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Description: AU. Ryou and Mariku always wanted to get away to Hawaii. Finally, after their Senior year, they get the chance to spend the Summer there. To Ryou, it didn't matter that his boyfriend was going to be left behind, all he wanted was the time of his life. Mariku and he never expected they might find true love along the way. Bakura/Ryou, Malik/Marik. Slight Ryou/Atemu, and other various pairings I haven't thought of yet!

Warning: Shounen-ai/Possible Limey situations! Don't care for it, get away, you! Shoo! Devil be gone! Also, I don't own Yuugioh. Love and peace!

Please note: Because it is AU, there is no Yami or Hikari type-thing. And for less confusion, if there were Yamis and Hikaris, Mariku is the Yami, and Malik would be the Hikari. I state this, because yes, some people do get confused! Anyway, have a lovely day and enjoy! -Hobbles off!-

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"Ryou, oh honey! We're going to miss you so much!" A fair haired, plump lady cried out, clinging to the ivory complexioned boy in her arms so tightly, his breathing was constricted.

"M-M-Mom! Le-let m-me g-go. Can't. Breath!" Said mother gasped, lightening the grasp on her youthful son, a sniff emitting from her nostrils. The boy, Ryou, in return, gave a relieved sigh. It felt good to breathe again. Yeah, so his best friend, Mariku had been right in saying his mother was going to freak out the second they got the airport.

He lifted a hand to rest on his Mother's cheek, lovingly grazing over it. "Mom, don't worry so much! I'll be back in no time at all! After all, Mariku and I are only going over the Summer! You won't even notice I'm gone since you were going to go to Egypt for a month with your boyfriend! I promise I'll stay out of trouble!" He chimed with a small giggle, eyes glancing over to his friend who stood impatiently behind the mother, tapping a black leather boot.

"But-but son!" Sob. "You're going to be in a different country, and w-with, with…WITH HIM!" She wailed, pointing a finger violently in back of her, squeezing her son once more. You can bet Ryou's best friend was rolling his eyes about then under his dark designer sunglasses.

Ryou gave the wailing woman a smile and shook his head. "Mom ,we'll be fine, and Mariku will treat me well like he always does! I'm eighteen now, and I'm a young adult, we can handle this on our own, I promise. I'll even write you once a week, and call, too!"


"Okay, okay, two times a week, two letters a week, and an e-mail!" A sniffle.

"…Better. I just don't understand why you couldn't have gone with Atemu! He's such a sweet, reliable gentleman, and I'm so sure he'd take better care of you than that…that oaf!" She pulled away from her son some and wiped her eyes with a soft pink sleeve. "I'm going to kill you if you don't marry him, you know?" Ryou feigned a smile and nodded nervously, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

"I know, and we'll talk about it when the time is right. We've got to go though! You're going to make us miss the plane! I love you Mom!"

"Love you too! Oi, aren't you going to wait for Atemu? He said he'd return any moment!" Ryou gave his Mother a sympathetic smile, shaking his head as he grabbed up his coal hued messenger bag.

"No, I'm sorry! They're boarding us and we've got to go Mum, tell him I love him and that I-" The next thing Ryou knew, muscled, sun kissed arms were coiled around his waist.

"That you what?" the other purred into his ear, kissing it gently. Ryou sighed and gave his tri-color haired boyfriend a quick kiss, staring into his warm crimson eyes.

"That I'll miss you." Atemu gave a light chuckle, kissing him back.

"I'll miss you too Sweetheart. I'm still going to visit you sometime, so stay away from those boys!" Ryou resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "And when I do, I'll have a big surprise for you," he said with a wink. Ryou laughed nervously, hoping it wasn't going to be the one thing he was sure he never -ever- wanted from Atemu.

"Ryou, quit the "bye" shit already and let's go! The plane is going to fucking leave us behind at this rate! I want my snack peanuts!" the peeved best friend hollered, tapping an expensive boot louder.

"One second Mariku-sama! M'kay, I'm going now!" Ryou gave Atemu another hug, which led to a big sloppy kiss, because as usual, Ryou was forced into it.

"Miss you baby, miss you so much I won't be able to handle it," The tri-colored haired male whispered into his ear.

"I'll miss you too, but now, I'm leaving!" He pulled away from his boyfriend and ran over to Mariku, and grabbed onto the male's hand, running off to the plane entrance to hand the ticket taker the thin slips of paper.

