Sorry this one took so long…I did write it a while ago but the disk I stuck it on was stolen…with the rest of my stories! Oh well, I'm starting from scratch now but it should be done soon.

Chpt.13 Friend or Foe

"I still can't believe we were tricked by that copy all this time." Laviene growled in her dread. "Wait till I get my hands on her. I'll be smashing her head with my gravity blast."

"Calm down, you'll have plenty of time to do that later." Yuki informed, "What we need to do now is get Andréa medical attention."

Laviene nodded, "How ya holding up Vile?"

"Actually, I'm the one driving the ship." Maxwell hesitantly said, "She's sleeping; she used up all her strength."

"Yeah, she did give it her all." Laviene's stomach began to growl and her face drooped. She turned to Yuki who was riding with her, "How much longer…we've been riding in here for at least four hours."

Yuki began to think and then replied, "Well…from the constellations and if they are on the same course…I'd say two hours."

"ARGH! Two hours! No way! I wanna bath! I wanna eat! I've been in that cell for days!"

"It certainly smells like it."

"You know I could just throw you out of this ship and let you suffocate in the vacuum of space."

Hikaru kept silent as this went on. His eyes were on Andréa as she slept beside him. It made him calm knowing that she was alright and safe from her captors. His eyes moved to his hand.

'The powers of these tattoos are incredible.' He thought to himself, 'But they take a lot outta me…no one else seems to have these side effects. We'll the tattoos do act like what they were made for, healing. But the others…they get power that I want. And why can I barely turn into a berserker unless I use the red tattoos?'

"You alright back there Hikaru?" Maxwell asked as his face was shown on the communicator with a worried look, "You almost past out back there."

Hikaru made an annoyed look and washed away his thoughts, "I'm fine."

"…you weren't fine. You were sick."

"It's none of your business."

"At least let the Nirvana's medical team take a look at you."

"NO!" Hikaru barked at the screen.

"Now, now, I wasn't forcing you." Maxwell assured, "But if this thing happens again…"

"Yeah, I know." Hikaru mumbled. "But I'll be fine."

"…Lady Andréa wouldn't want you to try and hide this."

"Get off my case before I whack you!"

Maxwell sighed and blinked off the screen.

"That'll teach him!" Hikaru growled.

"Heehee…we'll be the ones teaching you a thing or two," Came a familiar voice to Hikaru.

"Who…who the hell said that," Laviene wondered.

"It's her." Maxwell shuddered.

Hikaru clenched his fists, "…Anita…"

"That's right!" the voice announced as three ships appeared. "I'm Anita Sorbet accompanied by Sheena Lund and Rave Wolf."

Laviene was shocked, "Y-you're the three that captured me!"

"Oh, it's you. You only managed to escape by pure stupid luck."

"And now you're here to take me back?"

"No, not you," Rave laughed, "You're just a waste of time. Were only here for lordeth Andréa and Hikaru."

"Then you know?" Hikaru gasped.

"Sheena nodded with a toothy grin, "Of course we did. We only serve Amith, not some weakling like her."

"You…Bastards!" Hikaru yelled. He was about to charge them but…

"Hikaru, you can't attack yet." Yuki warned, "Andréa is inside your cockpit. She's already in bad shape. She'll probably get even worse."

Hikaru immediately stopped his vanguard but gave his foes an ugly look. "What do we do then Yuki? Just run?"

"Good idea Hikaru." Laviene chimed, "Did it take you all day?"

The enemy ships watched as the three traitor ships dashed off into space.

"Awww, their getting away," Sheena whined.

"Looks like we'll be playing hide and go seek." Rave chuckled.

"Doesn't matter as long as the master's happy." And with that, they chased after them.

"We probably lost them for a few minutes." Maxwell informed the others, "It buys us enough time to make a quick plan."

"Most likely we'll be doing this till we get to the Nirvana." Yuki sighed, "It's not the best plan but it's one that will keep us alive."

"I don't like the idea of running away though." Hikaru growled, "I can take them on!"

"Can you ensure our ruler's safety though?" Maxwell scolded, "If you get hit and severely injured, she will too. Or even worse, she could die. Don't act stupid."

