Everything seemed to be only a routine until that one day…

(Station Square) 2:00 pm

"You think he'll get tired now…" as a pink hedgehog sighed and threw her head down in defeat, knowing she can never catch up to him.

"Why can't you ever stay in one place for once Sonikku?" she then said as she wiped off some dust off her slightly bright red dress. Unfortunately for Amy, just when she started to pace herself, her blue admiration was already just a blur in an instant. Right when she couldn't see him anymore she heard an echo as her ears perked to hear what her blue hedgehog was trying to say to her.

After 2 seconds of concentrating on her hearing senses she finally understood what he said, 'Catch Ya Later Amy!' she heard as his presence starting getting even more further than it already was.

"Wait Sonniku!" Amy tried to pace herself to catch up to him, however, her persistence didn't last very long as she tripped over a rock, falling flat on her face (AN: Just like the thing she does in the game boy games!) staying there for 20 minutes not caring about the people walking right past her, looking at Amy oddly with confused expressions on their faces.

After her 20 minutes of moping on the floor, she wiped gravel off her face only to look disappointed as she walked into the train station over to Tails' house. 'He probably might know where Sonnikku is, I hope!' Amy thoughtcheerfully while buying her train ticket to the Mystic Ruins.

Just like she always did every single day.

(Mystic Ruins) 10:08 pm

Arriving at her stop, Amy jumped off the train and kicked a pebble off the train stop, sighing heavily, not wondering what time it is or how the stars but only thinks of her one "true" love Sonic.

'Oh, Sonic, why do you always run from me? Why won't you like me?' Amy thought brushing her pink quills.

"Is it my hair?"

The thought ended quickly, though, as a comet, no a meteor! Hurtling to the waterfall next to Tails' Workshop. Amy quickly tries to find any shelter to avoid any injuries as well as getting her hair wet. Unfortunately, there was no nearby area for such a situation as the meteor hurriedly crashes down near the waterfall, making a mini-tsunami towards Amy, splashing the poor hedgehog and soaking her like there was no tomorrow.

After the effect of the collision, she stands up from the force that pushed her down on the ground and stomps angrily to the site where the meteor impacted in. That crazy rock just ruined her perm! But just as she unfolded her hammer to pound the hell out of that meteor (AN: Not even Mother Nature should mess with Amy!) she stops suddenly and drops her Piko Piko Hammer as she dashes toward the site noticing not a meteor; but a hedgehog with black fur and red stripes on his quills in an unconscious state.


AN: I edited some parts of my story so every one can read it better. I might try to edit the others as well so it becomes even less confusing. D