"Thank you, and welcome to Flight 354, Hawaii to Japan! Your seat numbers are listed on your ticket stubs, and have a wonderful flight!"

.Rock this world.

"Mariku, can you believe it? We're really on our way! We're going to finally get to go to Hawaii like we've always wanted and with NO parents!" I chimed excitedly, clinging onto my best friend's arm. I know I might be overreacting just a bit, but I can't help it! This is going to be my first time away from my family, and all my friends, save Mariku. It's going to be so weird, but it's what I've always wanted. To learn how to live on my own, without the help of anyone. After all, once I come back, I start college in Kyoto, but I want to be ready to handle myself before then without my boyfriend waiting on me hand and foot.

"Meh, sheesh! Let go of my arm a bit, will you? And yes I can believe it Ry-Nerd, and you know why?" I smile slightly at the nickname. It's never left me since the 5th grade.

"No, why?"

"…First off, because your squeezing my arm and It hurts, and second, because all I have to do is look out the window, and we're above land! Chh, taking off was so funny. You were so about to cry."

"I was not!" I chide, crossing my arms. He just laughs. "Shut up Mariku! It's my first time being on a plane, I was scared…"

"No it isn't you liar! Atemu and you went to Mexico during spring break! …You really did cry on that plane didn't you? And when the turbulence hit, you were sobbing in his shirt, saying how you were going to die." I gasped. I thought I told Atemu NEVER to tell Mariku that, because he'll never let me live it down!

"Yeah, we-well! At least I didn't cry this time!"

"Nah, you're mother did that enough for the three of us," he chides with a snort. I smack his shoulder, and roll my eyes. I hate when he makes fun of my Mother. Yeah, she's an extremely over protective broad, but she has done some good things for Mariku over the years! …Sort of, anyways.

"Owe! Quit fucking hitting me before I throw you off the plane!" he hisses, rubbing his wounded shoulder.

"Oh whatever, you know it didn't hurt!" He hits me back. "Owie! What the hell was that for?"

"Oh whatever Ryou-chan, you know it didn't hurt!" That dirty…dirty scoundrel! I 'humph' and cross my arms, turning back to the window to nurse my poor arm. He knows that isn't fair! He's like a sumo wrestler compared to me! My slaps are the kind that hurt for about five seconds, and his are the kind that bruise a dark, inhuman purple color, and leave a big welt for months on end. It's an unfair match.

He laughs, like usual. There's nothing in the world he loves more than making fun of me.

"Awe, is the baby going to cry over this too? I bet you miss Atemu, don't you? Don't you Ryou? You miss his pretty eyes, and having him inside of y-"

"EWE!" I shriek. People in front of us turn around. I sigh and glare at my best blonde haired friend. Why does he always have to say such disgusting things involving the two of us!

"…No, I don't even miss that, you know I don't!" I can already feel the blush rising to my cheeks. Stupid Mariku, and my easily embarrassed self. "We haven't even done…that yet! And I don't want to, not really anyways. Besides, I'm glad he didn't come, I just want to get AWAY from him and my mother! You have no idea how many times the word marriage has come up within the last couple of months! I don't even want to marry Atemu, 'Riku. How am I supposed to know if he's my supposed soul mate like he declares himself? I've only been with him and noone else," I admit, nibbling my lip nervously, "I mean…it's not that I don't want to love him or anything, but maybe all we need is a little break. Then we'll be fine again."

"Ryou, he's crazy about you, and if you don't feel the same, which, frankly, I could understand why, leave his ass! You'll find new people! Sure he might be heartbroken and cry and call desperately to get you back for a couple of months. Yeah, he might hate you, but you'll both move on." Gee Mariku, you have such a way with words. I know he's making me feel better about this already! Eye roll…

"But…what if I don't find anyone else? Look at me Mariku, I'm not incredibly amazing or anything like that. I honestly don't understand what Yami finds so endearing about me. I'm just skin and bones, boring, pale, shy, white haired Ryou Hamasaki from Domino City. There really isn't anything else." Mariku's arm coils around my shoulders, rubbing soothingly. I lean my head on his shoulder, and close my eyes, like I've always done, ever since we were ten.

