Intentionally Sabotaged

A Card Captor Sakura Alternate Reality Fic by X-Sprinter

Sequel to the fanfiction Deliberately Sabotaged by X-Sprinter, check profile for details.

Full Summary: Sakura and Syaoran are now happily married, and gifted with beautiful girl and a healthy boy. Also to add up, Syaoran is the Head of State, but what happens, after 10 years of those adventurous incidents with Nadezhda, they become hostages again and creates a worldwide phenomenon for the 2nd time around…

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Chapter 2: Do I Love You?

Chapter Recap : "Riiight… anyways… get some rest because you will be stressed out tomorrow… you need to get to know each other so you're not going to school tomorrow" Syaoran closed the topic and exited the room with his wife. After they left, Tomoyo and Eriol soon left leaving Hiro and Len-Len behind to discuss things for their own. Then something happened…

Same night

"This is all your fault" Len-Len said to Hiro. They were both sitting across one another inside the study room where they knew that they were engaged.

"Na-uh… if you stopped flirting with me, this wouldn't have happened" Hiro retorted and stood up.

"Yeah right… like someone will flirt with you… get real" Len-Len said as she stood up as well.

"Well arguing over this matter is not solving anything so it's better if we leave it alone" Hiro said and gesturing her out first as he opened the door.

Len-Len stared at Hiro for a couple of minutes…

"What?" Hiro asked feeling awkward that she was staring at him.

"You're letting me out first? How… how… how nice of you… it's so unlike you… you're scaring me… what's going on" Len-Len backed away for a while.

Hiro then realized what he was doing and snapped out from his trance and retorted back, "I-I… I was supposed to t-trip you… fine… I'll go first then" Hiro stuttered and exited the room headed towards his room.

Len-Len followed him but keeping a distance, she can't help but stare at his back and notice his figure. So much like her father when he was young yet he had blue chestnut hair.

Hiro on the other hand kept on thinking about Len-Len's figure. So much like her mom's yet her hair is brown and her eyes were green as well.

'What am I thinking!' Both of them thought and slapped their foreheads together as well.

They stopped in front of their doors and got in not before slamming it. Their rooms we're facing each other so they can't help to feel annoyed knowing you're rival is at the other side of your door.

Sakura and Syaoran's room

Syaoran who was still reading some papers was asked by his wife…

"Did what we do was right… I mean, getting them engaged?"

"Well there was no harm about it… I'm pretty sure that Len-Len likes Hiro and vice versa, but they wouldn't admit it to themselves… just give them time" Syaoran smiled at her wife.

"Well (Sakura gets the documents from Syaoran's grasp) I think someone needs some relaxation… you've been working hard dear" Sakura said to his ear seductively.

"I guess you're right…" Syaoran smirked and went over her and put the blankets over them and started making out.

The next day...

Len-Len woke up and walked out of her room. She was not going to school and was needed to spend time with her "fiancé" Hiro, fortunately for her case… he was still asleep and spent the time playing video games at the entertainment room until she heard a loud groan.

Eriol was pulling Hiro by the wrist and kept dragging him towards the kitchen.

"Pops… cut it out… I can walk" Hiro groaned.

"Don't 'pops' me… now get ready, you're fiancée is already playing at the entertainment room so go follow her."

"Do I have to?" Hiro asked hoping for a good answer.

"No… you'll be eating first THEN head there" Eriol smiled.

"Fine fine fine… I'll go… lemme go old man" Hiro smirked.

"Old man? Why I oughta get you for that boy" Eriol grinned and chased his son around and had a little quality time with each other.

"Well I'm off… Eriol… be there at the meeting later this afternoon after chauffeuring for our kids… Sakura's going with me already to discuss the country's participation in the UN Security Council, so hopefully we have a good decision today."

"Okay… tell my Usec to take over for a while… Ja!"

And from there, Syaoran and Sakura went to work.

