Vandread: 3rd Piexus

Chpt.1: Together

It was the end of the harvest and the utter destruction of the red peixus. Hibiki and the others had just returned to the nirvana with male recruits for the new program to see men and women live together. And so on and blah blah blah… yakkidy yak…screw the long prologue, I'm going to the good stuff now!

Way far across the galaxy… on a powerful planet, something was about to unfold. It began in a castle/building architecture where a woman sat on a throne as a man in a military uniform ran to her and handed her a message.

After reading, the woman laid her dark green eyes at the man and said, "So they got away?"

The man saw the whole entire room of people was now staring at him but he cleared his throat and replied, "That's what the messenger had told me. I'm so sorry that we couldn't destroy the resistance for you."

"Quite alright, but to think, that one of us were one of them all along. It almost seems like you can't trust anyone nowadays."

"If it would please you my lady, we have information that the resistance was scattered apart when retreating. And lucky for us we have a tracking device planted on the stolen ship. We know exactly where it's going."

"Let me go after it then!" begged a female pilot,"It would be an honor to destroy them in your name. I would bring back the traitor's head." Her orange wavy hair seemed to curl even more at the sound of it."

"Feh… Like that would help," snorted a boy pilot. His yellow eyes gave no sympathy towards the girl as he spoke, "The traitor was a highly skilled pilot and she was also given the branding of 'greatest fighter of all time' while you can't even shoot targets in practice. She would blast you before you had time to surrender."

"Nobody cares about your opinion about my shooting skills Hikaru. I'm in the highest rank that a pilot can get."

"Then they are really neglecting an amateurs' potential." Hikaru laughed, "What did you do to get your ranking Laviene? Make out with every high counsel member till they gave it to you?"

Laviene grew more irritated by Hikaru's remarks. "Arrgh! You're just mad because you had a crush on her!"

"I had no interest in her what so ever! And to prove you stand no chance to her, I'll battle you myself!"

"Go ahead, do your worst. It won't help you. I'll send you back to the depths of where you came!"

"That's enough," the woman hollered at them,"You're acting like wild animals by the way you always bicker."

Laviene turned to her and pleaded again. "Let me go after her! I'd show who the weakling is once and for all!"

The woman darted her eyed back at the poor guard. "Did the messenger give you any idea of where they were heading?"

The guard immediately grew more nervous as the whole room darted back to him. "He said… they were heading to where the red peixus was destroyed, namely the two planets, Tarak and Mejere. The same two which we've been stealing ship blueprints from"

The woman gave a little smirk, "It seems that they need reinforcements, so they went to the two planets which destroyed our fellow ally, for help. A pity they won't make it in time."

"So you're letting me go?" Laviene squealed in delight.

The woman shook her head "These enemies are powerful, if there strong enough to defeat the red peixus, think about what they could do to a little ship like yours. It's too risky."

"Your orders then?" asked a battle commander who was standing by her side.

"Send them… my parting gift."

The commander nodded and said something in his communicator. A few minutes later, a ship circling around the planet shot out a strange crate, following the unknown traitor.

"I have a plan for all of this." The woman smiled, "For they don't call me Lord Andréa of the planet Casile for nothing."

While this was happening, the Nirvana was busy stirring with life. As a matter of fact, two men were watching through a window a popular character flying in his vanguard.

"Wow! Did ya see that!" cried the male pilot to the male engineer next to him.

"Yeah" squealed the engineer in excitement, "Hibiki's so cool in his vanguard"

Hibiki enjoyed nothing more than to fly in space with his partner. And since the last battle with the harvest Hibiki's arm was broken. Of course his cast was removed today so he couldn't help but to go out there and have some fun, even if Duero told him specifically that his arm couldn't handle maneuvering the vanguard yet and it needed a little more time but Hibiki was to anxious to wait. So he went out anyway.

"Shoot! I can't see him anymore." The engineer moaned as the vanguard darted away from there viewpoint.

"If we hurry we can see him at the mess hall." The pilot suggested.

The boys darted down the hallway but before they could make it, they bumped into a blonde haired woman.

"Oh no! It's that crazy lady Jura!" The engineer yelped.

