing but was embroidered with silver threads instead of the beadwork that was used on Rin's kimono.

Kagome quickly embraced Rin, than kissed Sesshomaru before racing out of the room to get the girls who were walking before her ready. Her mother never seemed to lack energy even though she was so far along in pregnancy. Rin could only hope to have that much energy when it became her turn.

Sesshomaru looked down at her, remember the small ragged girl that had endlessly tagged along behind him where ever his travels took him. He wondered exactly what had happened to that little girl even though he had watched her grow into the beautiful young woman that stood before him. She would be missed but he knew that he could not hold her forever. She was human after all and needed to experience the world of humans.

"This boy had better take care of you, or I'll have his head." Sesshomaru uttered the threat for what Rin believed was the thousandth time. It reminded her of how many times he threatened Jaken to keep her safe in their long travels.

"He will do you proud, Father," Rin smiled up at him then rising up on her tiptoes she gently kissed her father on the cheek. "I promise to visit often."

"You had better," Sesshomaru muttered before collecting himself once again. Tucking her hand in the crook of his arm, he turned to escort his daughter to where Miroku waited with Kohaku. The monk would be the one to preform the ceremony.

The ceremony was held within the flowered alcove that Rin had worked so hard on in remembrance of her mother. Only those closest to her was allowed to attend it but later there was going to be a festival held in the newly weds honor. Both the Northern and Western Lands had declared it as a holiday and many people would be celebrating.

At the center of the rose alcove stood Miroku, dressed in his finest monk robes, smiling at the approaching bride. Just in front of him, Kohaku stood nervously shifting from one foot to another. He was dressed in the traditional slayer's outfit of his people and Rin thought he was the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. Shippo stood directly to his right, grinning from ear to ear, dressed in a matching outfit.

Sango, dressed in a beautiful blue yukata, stood to Rin's left as her matron of honor. She smiled happily at the approaching girl but Rin didn't miss the way she kept track of her children that were sitting in the front row beside Uncle Inuyasha and Aunt Kikyo.

Everyone that her mother included as family was there, everyone that had helped her mother and father in the Master wars. They were all dressed in their finest attire and smiling happily for her.

Off to one side, Rin happened to notice someone that she did not know, an aging human female that bore a striking resemblance to her mother. Her short gray hair had been brushed till it shone and her odd manner of dress reminded her of the odd clothing Kagome had worn when she first laid eyes on her. She had only a moment to wonder if this was the surprise that her mother had promised her before she stood directly in front of Miroku and the ceremony was beginning.

Lord Kisho could barely believe what he was seeing, his eyes hardly wondering from the human woman who stood in the shadows as Rin and Kohaku recited their marriage vows. How was it possible that she was here, was it really her or was this some sort of trick his mind was playing on him? He couldn't be certain but he was planning to find out just as soon as the ceremony was over.

Kagome snickered as she glanced back to where her father was staring dumbstruck at the mystery woman... Well it was no mystery to her after all she had brought her here. It was high time that something went right of both of them and she was just the miko to make certain it did. The spell had taken forever to find and cast but with the help of Tatsu and Lady Kana, she had finally managed to pull it off.

As soon as the ceremony was concluded, Kagome swept out of her seat and went to where her mother was standing away from the others. Gently taking her by the arm, she maneuvered her mother to meet Rin and in so doing kept a close eye on her father. Everyone was stunned when she revealed her mother and went on to explain that her mother had managed to travel through the Bone Eater's Well. Rin and Shippo were both excited to meet their grandmother for the first time and the woman laughed at the various tales that they told her of Kagome's exploits.

There were many memorable events of that day with her daughter's wedding and her mother's return to the Feudal Era, but other then Rin's happiness the most memorable ones concerning her parents were when her mother and Lord Kisho reunited after all those years spent apart. Kagome had presented Kisho with a necklace containing a strand of her hair magically embedded in a pearl, an exact duplicate of the one she had given to her mother.

When asked what the necklace was for, Kagome had explained that as long as they wore the necklaces they would be able to traverse the well much the same way that Inuyasha had ten years earlier. That way they would never lose each other again. Soon as her baby was born, Kagome would also be crafting necklaces for her brother and grandfather that way they could visit her as well.

She hoped that in time there would be another wedding, once her father and mother got to know one another again. And it did come true, two months after Kagome gave birth to a healthy baby boy who resembled his father in every way but held her stormy blue eyes.

Rin and Kohaku's marriage was a long, happy one where the sounds of their children and their children's children brought joy to their hearts for many years. Their eldest son was a decorated warrior in Sesshomaru's army and whose legacy came to light some five hundred years later when a certain special miko was born to begin the cycle of the Setting Sun all over again.


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