"Don't even say that about yourself. Yeah you're clumsy, and pretty forgetful, but there are so many good things about you. You're a wonderful cook, you do wonders with the laundry, you're neat and clean up after anyone, and you're not a big complainer. It's really no wonder Atemu wants to make you his wife!" I gasp and lift my head up to glare at him, about to open my mouth when I'm forced back down, his fingers twirling around in my hair. "I'm just kidding, you! God, you're so defensive! Chill that out, eh? Ryou, you're sweet, you've got the ability to care about anyone even if they try and rob you. You've got such a good personality, trust me, you'll find way better people for you than Atemu. After all, if he can find you wonderful, why can't anyone else?" He stares me in the eyes, smirking the slightest bit, a tanned finger running over my cheek. I don't understand, though. If I'm so wonderful, why do I feel like such crap? Sometimes I think Mariku goes a little too far to make me feel better. I'm not that great, after all. Just…average. Average, boring, subtle, quiet Ryou Hamasaki, people pleaser, another member of the crowd. Nothing sticks out about me, and that's the way it's always been, and will probably stay. Forever.

"Mn," I sound out, nestling into his shoulder. "Thanks for trying to help, Mariku. At least I know someone cares enough to do that."

"Oh?" He purrs out in an amused tone, his fingers playing in my hair. "And Atemu doesn't?"

"Mariku! That isn't what I mean! Atemu cares it's just…yeah. Let's change the subject shall we?" I say, an annoyed mist sprinkling my tone. He snorts and pulls out a magazine from the chair in front of us, opening up the thin pages on his lap.

"Whatever kid. Keep quiet and watch the movie. It's Mariku-reading time."

"..Mariku, that's a gay porn!"

.Rock this world.

"Gah, it's so bright here…" the blonde cried, immediately sliding on his shades clumsily, heading out of the airport with his fluffy haired companion.

"Well, it is the middle of the day. That usually indicates the sun is going to be out, smart one."

"Oh, Ryou? What got you all crabby, eh?" Mariku questioned, giving a slight smirk. Ryou rolled his eyes to this, dragging his suitcase over to the awaiting taxi.

"Gee, what do you think? It couldn't have been the constant peanuts getting shoved up my nose or anything while I was sleeping, could it have been Mariku!" he yelped, heaving a snort. He could still feel a crumb lingering in his left nostril. Mariku's annoyingness hadn't ceased there, either. Peanuts were, once upon a time, in his pants, down his shirt, and even found a couple in his shoes. Ugh, he hated being a heavy sleeper sometimes…

"Well, it's not my fault your boring self had to fall asleep on the airplane! If you would've stayed awake and kept me entertained, none of this would've happened," Mariku explained simply, treading over to the taxi driver who immediately began loading their bags.

"Where to?" The blonde asked in his undeniably American accent, a hand running through honey hued locks. His chocolate eyes scanned the two, posing in a relaxed manner against the bright yellow machine.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir! To the Anderson boarding house, 1369 on Lanihuli street! I printed out direction if you don't know where that is, I-" The blonde gave Ryou a friendly smile and quick wave of the hand.

"Nah, s'ok. I know 'zactly where that house is. I should after all, I live there," he answered, eyeing the two amusedly. "You guys are the vacationers renting the 3rd floor apartment out for the Summer, ain't cha?"

"Yes, yes we are! You live there? But how then do you have a job if you're just vacationing there?" Ryou asked, exasperated.

"Meh, It's a four floor building with three apartments per floor. Only the top three floors are the ones available for Summer time renting. The bottom floor is where I live. Most of the apartments actually have Island recipients. I hope you guys don't mind loud people and heavy drinkers. It's a party place, I can tell ya that right now! Fun and homely, though! You guys look about my age, so you'll probably have fun. It's mostly college kids after all."

"Oh?" Mariku smirked. "Any hot ones there then?" The driver nodded, grinning.

"Yeah, a few. You'll see what I mean though when we get there. Climb in already! Time is money, after all!" Ryou and Mariku nodded, climbing in the backseat, slamming the door shut, watching as the young male pulled out of the Airport.

"S-So, is it like, in a bad part of town or something?" Ryou asked worriedly, nibbling his lip. It had been one of the cheapest places to rent, and how it was described over the internet, well, it had seemed like it would be okay.

"Nah, nuttin' like that. Dontcha worry your pretty little head Whitey. Ya got Joey to protect ya! What's your guy's names, anyhow?" Ryou blushed some, folding his hands together daintily in his lap.