"Hello boys." Jura began, "I would like you two to do something for me."

"If this has anything to do with making a baby with ya, we want to part in it." The pilot said quivering as she took a step closer to them.

"Come on," Jura said with a big smile on her face, "I'll make it worth your while."

"That's the look the give you before they eat your liver" the engineer said in a silent tone to his friend.

The pilot needed to think of a plan and fast. And by pure luck a distraction just came out of the mess hall. With it carrying parts of dreads in his hands, the distraction tried to make its way out of the hall without being seen.

"Look!" cried the pilot pointing to the distraction, "Isn't that Mar with your dread parts?"

Jura turned around to see Mar carrying her dread parts. His blonde hair had three black streaks in it and he had light blue eyes that were showing fear towards Jura. Poor Mar was only ten and he loved to see what were the dreads made out of (he already took apart all the vanguards) so he would take some pieces out and put them back in when he was done. This really bothered Jura a lot. She told him time after time that she and the engineers were the only ones to touch her dread, but Mar constantly told her that he was as good as any engineer or better and he would put her parts back with the outmost care. This continues giant fights between the two involving Jura hitting Mar with something or Mar hiding behind someone much bigger than he was. This was another one of their fights.

"Mar you brat!" Jura hollered, "My dread is not a toy!"

"I know that," Mar explained, "But I really want to see this part because if I could make a replica I could get my machine up and going."

"Your machine is nothing compared to my dread .Now gimme back my parts."

Jura began to charge at Mar. Quickly thinking mar pointed behind her and said, "Hey, where did those two guys go?"

Jura immediately turned her head to see that the two men had run off and turning back to see that mar had already ran off.

"Nooo!" She whined I wanna have a baby!" Her whining was heard from a cute blue eyed red head that just happened to be crossing her path.

"Hey Jura." The red head greeted. "What's the matter?"

"Oh, hey Dita, do you know by chance where any men are?"

"Well I did see five men in the mess hall. They were talking to Misty, they really like to hear her stories about her living on a planet where men and women live together. Oh, before I forget, have you seen Mr. Alien?"

"Misty's more popular than me!" Jura was surprised, "We'll I won't have it! She's not going to have a baby before me!"

"Wait, what about Mr. Alien?"

"I have no time for your childish antics Dita. I've gotta find a man while their hot." Jura then ran off to the mess hall.

Dita looked around then sighed; "Now how will I find Mr. Alien.

"He's outside." Spoke a voce behind Dita.

Dita looked behind to see Mar's brother, Sei. Sei was the same age as Mar but his hair was pure black and he wore a tan shirt with some baggy black pants comparing to his brothers outfit which consisted of an orange shirt with a brown vest filled with tools and blue shorts.

"Hey thanks Sei," Dita chimed, "Here, you can have a rice ball."

"Umm… you may need to give me two rice balls." Sei said in the sweetest voice he could make, "The other can be for my brother."

"Sure I can give you another. Here ya go." After handing Sei his brothers treat Dita ran to the docking bay to fly out in her dread. And once she was out of sight, Sei began to finish his rice ball and go on towards the second one.

"Oh well," Sei humed, "I guess I'll just have to eat Mar's rice ball myself."

"RICE BALL!" Cheered Mar as he fell out of the vent he was hiding from Jura in and landed on top of Sei. "Why thank you Sei, I'd love to have my rice ball that Dita left with you." He immediately snatched it from Sei's grasp and began to feast on his morsel.

Meanwhile: Hibiki was enjoying his freedom in the midst of space.

'This is great' he thought as he moved his healed arm around, 'I can finally fly around with my partner'

"Oh Mr. Alien!" Ditas voice called as her dread made its way toward Hibiki's vanguard.

"What are you doing here?" Hibiki barked. All he wanted to do was be alone for a little while, but Dita kept showing up everywhere he went.

"I just thought it would be more fun if you had someone to combine with."

"Nah, I'm fine by my own. You can go back in." Dita's ship didn't budge an inch. "WHAT?"

"Mr. Alien, when are you going to see my room?" Dita's dread nudged a little closer to Hibiki's vanguard.

