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Chap.6 Just for Fun

Station Square Museum (12:00 PM)

"Almost there…" A female white bat said quietly as she hovered gently unto her desired treasure with a dull rock in her hand. The treasure hunter quickly replaced the two items in quick motion, not even making a sound.

"Gotcha!" She cheerfully squealed as she held a green shard emerald in her white gloved hands and hid it in her treasure bag.

'That was easy, too easy' The bat thought as her turquoise eyes keenly moved to the right to see 2 bodyguards accompanied by some local police.

"There she is! Rouge the Bat," yelled one of the injured bodyguards, who was barely conscious from getting throttled by the white anthro. The police took aim at the treasure hunter, telling her to stick her hands up and to let the treasure go.

Rouge only smirked in pride as they were not even a match for her.

She suddenly glided gracefully out of the lasers that would've set off the alarm; for an amateur, at least, and gave a flying kick to a nearby air vent as she dodged bullets trailing her path of flight. Rouge slid into the air vent with ease as she exited out of the museum, but not before at least getting one thing to throw her off of the plan she carefully thought out.

Right as she got out of the air vent, Rouge clumsily fell into a wooden box stuffed with excess bubble wrap with a yelp. Analyzing the situation, Rouge struggled to escape from the crate, but the bubble wrap managed to get its plastic wrapped around one of Rouge's legs. Before she could even loosen the nuisance that kept her from staying stuck here, her last chance of escape was sealed off by a wooden top with a postage stamp.

Knowing that it was useless to get out of the crate now, Rouge only sat patiently in her trap and eavesdropped on her kidnapper who put her in this cramped hellhole.

"Whew! That's the last one! All right, all set up! Okay, you can send the mail now!" A postage man said to his co-worker, at the front of the truck.

"Thanks man! I'll see you later then! Isn't it kind of funny, though, that out of all the places to have a postage store, it's right next to the museum? Hahahaha!" The driver said to his postage friend as he drove off in his mail truck, Rouge banging her head on the crate she was apparently stuck in, and for being so careless to get trapped in such a ridiculous predicament.

Station Square Museum (12:26 PM)

Around twenty minutes passed as the police finally were able to disable the alarms with the help of the security guards. They looked outside the window to where Rouge made her escape out of the museum.

"Curses… That's the fifth heist Rouge has pulled. Be sure to inform the authorities to keep a lookout for the thief. U.S. agent or not, make sure she is brought down; Eggman will be displeased when he hears about this." One of the policemen said as he changed from a policeman to an eggbot, thus the rest doing the same.

"Order confirmed," the other eggbots spoke as they saluted to their commanding robot and left in hot pursuit for the bat.

The leader eggbot typed digits unto it's mechanic arm as Dr. Eggman began to project from it. "Doctor Eggman, Rouge the Bat has escaped again. What do we do now?"

At first, Eggman stomped angrily for another failure his creations have brought them with an additional insult to his robot, but then calmed down as he started to rub his mustache in thought.

"If I know that pesky bat, she might be heading to the highly-guarded base where the other piece of the emerald might be, make sure you get everyone to disguise themselves as security guards to keep her from getting it. I will not accept failure this time, understood!? This is the last piece before she completes it, and I might not be able to get it again unless I have to go through the long trouble of getting through him again. Now get going!"

The eggbot saluted to its creator with understanding and ran to the nearest exit, only for it to simply trip over a mopped floor, ignoring the fact there was a CAUTION: WET FLOOR sign there and crashed into a solid wall.

Eggman shook his head in utter frustration on how he could rely his brilliant plans to such insolent fools. How good the times were when he had such easily-swayed slaves like Rouge and Shadow…

Amy's Apartment (5:09 AM)

"AAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! It's finally here! Shadow! Come quick!"

Shadow jumped out of the magenta couch he was sleeping on with a startled, alarmed look on his face as he looked at Amy saying, "Did a trespasser enter? What's the alarm?!"

Amy could only give Shadow, at first, a blank stare, then a malicious cackle, and finally some maniacal laughter with an evil gleam in her eyes.


Shadow, with a quick instant, grabbed the pink-haired hedgehog by her pajama collar and shook her with a threatening look on his face.

"Who. The. Heck. Are. You?" He asked with a more cold tone than he usually gave.