"I'm Ryou Hamasaki, and this is Mariku Tamaki, and we're from Japan," he stated, giving the blonde a small smile in the rear view mirror. Joey returned the grin, nodding some.

"Cool! Japaners, eh? Well, I hope we make it worth your while and money comin' here! There's a lot to do, and tons of great people. I'd never live any other place in the world! I may have only lived in Tennessee other than this place, but I know there's no where better! Hawaii is a great place! Good woman, better men, scanty clothing! Really, there's no better place in the world!" Mariku chuckled, sunglasses forced to his extremely spiky head.

"Sounds like the right place for me, ne Ryou?" Mariku muttered, giving his friend's hair a ruffle. Ryou always got so silent around strangers. Even after Atemu, some things had never changed.

"Y-Yes, I suppose so. So, Joey, how long have you lived here, then? Do you attend college?" Ryou asked courteously, watching the male driving curiously.

"Eh, yeah actually! I only drive taxis full time in the Summer. I just moved here a couple of years ago when I started up college. Met the best people in the world here. If you ain't already in love, Ry, ya will be!" Ryou gave a soft timid giggle.

"I, I hope so. So, you're twenty then?"

"Eh, yeah. You're…?"

"Oh! Eighteen. We're taking this trip as a graduation present, sort of. Right Mariku?"

"Right! So, any good bars near the house, Joey?" Mariku asked, stomach growling for a taste of a nice Vodka. Yeah, he was underage, but that was nothing his newly printed fake ID couldn't fix!

"Eh, yeah! Right up da street, actually! The owner of the boarding house owns the place. Some of my friend play there a lot in their band, too. I'll have to introduce you tonight or something. Ya'll got fake ID though? The club has an age limit."

"Yeah, we do. I took care of it a long time ago," Mariku said nonchalantly, smirking. He wasn't stupid, he knew where the real fun in America lied.

"Haha, good then. We're almost there. The place ain't too far from the airport, not that anything really can be I suppose. I should be back about 6 pm to show you two around if you want!" Mariku nodded and bent over to itch a spot on his leg.

"Uhm, sure! That'd be really nice. Thank you for helping us so much and being so friendly towards us, Joey-san! It's been really nice!" Ryou chimed, smiling genuinely.

"Heh, it's nothing kid. Here's the street!" Ryou turned to look out the window, eyes grazing over a rather wide busy street, apartment buildings and businesses standing proud in the tropical sun. Palm trees sprouted every which way, and people walked the streets. It was like any normal neighborhood in Hawaii. Surfboards were carried about and sandled feet were everywhere. Ryou was still having a hard time believing he was so far away from home…

The car pulled up to a four story white building with an unmentioned yard, a porch swing resting on the deck, two scantily clothed girls snuggling up to each other on it.

"Here ya are! Have fun guys!" Joey exclaimed, popping the trunk and getting out to unload their bags. Mariku and Ryou grabbed their things and gave the male a wave before he headed back to the car to finish up his work for the day.

"Mn, well, he was an interesting one!" Ryou chimed, heading up to the building.

"Eh, Ry. This place is kinda a dump." Mariku's lilac pools trailed over the boarded up window. Now he sort of wished he was the one to choose the place to stay at. Leave it to Ryou to pick the worst looking building in all of Hawaii.

"Oh, it isn't that bad Mariku! So it needs some gardening and a little maintenance! Joey was nice, and I'm sure everyone else will be, too! Don't pay this stuff too much attention! It isn't that important, after all!"

.Rock this world.

The undeniably strong smell of cannabis filled the air as the two young males ventured into the small apartment complex. Their eyes filled with the sights of electric blue shag carpet and some of the strangest furniture pieces imaginable. The big screen TV blared loud, floor shaking rock music as a black haired individual laid asleep on one of two couches, a blue inflatable one. Beer cans laid strewn about on the living room floor, along with random identifiable stains. The cherry oak coffee table also contained a clattered ness upon it's surface.

"What should we do Ryou? This place looks more like a frat house than an apartment complex!" Mariku hissed pointing to the bar at the opposite end of the large room, counters filled with dirty, half drunken from cups. Ryou sighed, glaring softly to his friend.