Hibiki turned all red, "Uh… not today." He scooted back.

"Why?" Dita scooted closer.

"Because today's not a good day!" he darted back.

"Please?" she moved quickly to Hibiki's side.

"No…Maybe some other time." He dashed away from her.

"That's what you always say." Dita whined.

"What are you two doing out there?" barked a voice; the person on the screen had short blue hair and looked very serious.

"Hi Meia," greeted Dita, "Would you like to join us."

"Dreads and vanguards aren't for fun and games!" Meia scolded, "They are only used during battle and training. Now get inside, both of you, right now!"

"Looks like Ms. Drill instructor ruined our fun again, eh partner?" Hibiki asked his vanguard under his breath.

"Gyyyaaaaaahh! Some one, PLEASE help me!" A voice screamed through the communicators, "I can't stop my ship! My controls are damaged! I'm loosing control! Help meeeeeee!"

"Where are you?" Meia asked the voice.

"Look out!" Hibiki cried as the giant ship wizzed past him and Dita.

The ship was black with neon green designs on it. And the most peculiar thing of all was that it looked practically like a dread.

"I've almost lost control of the steering! I'm gonna crash! Eeeeyyyaaahh!" the pilot screamed again.

Suddenly another voice spoke out. "Grahhh!" It had a masculine voice, "Where the hell are the escape pods on this thing?"

"They are none dofus!" muttered the pilot. "The design couldn't take any more room so the escape pods were deleted in the process."

"Please, this is no time to argue you two." Said a feminine voice, "We can't just quarrel while we go to our impending doom. Is that how you want to remember your last seconds of life?"

"We don't care!" the other two boasted out.

"Alright alright" the third voice sighed, "I know when to shut up geez"

"Wait there's more of you?" Meia asked.

"Just two others the pilots" voice said.

Meia seemed very uncomfortable with this. "Great," she muttered, "Just some more victims due to bad piloting skills. I can't take much more of this."

"Like I said," Growled the pilot, "It's not my fault. The controls are fried!"

"Would all of you just shut up!" screamed Hibiki, chasing after the mad ship. "Look, I'll get you outta here but in the meantime, keep your voices to a level where I can't hear them. Just try to direct the ship towards me ok?"

The pilot began to slowly turn the ship around and directly towards the vanguard. "Ok. I'm turning it now. And luckily, it's not blowing up." But suddenly, the ship steered left.

"What's happening?" Hibiki demanded.

"Umm ya know what I said earlier about me… losing control of the ship. Well…yeah it just happened! I now can't turn it either way! And it's on a collusion course toward your ship! EEEeeeeeyah!"

"Dita," Hibiki called, "Lets do it."

Dita gave out a big smile "Roger."

"W-what are you doing!" the pilot cried, "You'll crash into each other! Not to mention us!"

As both Hibiki and Dita merged, the out of control dread darted closer to them.

"This looks like the end!" The pilot whined.

"It wasn't supposed to end this way." The second voice yelled out.

The third could only scream as a giant flash of light enveloped around them.


As the flash dissipated, it revealed vandread-dita (a merge between Hibiki and Dita's machines.) a blue mech that was almost humanlike. It held in its grasp a dread ship.

"H-hey!" Said the third voice, "Were not dead! Were no-eeeyah! A giant robot! Did it eat those people too?"

"Tadah!" Hibiki shouted. "Whatcha think? It's a merge between both of our ships."

"Yay!" Dita cried out! "We saved the aliens!"

"Wha? Aliens? What do you men aliens?" Questioned the second voice.

"Ah. You'll get used to it." Hibiki sighed, "By the looks of your ship, you'll be with us for a while."

"Hey do you have any food?" asked the second voice.

"Of course." Dita giggled, "We have lots! A ship wouldn't be much without food."

"So true" Laughed the second voice, "We've been stranded without food for days! Heck! I even miss my sister's cooking, and trust me; you don't wanna try her cooking!"

"Hey!" Cried the pilot, "That's just plain rude!"

"Please guys" whined the third voice, "Can't we just get along?"

"Dita and Hibiki sighed as they dragged the quarreling ship back to the nirvana.