A growl came from Hikaru's throat which made his foes just laugh.

"AWW, does he baby want to protect mommy?" Sheena laughed, "You're so pathetic!"

That was the final straw for Hikaru. He clenched his fists tightly and grinded his teeth. His eyes turned from yellow to an angry red.

"You guys…SHOULDN'T MAKE FUN OF US!" He blazed right for them. His teeth began to form fangs and to a surprise, he made tiny coughs that spewed drips of blood.

"Take this you scum!" Maxwell cried as he shot a strange object in the center of this battle. It suddenly activated sending a gigantic flash, blinding their enemies. "Now's our chance to escape! Let's get outta here Hikaru."

Hikaru looked at his enemies like a dog would to a robber. It was his chance to strike while they were blinded. He then turned to Andréa, still unconscious beside him. He also coughed a bit more into his hand revealing little bits of blood. His eyes morphed back to yellow and replied, "Sure."

Meanwhile, on the nirvana, the peixis was acting odder than usual. It began to glow brighter than normal and had caught the engineers' attention.

"Hey parfait," A female engineer calls out from her station, "What's going on?"

The brunette adjusted her glasses as she looked at the glowing orb, "The peixis is excited about something."

"Excited?" Repeated a male worker, "About what?"

"Maybe it's that company that crazy lady was talking about." Suggested Mar and now had his ear yanked.

"It's impolite to say things about people like that." Parfait scolded as she released him.

"Ow…yes mam."

"But I do think your right."


"Maybe it is that so called company."

"Were close…" Vile said hoarsely.

Maxwell turned to her; she had awoken just a moment ago and now was typing on the scanner.

"The nirvana…It changed course."

"They must have thought I'd rat them out." Yuki mumbled, "I take no offense to it though, Castilian soldiers do know good ways of torturing victims."

Laviene nodded, "Yeah! We kick ass!"

"Where are they Vile?" Hikaru asked.

"34 degrees north east." She replied. "They have all defenses up to so we need to be careful."

"I don't know how they would trust us though." Maxwell sighed, "We are their enemy."

"We don't have any problem." Laviene gave an evil smile to Yuki, "Because we've got him. Wolf guy is their ally so they have to let us in."

"They could think I was brainwashed. They would kill us in a second if it came to that."

"Well then…you'll handle the negotiations with them won't you?"


"If you want to show you're not a Castilian pilot. You should explain this whole ordeal."

"What if I don't?"

Yuki suddenly noticed a gun that was pointing at his forehead, "I think you know."

"Captain, incoming message from a Castilian ship." Coco announced.

"How many are there?" BC asked.

"There seems to be only three vessels." Amarone said in surprise, "Their copies of Dita, Meia, and Hibiki's machines."

"Why would they only send in three ships?" Bart asked.

"Just patch it through," Magno commanded.


The giant screen went to a picture of a young brown haired boy that they all knew very well.

"Yuki?" BC gasped.

"Eheh…Hi there…guess I have a lot of explaining to do."

"You certainly do…mind to tell us why you are on a Castilian ship?"

"Long story…it all begins-uwah!"

Laviene pushed him out of the way and began to take matter into her own hands.

"Alright ya morons! This is a broadcast sent in by me, the wonderful and beautiful Laviene."

"She's quite the loud mouth." Misty said to Q-Chan who nodded in agreement.

"I heard that you brat!" Laviene was about to make a nasty insult but held it all back. She instead grabbed Yuki still pointing a gun to his head. "Alright, as I was saying before I was so RUDLEY interrupted, we have taken your ally Yuki as a hostage. Don't follow our demands and we'll BLOW HIS HEAD OFF!"

Yuki's face began to show an embarrassed part frightened look on his face. 'Is she really going to do that?'

"What do you think captain?" BC asked.

Magno thought about this and gave a chuckle, "If you truly are here for negotiations then I guess we should let Hinoki know."

'Oh dear.' Yuki moaned inside his head. 'I'm goanna die.'

"I came as soon as I could." Hinoki said as she entered, "But I don't know why you…YUKI!" She cried in happiness.