"It's not that bad and uhm…I'm not really sure what we should do. Should we wake the guy and ask him if he works here? I, I mean…maybe this is the wrong place or something!" Ryou reasoned, setting his bags down on the floor since his arms were starting to ache from holding them all. The lilac orbed male gave a snort.

"Kid, there was a sign on the door, and why would that taxi driver purposely drop us off at the wrong place if he lives here? It is the right place, now go wake that idiot up so we can hurry up and get our room1 I'm hungry and I want a nap!" Mariku whined, dropping his bags to the floor.

"Mariku, no! I, I mean…what if he doesn't even work here?"

"Ryou, why would he be laying on the couch in the middle of a public building if he didn't work here? Use your brain dummy!" Ryou sighed, nibbling his lip nervously. He didn't want to anger the guy on the couch. What if he didn't even work there, and the guy got mad at him, and then tried to beat him up?

…Yeah, it was a bit illogical, but Ryou had never met any Hawaiians before. What if they were like the New Yorkers he had heard so much about? Yeah, the Joey fellow hadn't been like that, but he said he was from Texas or something. "Well, I, I don't know if that's a good idea. What if he doesn't even-"

"Oi! Ello mates! You two must be the kids that are here for the Summer! Nice to see you both, I'm Varon! Blimey, tired? Coming here all the way from Japan must've been exhausting!" The brunette male cried, treading towards them from the sunlit hallway, a bronzed hand set in his shorts pocket casually.

"O-Oh, uhm, yeah, that's us! I'm, I'm Ryou and that's Mariku. Do you by chance work here?" Ryou asked, reaching out a hand to shake the grinning male's own.

"Hn. Nice goggles," Mariku stated nonchalantly, lilac eyes scanning over the plastic eyewear that sat at the top of Varon's head.

"Heh, thanks mate! I know they might seem a bit ridiculous, but I'm at the beach most of the time, and it helps keep me bangs out of my face! And my, aren't you the pretty one?" He chortled, giving an amused chuckle as he eyed Ryou, who blushed in return. "And yes, I do manage the place with my cousin Pegasus. I've got your room keys in the safe in the kitchen! Follow me you two!" He chimed, bare feet padding across the cushy carpets into a wide kitchen, a huge safe standing tall next to the fridge. Ryou thought that was kind of a weird place to keep something like that, but then, he wasn't American, so maybe that was normal here…

"So, why exactly is this safe in the kitchen? And why is everything so bright in here? Who picked out the sun yellow flooring?" Mariku asked, crinkling his nose as he stared in distastes at it. Varon chuckled and gave a shrug.

"Eh, Pegasus's dead wife did. She picked out the carpets, too. Most of the decorations in here are from her putting them in. And the safe is in here because well, Duke and I got tired and set it in here because well, we wanted a drink and it's kind of just where it stayed I suppose. Duke is the one passed out on the couch. I don't really know why he never just goes to his own apartment. It make things a lot easier for when the inspections officer comes. Maybe this place wouldn't be on the brink of getting shutdown once more! They think it's just one on going party here, which, well…it sort of is! They won't shut us down, though. Never have, and never will," Varon exclaimed with a grin, leaning against the stainless steal safe. "Now turn around you two! No peaking!" he gave a twirl of his hand to instruct them to do so.

"Oh, uhm, okay. How long has this place been in your family?" Ryou asked as he faced the counters, green eyes staring to a floral calendar.

"Eh, at least twenty years. Pegasus's dad used to own this, and two or three other buildings that are relatively close to here. We own the bar just down the road, too! Ah, here we are!" His fingers fiddled with the many combinations on the safe until it clicked and successfully opened. The sound of jingling keys could be heard as the safe was shut. "Done!" Mariku nodded and turned around, reaching for the two sets of keys.

"So, what room are we in, Goggle guy?" Varon smirked at the nickname.

"Meh, it's always the goggles. In room 11 on the fourth floor. If you have any questions, Pegasus and my apartment is number 1. Don't bother asking Duke for help, and steer clear of the girls in room 5. They're nasty!" Ryou and Mariku nodded in unison.

"Thank you for the keys, Varon-san! Uhm, is the stairway down the hall?" Ryou knew it was probably an extremely obvious question, but it never hurt to ask!

"Yep! Here, I'll help you guys carry your stuff up, since we have no elevator! I think you'll like it here a lot. Most people your age do, anyways. Come on mates, let's go get your bags!" he cried, leading them back to the living room with cheer. Ryou smiled and toddled behind them both. Honestly, he kind of liked the antiquey style of the place. It was unusual, and nothing like his small, bland house back in Japan. Domino City had nothing on this place.

