Intentionally Sabotaged

A Card Captor Sakura Alternate Reality Fic by X-Sprinter

Sequel to the fanfiction Deliberately Sabotaged by X-Sprinter, check profile for details.

Full Summary: Sakura and Syaoran are now happily married, and gifted with a healthy boy and beautiful girl. Also to add up, Syaoran is the Head of State, but what happens, after 10 years of those adventurous incidents with Nadezhda, they become hostages again and creates a worldwide phenomenon for the 2nd time around…

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Chapter 1: Love Somebody

"SAKURA" Someone yelled from the corridors of the huge mansion.

"SAKURA, TIME TO WAKE UP… BREAKFAST IS READY" The same person hollered through the white corridors.

"HAI!" Sakura yelled back lazily.

"Jeez, she's what? 28 years old and she still can't wake up by herself" The same person muttered to herself.

"That's mommy for ya auntie Tomoyo" A 10 year old boy remarked and smirked.

"You know, I would know that smirk anywhere and I would not be surprised to know that Syaoran is your father if I didn't knew him" Tomoyo smiled.

"I'd take that as a compliment" A chestnut haired man entered the dining room with a navy blue haired man trailing behind him.

"Ohayo otou-san!" The boy lunged himself to Syaoran who was his father

"Ohayo" Syaoran replied and hugged back.

"Sakura ain't up yet?" Eriol asked as he sat down beside Tomoyo and kissed her briefly.

"Nope… but she wouldn't be Sakura if she was early now right?" Tomoyo said casually after sipping her cup of coffee.

"That's rude of you Tomoyo… but indeed true" A woman emerged from the dining halls entrance walking groggily, her name?

Sakura Kinomoto.

"Finally… whoa… record breaking… late for only 10 minutes!" Tomoyo said shocked and everyone applauded.

"Ha ha ha" Sakura muttered annoyed and walked away from her husband

"Where are you going" Syaoran whispered by her ear while wrapping his arms from behind.

"Shower… wanna come?" Sakura asked seductively

"You bet…" Syaoran carried Sakura all of a sudden and brought her up.

"Where's Len-Len?" Eriol asked.

"She went to school early today, she's on duty" Xi Hao said.

"I see, well where's Hiro dear?" Eriol asked Tomoyo.

"Went to school early with Len-Len… you know he has a thing for her" Tomoyo said as-a-matter-of-factly tone.

"Well why not get them engaged!" Eriol thought.

Tomoyo and Xi Hao choked from their drinks.

"ERIOL/UNCLE!" Tomoyo and Xi-Hao said in chorus respectively.

"What? It would be a great idea… remember the time Sakura knew that she was engaged with Syaoran… it went like hell in their house… but once she met him… everything softened up" Eriol explained.

"But this is different… they fight almost everyday… they compete and things related to that" Tomoyo said and Xi-Hao nodded.

"Well that's the catch… if it doesn't work then we don't continue… relax… nothing will go wrong" Eriol said.

"I agree with that" Syaoran then emerged in the dining hall.

"I thought you were with mommy making out in the tub again" Xi-Hao said smirking.

"He's got you're personality Syaoran…" Eriol managed to say and laughed out loud.

"Son… better not meddle in my business or I'll meddle in your business" Syaoran smirked back.

"Like what dad…" Xi-Hao asked back.

"Oh let's just say that your bodyguards keep me updated with your school life… and being close to… umm… this Lucy girl" Syaoran smirked for the 2nd time around

Xi-Hao choked in his chocolate drink and then stuttered…

"Oh.. l-look at t-the time… I'm g-gonna be l-late.. heh… heheh… Bye!" Xi-Hao finished and dashed through the front door and inside his limousine.

"Well what was that engagement thing again?" Syaoran asked. Eriol, Tomoyo and Syaoran kept discussing it until Sakura joined them and agreed that Len-Len and Hiro will be engaged.

That night… (Dun dun dun dun)

Hiro and Len-Len were arguing about the TV show when Syaoran's secretary appears and knocks by the wall. The two shifted their attention to the woman and listened.

"Your fathers wants to have a word with you two in the study right now…"

The two nodded and raced to the study room. Panting and out of breath… they entered the room without even knocking surprising Eriol who was about to fall asleep on the couch.

"Yes Father?" Both Len-Len and Hiro asked.

"You know… there are some things that we ne…" Syaoran was starting when Eriol butted in…

"The two of you are engaged… kapish? Good… okay good night" Eriol said

"Is that it… oh okay" The two said in chorus and both went out the door leaving their parents dotted eye.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" Len-Len and Hiro suddenly screamed through the corridors and ran back to the study where their parents was still dotted eye.

"Clear that out for me again?" Len-Len asked.

"What part of 'Good Night' can't you understand" Eriol asked.

"No before that" Hiro said

"There are some things we need to discuss?" Syaoran said unsurely.

"No after that" Hiro and Len-Len said in chorus again.

"Ahhh… the two of you are engaged?" Eriol asked unsurely again.

"Yeah… what is the meaning of that…" Hiro asked

"Hmm… well it means that the two of you are getting married" Eriol stated bluntly

"…" Len-Len and Hiro were speechless

"Awww, they're speechless… just like us ne Syaoran" Sakura said to her husband.

"Well time for bed… you're engagement party will be 2 days from now and we are inviting your classmates… wouldn't that be fun" Tomoyo said starry eyed and everyone sweatdropped.

"Riiight… anyways… get some rest because you will be stressed out tomorrow… you need to get to know each other so you're not going to school tomorrow" Syaoran closed the topic and exited the room with his wife. After they left, Tomoyo and Eriol soon left leaving Hiro and Len-Len behind to discuss things for their own. Then something happened that….

-TBC-TBC-Viva Papa Benedicti XI-TBC-TBC-


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