Amy sweat dropped with a nervous smile on her face as she waved her hands frantically so Shadow can hear her without the intent of killing.

"Shadow! I was kidding! It's me! Amy! Now just let go very easily…"

Shadow obliged and remarked, "Fine, jus-"

Shadow couldn't even finish as the poor guy suddenly felt his face hit the floor with a hard THUD from a very familiar hammer.

Amy put away her hammer back in her hiding spot with a very content smile.

"There, now we're even. But, oh yeah, my mail came today! My mail of LOOOVVEEE!!" Amy yelled once more with hearts fluttering out of her crazily as Shadow gained consciousness and stood up, dusting himself.

Shadow responded with a scowl as he looked at the "mail", a conveniently placed wooden crate near the front door.

"So what's in it?" Shadow asked as he kicked the box with his left foot, a bit curious of the contents inside.

Amy punched the hedgehog's head in disgust as she lectured, "Don't do that! Can't you see the fragile sign on it? You've got to be delicate. Now pass me my crane, please, and I'll show you my box of L. O. V. E!!"

Shadow, feeling a bit angered of getting a rude awakening, thrown to the ground, and punched in the noggin, only shrugged and went in her kitchen to find her steel crane next to the box of corn flakes.

At first, he gave a strange glance at how it looked oddly pink, especially as if it was spray-painted this way, but just shrugged once more and brought it to his very excited friend.

"Yay! Now for the moment of triumph! And LOVE!" Amy screeched in overwhelmed joy as she grabbed the crane, planted it on the top of the wooden box, and with raw, brute strength, yanked the top with one powerful pull.

Shadow and Amy couldn't believe what they saw next.

"My, my, my ,my, who knew Sonic looked so great in sunglasses. What a hunk!" Rouge exclaimed, yet seductively as she started to hover out of Amy's mail with a handful of the shocked girl's photos in her hand.

"Isn't this when we were on ARK? He should definitely dye his fur blonde, I swear-"

"Rouge, get away from my private collection of authentic Sonic pictures! You don't know how much of my time I've spent looking for these!"

Amy grabbed her piko piko once more as she swiped at her batty visitor with rage, almost decapitating the ultimate life form in the process.


Shadow could only react to the situation by crossing his arms really silently, catching the attention of his winged ally.

"Shadow? Good to see you again. What're you doing with kid? Don't tell me you're a, dare I say it? Freeloader?" Rouge asked her friend as she glided down unto Amy's fuchsia coffee table.

"Why you!" Amy shrieked in anger as she was about to give Rouge a home run out of her apartment and into the stratosphere.

"Wait." Shadow interfered, crimson eyes fixed unto the treasure hunter.

At the start, Amy gave a groan of frustration for not being to take out this broad back to the Stone Age, but subsided in surrender.

"What are you here for Rouge?" Shadow directly asked the bat as she took a short jump off of the coffee table and unto the floor.

"I wanted to see you, hun! Can't get enough of your charming, fun self!" Rouge replied as she blew a kiss to the hedgehog, only to receive the same cold-hearted stare, and an angered, as well as disgusted pink one.

"What? Gosh, does no one take jokes anymore? Sheesh…"

"Now. Rouge."

"Fine, but don't tell anybody," Rouge said with an insulted voice and gave a sigh of embarrassment until she continued, "I fell in after I robbed a piece of the Master Emerald."

Amy couldn't help but gasp in surprise, and giggle a bit of mentally imagining a picture of the great treasure huntress falling in a crate box.


After that was over, Amy then questioned her trespasser, "But, isn't the Master Emerald with Knuckles? Don't tell me you…"

Rouge gave a tiny sweat drop as she scratched her held explaining to her host, "Well, it all started when…"


Two Weeks Ago…

Angel Island (4:16 P.M)

"Yo cutey."

"Whoa! Rouge! What the heck are you doing here? Come to take the emerald? Well, no way! I'm not the same knuckle-head from before, got it?" Knuckles exclaimed as he stood up from his usual sitting spot to guard the Emerald, and into his fighter's position.

Rouge could only laugh in amusement on how ridiculous this little red ball of violence could be oh so predictable.