"So, what part of Japan are you two from, anyway?"

.Rock this world.

"Ugh, Mariku! It's so much better than it could've been! So the place is covered with bright colored shag carpeting and some of the wall papers and decorations are a bit weird! We have a great view, a balcony, and the people that work here couldn't be nicer! It's the first day, and we've already made friends! Honestly, I don't think we could've chosen a better place!" Ryou cried, crossing his arms as he slumped back into the strange floral print orange sofa. Mariku smirked up at him from the floor, rolling lavender orbs.

"Psh, you're just saying that because you got called 'cute'! Ry, this grass green carpeting is going to drive me up the wall! Weird furniture? Ryou, look at the couch! It's disgusting looking! The only normal rooms are the bedrooms, which, coincidently, are also the only ones with nice, normal white carpets, you know, the kind that houses SHOULD have! Plus, the whole place smells like weed!" he countered, eyes traveling to the carpeting in distaste. Ryou sighed, he had heard that comment enough for one day. Mariku mentioned it every ten minutes, he swore! Even when they had been at the beach exploring, he remarked that his nose was messed up because of the stench. Pff…

"Mariku, that's the reason we got candles! The pretty kind you like with the vanilla and coconut scents! I already told you I was going to clean tomorrow. I'll make everything to your satisfaction, Master," Ryou chided, rolling emerald pools.

"Why thank you, house wife! See, I knew coming to this place with you would be beneficial! I get to make huge messes for the next two months, and you get to clean them up!" Mariku chuckled, dodging the pillow that aimed for his head.

"I don't plan to spend my whole vacation taking care of you, you know," commented Ryou with a pout, standing up and giving the laughing male a bonk on the head. "Jerk."

"Owe, you little ass! That's what you need to find this Summer, a good guy who'll fuck all that feistiness out of you! That should be your goal for the Summer, Ryou!" Mariku hollered to the boy as he headed for the kitchen. Ryou huffed, rolling his eyes once more as he opened the fridge to pull out a bottle of water.

"I don't need some random sex from a weird guy, Mariku! I'm not like you in that area! I love Atemu and I don't intend on cheating on him any time soon."

"Huh? Pity. I bet that Varon guy could straighten you out a bit, let out that pent up frustration of yours. Why haven't you given in to Atemu anyways? You know the dog is practically begging for it. He probably can't wait to marry your tiny little ass so he can have his way with you daily!" Ryou nodded some to himself, opening his water up, sipping, a little disheartened by the comment. Mariku always made snide remarks like that. Sometimes, it really did get to Ryou. Mariku knew that wasn't what Atemu wanted at all, and Ryou knew it too, but sometimes it was just so hard to take what the male said as a joke. But then, Mariku had a point… Why hadn't he given in to Atemu? The two had already been together over a year, but for some reason after the first month to Ryou, there just weren't any real sparks. He was sure by the end of their vacation away from each other though, Ryou would once more be smitten with the crimson eyed individual.

Just then, there was a soft pounding at the door. Ryou gasped. "Oi, that must be Joey coming over to get us! You are ready to go to tat club, right?" Ryou shouted, running for the door.

"Eh, yeah, I'm ready. Keep quiet! I'm trying to finish the last couple of minutes of this CSI thingie!"

Ryou opened the door, smiling brightly as he saw Joey standing there, looking somewhat like a cowboy to him in his denim attire and light blue tee shirt. There was also a slightly shorter blonde behind him, dressed in mostly black, tight jeans clinging to his lithe legs, holes engrossed in the pant legs, tanned arms crossed, revealing a couple of strange tattoos and arms filled with bracelets, and even black painted finger nails. He was handsome, no doubt, with his long blonde tresses and unbelievably amethyst hues. Ryou even found himself staring.

"'Ey Ry! We're here! I brought along my friend Malik with me, hope ya don't mind!" Joey chimed, reaching over to pull Ryou into a rough one armed hug, giving his shoulders a pat.

"Mn, I'm Malik, and you're absolutely adorable," he purred, black kohl lined eyes flashing excitedly. "We'll become good friends, I can already tell. Anyone as good looking as you are is my instant best friend." Ryou flushed deeply, giving the other a nervous smile.