Yuki gives an embarrassed wave. "Hi Hinoki, you'd better listen to Laviene."

"That's right." Laviene agreed, "Ya don't and it's bye, bye big bro."

"Hinoki, think really hard. I don't think she's joking."

"Hey Laviene, what do you want?"

"We want to talk about an important matter." Laviene announced, "Let us in your ship and we'll let him return to you."

"I don't trust them." BC said under his breath, "This could be a trap."

"But my brother," Hinoki whined, "We can't just let him die."

"My, what an odd choice we face." Magno said, "The lions may eat us if we let them in but on the other hand, they may eat our lost lamb instead."

"It's obviously a big hoax," sighed a violet haired man as he drank a giant bottle of liquor.

"Shouldn't you be in your cell?" Celtic growled.

"Do you want my help or not?" He asked. "Look, the Castilian empire doesn't let someone like Yuki get away like that. It's obviously set up."

"I knew it." BC said.

"Hold on. If it was truly a negotiation, they'd do it on a planet and ask for someone in his place. Laviene had him though, and by the looks of her face and the ships…they kidnapped Yuki."

Hinoki's eyes widened.

"They are now enemies of the empire." Lucas answered, "But people like Laviene won't easily go to their enemies for help. Why don't you tell us why your really here."

"…" Laviene was silent.

"If there is a reason for your appearance, you'll need to tell us."

"Well…it's complicated….we-ARGH!"

A sudden crash to the ship made her alert. "WHAT THE HELL!"

"Hahaha!" Laughed the obnoxious voice of Anita, "You thought you could get away that easily? Yeah right!"

"You lead us to the Nirvana too." Rave laughed, "Good for you! Now surrender that wretched wench and Hikaru and we'll let you live."

"NO!" Hikaru barked, "I'll never go back there! I have no clue what you're planning but I refuse to just sit back and let you do it!"

"Humph, suit yourself." Rave held out his hand to the screen as it glowed purple, "Dark RAY!"

"EEERRAAAGH!" Hikaru screamed as his back began to burn.

"Hikaru!" Maxwell cried.

Vile and Laviene tried to charge at Rave's ship but was stooped by Anita and Sheena.

"Oh no, you don't." Anita scolded, "No one is allowed to get near Rave. You guys have to go through us."

"EEEYYYAAAAHHH!" Andréa screamed as well.

"What have you done to them!" Laviene ordered for an answer, "Stop it!"

"Just give up and we'll leave quietly."said Rave, "Come on Hikaru, what do ya say?"

Hikaru turned to Andréa still howling in pain. "L-like I said….before. I won't go! You'll…have to bring me…. back as a corpse. ERAGH!"

The pain got even worse.

"You'll give in. They all do."


"Face it kid, you can't do anything like this. No one can come to your rescue. Just take a gander on your left."

Hikaru managed to turn his head to see the destruction befalling his comrades. They were loosing the fight against Sheena and Anita. He could hear their cries of agony as Anita shot them with a strange weapon and Sheena rammed into them.

"We have the newest weapons the Castilian empire has to offer. And with the extracargo they have, well…they don't stand much of a chance."

"I can still beat YOU! ARGH!"

"Heh, yeah right. Your body can barley handle this attack. Your friends won't last long and the Nirvana won't come to your aid. Not that you don't deserve it. You're a traitor and you come begging for mercy to your enemy. Scum like you shouldn't even exist in this life."

Hikaru struggled to swallow these words but then spoke the words deep down inside him. "C-coward."

"Huh? What did you just say?" Rave shot another amount at Hikaru.

"A great warrior told me that…when I met him. I acted j-just like you… I was nothing but a coward…I hid behind dirty tactics…and great weapons…and even with my greatest weapon pointed at him…he still had enough courage and defeated me."

Rave shot him an uglylook and sent another surge of pain at the boy. "Best to keep your mouth shut."

"N-NO! I won't… be silenced! You hide behind dirty tactics, powerful weapons, and stupid remarks. Its…like staring at a nasty reflection…I never want to see that ever again! I'm never going to hide behind weapons or armor, I'll never throw stupid remarks at someone in hopes they'll leave me alone, and I'll never use another dirty tactic again!" He managed to get his vanguard to grab its electric sword. "And I'll start by breaking that reflection in front of me!"