"Slow down there chili pepper. I just wanted to see if you haven't screwed up protecting the silly jewel yet. I also brought REAL food; eating grapes and coconuts all day must be the reason you act so deranged anyways." Rouge replied in a sarcastic tone as she floated down unto the altar where Knuckles stood with his arms crossed, taking the sarcastic joke as an insult.

"Whatever, what'd you bring?" Knuckles asked, relieved as well as embarrassed that someone would actually would bring him food, and not trouble for a change.

"Just some éclairs. Best thing you'll try, I can never get enough of this stuff." Rouge said seductively while taking out the French pastries out of her straw basket made from the finest, uh, straw.

"What else you brought?" Knuckles then asked as he dug into Rouge's basket with curiosity.

"Hold it there Knuckle-head. Some of my weapons are there, you shouldn't-"

But it was too late.

The next thing she knew, Knuckles was fast asleep on the altar's stairs, pastry filling oozing out of his snoring mouth.

"Not again. This time you got my sleeping powder. Better get the cure…" Rouge mumbled in disappointment of the short "date" she had with her echidna friend. But, before she was about to reach for the formula, a light bulb lit in her head.

It was tiring work treasure hunting all day, how hard was it to guard a silly jewel for just a couple days? Rouge thought in her mind curiously and glanced at Knuckles, still asleep.

Poor guy needed a break anyway.

Rouge walked to the stand where the emerald stood over with such might it almost intimidated her. However, the key word: ALMOST.

So, hours went by, and before she even knew it, Rouge leaned unto the emerald in boredom, but with such uncontrolled force it pushed the Master Emerald down the steps of the altar, immediately waking her up from her daze.

She chased after the thing before it ran over her hard-headed friend into road kill, but she couldn't catch up in time.

Feeling desperate, Rouge could only do the one thing that would save Knuckle's life, yet make hers a bit harder for a bit.

She threw one of trademark bat cracker bombs at the green jewel with great accuracy, shattering the emerald into pieces, some of which teleport to different areas when they're shattered.

Rouge couldn't help but groan in frustration at what she had done to it, and glaring at the peacefully asleep Knuckles, knowing it was his fault, but knew what he would say, so decided to search the fragments before he came to; she didn't need enough stress.

Seeing as how she knew some were located around the island, she started off in that area, and continued the path of missing emerald pieces to, trusting her intuition.

She was NEVER bringing that knuckle-head éclairs again!

Flashback end…

"And that's my story. Eggman was somehow able to figure me out that I was looking for the emerald pieces and is now using his robots to prevent me from getting them now. The jerk, he's trying to get it before Knuckles comes to, I suppose. I would do the same thing too. But I'm finally on the last one, I can sense it."

Amy sat with Shadow on the couch , having some early bird breakfast.

Amy finally replied, "I guess that makes some sense, but if Eggman is on this, I should probably help out, that guy is trouble."

Shadow glanced at the pink-haired hedgehog in surprised interest.

"You're doing it on your own?" Shadow asked while sipping a cup of coffee to regain his tired, moody self to his energetic, but still moody self, yet better, somehow.

"No, of course not! You'll be there with me! Besides, I can't count on my blue-spiked husband all the time, he's busy with all those other pesky baddies so he could spend more time with me! I just want to help my precious Sonic, even if it is a bit." Amy said to Shadow, as she stood up to put away her finished bowl of cereal.

Shadow couldn't help but glare at Amy for already deciding for him, but brushed it off a third time on that day.

'She's twelve,' Shadow thought to himself with a smirk. "Sure."

"You guys are gonna help me out? Well, that's a first, I was going to persuade with blackmail, but this works much better!" Rouge squealed in utter joy for her new partners-in-crime.

"Just whatever you do, don't tell anyone about this, okay? Especially the chili pepper, Knuckles, the guy gives me enough problems."

Shadow and Amy both nodded in unison at the deal they made with the bat.

"So what's the game plan?" Amy asked to Rouge, who gave a devious smile that was obviously up to no good.

"Okay, first thing we do is-" Rouge was stating, before getting interrupted by the person who just asked for the answer.

"Can you wait a sec? I gotta put these photos of my beloved Sonic away someplace safe, alright? Be right back!" Amy spoke cheerfully as she dragged her almost-forgotten mail to her room.

Shadow could only respond to this action with a hand on his face as he glanced to the floor thinking to himself;

'I got woken up at 5 for this?'

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