"O-Oh, u-uhm, t-thank you! I'm Ryou, and uhm, yeah! Would you two like to come in for a moment? My roommate is trying to watch the last couple of minutes of a show." Joey nodded and lead himself in, Malik staying behind to coil an arm around Ryou's waist.

"So? Want to show me your bedroom? It's just, it's so much easier to get to know you when there is a bed around," the blonde said, snickering, leaning his head on Ryou's tense shoulder.

"U-Uhm, w-well, it, it's messy and u-uhm, u-uhm.." Ryou trailed off nervously, standing stiffly. His cheeks were cherry red by that time, the blonde simply chuckling. Malik pressed a quick peck to Ryou's cheek and shook his head.

"You are so cute! I'm only kidding, anyways, Ryou!" he chimed, pulling him into a hug. Ryou nodded and hugged back awkwardly, feeling like an idiot. Had it just been him, or had Malik just asked to have sex with him? He squeaked as the other gasped and immediately left him standing, watching as Malik strutted over to the couch.

Mariku chuckled as he talked to Joey, sliding on his black sleek boots, looking slightly to his left. His eyes were graced with the sight of a skinny, beautifully tanned male, tight clothing engulfing the perfect body, making Mariku's heart suddenly pound.

"Y-You must be Malik," he stuttered out, lavender eyes looking upon the boy hungrily. Malik nodded, sauntering over to the sofa with a smirk, plopping right in Mariku's lap. Mariku's eyes lowered excitedly, amazed by the amount of bravery and confidence shown by the slightly younger boy. To Mariku, nothing was sexier on a person than confidence and charisma, and Malik seemed to gleam with both. It also helped that the boy was more than slightly attractive, and knew how to dress himself well.

"Yeah, that's me, but I would mind being called Marik's, really," Malik breathed, grinning hazily as his arms wrapped around the other male's neck, giving a toothsome giggle, nuzzling a cheek against the other male's, Mariku's arms slowly coiling around the other's waist, his thumb running circles over the other's back, a small smirk clinging to his lips.

"Oh, would you now? You're a friendly one, no? Mn, I like you, Malik-chan. I might just have to take you up on your offer of being mine," Mariku purred, giving the boy's cheek a lap with his tongue, making the other's lavender pools close, a soft moan emitting from those lips.

"The sooner the better." Jounouchi rolled his eyes resting an elbow on Ryou's shoulder, watching as the other boy blushed watching the scene before them.

"Eh, don't worry about it Ry-chan. Malik has always been like this. He's on everybody. He must really like Mariku though. Usually it takes at least five minutes before he's in someone's lap," Katsuya whispered, smirking a bit. Ryou nodded politely, offering a flustered smile. He'd never seen anyone so…demanding. Malik seemed to know just what he wanted, and like the kind of male who would stop at nothing until he got said thing. Ryou kind of admired that quality about the boy already. Ryou was so soft spoken and subtle…he just settled, he never fought for what he truly wanted in life. He was a people pleaser, and sometimes, he loathed himself for being so. Katsuya let out a cough, the flirting two blinking over to him.

"Eh, save it for when there aren't kids around. Let's go you guys. The place is bound to be packed." Malik huffed, a pout forming on his plush nude lips. He hated it when people ruined his fun! Mariku sighed and stood with the other boy, an arm coiling around the lithe waist, making the other smile once more. Malik looked up to the other, smirking some. He could get used to having that man's arms around him…

"U-Uh y-yeah. U-Uhm, so…let's go," Ryou stated softly, padding out the door after Jounouchi, leaving it up to Mariku to lock the door.

"Mn, one sec. Malik-cat, I've gotta lock the door." The other nodded, instinctively nuzzling into Mariku's shoulder.

"Meow," he lulled out, smiling at the nickname, making the other whirl his head around, scanning the other's face, eyes swirling with an unfamiliar emotion. That had to be the nicest smile Mariku had ever seen. He swore his heart almost stopped beating for a moment. He gulped down the lump in his throat, successfully locking the door, yanking the key out, raising a hand to pat the other's head, snickering some.

"Heh, good kitty. You might just get a treat at the end of the night." Malik let out a small laugh, leaning up to kiss the other's cheek.

"Mm, I hope it's hot feline sex."

…Ryou nearly choked.

.Rock this world.

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