Hikaru charged with the last of his strength. He ignored the pain, his anger, and his weakness. He thrusted his sword straight through the ship and…

CHINK went the electric blade as it bounced off the ship. Hikaru was dumbfounded. His weapon had failed.


Rave gave a chuckle, "The armor on this guy is stronger than most material. It also can prevent electrical attacks." The cannon in front of his ship began to glow, "I win."

"Looks like I failed," Hikaru sighed in sadness, "I guess we won't be getting away."

"I never thought of you as a quitter." Hibiki's voice called out as he and his vanguard charged through. It managed to ram Rave's dread to miss the shot. "Nice speech in the beginning too."

Hikaru stood shocked for a second but then said with a smile, "I heard it from the best."

"Grr…you brat!" Rave growled, "I'll kill you!"

"I'm not dying to some bastard like you!" Hibiki yelled showing the sharp blade of his sword.

"I'm not afraid of your weaponry." Rave laughed, "Didn't you hear me before? Nothing can get passed me."

"How bout this then?" A blue dread whizzed past rave and rammed into Hibiki, creating vandread-Dita.

Rave gawks at the blue humanoid robot now in front of him. "That's amazing," He gasps but then gives out a smile, "But it still won't put a dent in my ship."

"We'll see about that!" Hibiki grins. A huge laser blasts rave ship a few feet away leaving a dent in his ship. "Ha! Looks like your just all talk!"

"Yay!" Dita cries, "We beat him."

'They actually saved my life.' Hikaru couldn't believe that this was happening, "Why are you doing this?"

"Huh? What do ya mean?" Hibiki asks.

"I'm your enemy and without hesitation, you come to my aid. Why's that?"

"…It's because you aren't our enemy anymore. You came looking for allies and we aren't one's to throw out people."

"…I'm…in your debt."

"Don't just sit there Mr. Warrior," Said Dita, "We're in a battle and you need to help your friends."

"Yeah." Hibiki seconds extending a hand, "Now get up."

Hikaru looks at the robotic hand in front of his robot, "…RIGHT!" He grasps the hand and is helped up, "Thank You."

"Hey moron!" Laviene growls on her communicator "Stop making chitchat and help us over here." Anita's dread rams into her again making a giant crunch, "Agh! I can't move!"

"She must have damaged your engine." Yuki says as her fiddles with the wires now poking out of the hull. "Were sitting ducks now."

"Haha!" Anita laughed, "You're weaker than I thought. I was really hoping that an ace pilot and leader of a resistance group could do better but I suppose not." The engines flared from her ship as she went for a final tackle, "See you on the other side."

"Not if I can help it!" Cried out voice in a silver dread. It rammed Anita making her fly a few feet away in space.

"Meia!" Yuki cried, "You've saved us."

"I didn't do it to save her. I did it to save you."

Yuki's face began to blush, "R-really?"

Somewhat of Meia's face turned red, "Of course, we need a person with knowledge of the Castilians."

"I'm sorry but you'll need to get through me if you want him back." Anita yelled shooting Meia with dozens of bullets.

"You're getting on my nerves." Meia growled as she shot back. And so began the chase.

Meanwhile, Maxwell and Vile weren't holding up so well. Sheena kept shooting at them and their shields were weakening. Vile was too weak to do anything at the moment so it was up to Maxwell.

"Dammit," He cursed, "Why the hell won't the weapons work!" the ship rocked harder as it was hit; "This turbulence isn't helping either. ARGH! I'm a lord not a dread pilot!"

Sheena giggled as he franticly tried to shoot her. "Haha! You can't catch me!"

"You are a spoiled chilled aren't you?"

"I just wanna play that's all. Now let's play my most favorite game of all. It's called blasting the traitors. It's very fun; all you have to do is sit there as I blast you."

"Sorry but I hate games." Maxwell decided he would have a better chance at running away but it didn't favor so well for Sheena.

"Tsk tsk. I can't let you get away." Sheena fired at the ships wing, blasting it right off and making Maxwell unable to move the ship. "Now, let's play."