"Now let's go and have some fun!" Eriol told himself

"This just in from the news room. Len-Len Li, eldest daughter of his highness Syaoran Li and her highness Sakura Kinomoto-Li has been announced to be engaged with Brigadier General Eriol Hiiragizawa and Tomoyo Daidouji-Hiiragizawa's only son Hiro Hiiragizawa. Their formal engagement party will take place at the Tokyo tower and numerous delegates will be arriving to attend. One of these is Empress Yelan Li, mother of our head of state and leader of the Chinese Republic, His highness Fujitaka Kinomoto and Sonomi Daidouji-Kinomoto as well will be joining the crowd of delegates…"

The news spread all over the world by the speed of sound. Streamers and banners has been put up all over Japan in celebration with this royal banquet that will be happening in the Tokyo tower.

With Syaoran and Sakura

"Now that we're finished there, how about we get some lunch" Sakura said.

"Sure… does French sound good?"

"Yeah, French will do" Sakura nodded.

And so with that, they turned to the next corner and headed to the nearest French cuisine in town.

Somewhere in Japan…

A man with a sniper rifle stood at the top floor of a building awaiting for the Prime Minister's vehicle to approach so that he/she could shoot it down.

"Your days are numbered Li" A man in the same age as Syaoran and Sakura said.

"Is everyone ready?" The same man said over the radio to his subordinates.

"We're all set, ready when you are" Another man radioed back.

"As soon as the Prime Minister's car is in site, we go as planned"

"Hai… wakarimashta!"

As the limousine was in sight, the sniper didn't hesitate to shoot down the front tires of the vehicle which made it swerve. The escort units suddenly surrounded the limousine as it started to get some traction to get away from the scene. As the rims screeched at the road, numerous armed men appeared shooting at the non-bullet proof escort units of the Prime Minister, killing all bodyguards and RSG. All was left was the bulletproof van and the bulletproof limousine. The armed men tried to get the limousine but it's locked from the inside so they can't get through. They shot down the other two tires and it was utterly disabled from moving. Henry, the Prime Ministral Head Detail was already all over Syaoran incase that any bullet got through the glass. Syaoran on the other hand was on top of Sakura too. A rain of gunfire was heard and the bulletproof van was out of the picture as it explodes right behind the limousine. Local police arrives in the scene but before they could even get down from their vehicles, they were already shot by RPGs which sent the police mobiles sky high. The limousine driver again tried to get out of the scene and screeched the rims as it moved a little and soon was getting traction, but it doesn't end there. Two vans and a tow-truck appeared at the corner and went towards the limousine, they hooked it up and pulled the limousine as the armed men got inside the vans and pulled away from the crime scene.

Himawari Palace's Tactics Room…

"Report" Eriol commanded sternly as he approached a big desk which consisted all of the top officials of the government. Eriol being the new head of the NDSA or the National Defense and Security Agency is the third to the highest.

"Well all 6 SUV escorts of the Prime Minister was blown up and 4 local police units" General Ichikawa, head of the Military, informed.

"The tracker indicates that the limousine is moving to the north away from Sendai where the limousine was last seen." General Nakamura, head of the Airforce, informed as well.

"I want two helicopters to follow the tracking signal. I don't want to loose sight of that limousine. It would be hard for our enemies to break in that vehicle so there may be a chance that the Prime Minister and his wife is still alive. Where is Vice Minister Yoshi?" Eriol ordered and asked.

"The Vice Minister is on his way from Seoul as we speak, but he insists that you should be incharge since you are the closest friend of the Prime Minister" General Ichikawa said.

"I want the waters surrounding Japan be covered, no one goes in or out without thorough inspection. Air traffic is closed unless emergencies. All civilian vessels are to be redirected to Narita for a full inspection check. NO AIRCRAFT WILL LEAVE THE JAPANESE BORDERS!" Eriol ordered sternly.

"Ha!" General Ichikawa, General Nakamura Admiral Wada (Head of the Japanese Coast Guard) and Fleet Admiral Tawamori (Head of the Japanese Navy) saluted.

-TBC-TBC-Viva Papa Benedicti XI-TBC-TBC-


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