"Hey scum bag, think fast!" a pilot cried shooting at Sheena's dread.

"Agh! You're really mean!" Sheena barked, "Anita help!" and she retreated to her older accomplices.

"What…what happened?" Maxwell said to himself opening his eyes.

Lucas's picture blinked on to the screen. "Sorry to ruin your fun. I just thought you looked like you could use some help."

"Nice to see you again," Maxwell said cheerfully. "Thanks for the save."

"Well I just hate it when people bully little children and nerds." He laughed.

"You are so sweet." Jura complimented nearing him.

Lucas scratched his head and gave out a laugh, "Aww, it was nothing."

"You know what would be even sweeter? Giving me a baby."

Lucas's face turned bright red by this and began to try and scoot away. "Uh…thanks for the offer but I'd rather not."

"That's it!" Rave bellowed, "I'm not loosing to some morons like you." His hand moved to a blue button which he pressed, "Prepare for a thousand nightmares."

In the distance a giant box made it way ever so closer to the nirvana.

"It's like the cargo we found before Mr. Alien." Dita exclaimed, "Are there more aliens inside?"

"Go see for yourself." Sheena giggled as she kept her distance.

The box suddenly burst and dozens of cubes emerged. They spread like wildfire as they surrounded each dread and vanguard on the field.

"Looks like fun." Hibiki smirked. "Let's do this Dita."


As soon as they said this, Vandread-Dita shot its cannons and blasted most of the cubes to kingdom come…but more burst from the box.

"How many are in there?" Hibiki snarled, "This doesn't look good for us."

"How bout I give it a shot?" The gloatful voice of Bart said. He then let the giant cannons of the ship blast the little monsters away.

"What amazing power." Hikaru said to himself, "Is this the power of their friendship?"

Rave, Anita, and Sheena laughed from their foolish attempts. Their cackles were heard from all.

"What's so funny!" Valore barked, "If you weren't looking, you'd see that your plan failed. All your cubes have been destroyed."

"Heh, that wasn't our plan idiots!" Smirked Anita.


"KEERRROAARRR!" A loud screech was heard from behind the Nirvana by a gigantic creature. It had a body of a snake with talons for feet. Its body was blood red and it had a sword fish's mouth. The nirvana tipped as it made the right wing its perch.

"Meet genetic altered red peixis monster #3. GARP 3 for short." Rave informed.

"You may have beaten the last two but number three is designed just for the occasion of slaughtering your whole fleet."

"We'll just see about that!" Hikaru hissed at the three, "They didn't make me part of the berserker four for just show."

"Me too." Lucas said in a drunken tone, he had a bottle of sake in his right hand, "I can take ya with one hand…I need the other to drink ya know?"

"Count me in!" A voice hollered as a black dread went beside Hikaru.

Hikaru was surprised, "H-Hinoki!"

"Don't get me wrong Hikaru." Hinoki scolded, "I'm still ticked at you and you will be getting a big punishment from me once we get into the nirvana…but I still refer to you as a friend and friends have to look out for each other…RIGHT?"

Hikaru blushed a bit and slowly nodded, "Good, now Vile and Laviene are being taken back to the nirvana so it's just me, you and Lucas, and the whole nirvana."

"Just the three of us would be enough." Hikaru laughed.

Rave stared at them with disgust, "They think they can kill number three?" He turned to the monster and cried out, "ATTACK! LEAVE NO ONE ALIVE!"

The monster let out another terrifying holler and then made a swooping dive toward all the vanguards and dreads.

"You're not eating anyone!" Hibiki hollered as Vandread-Dita grabbed the monster and opened its mouth wide. "How about this instead?" The vandread shot out a cannon blast into the monster's mouth, but the monster only became ticked at this.

"Not even a scratch?" Gasped Jura.

The monster swung its tail at the vandread wrapping it in its coil.

"Eeeyahhh!" Dita screamed, "Mr. Alien! What's happening!"

"Argh! You bastards!" Hibiki cursed, "Don't think that we can get caught that easily." Vandread-Dita squirmed and shook trying to break free of the monsters grasp but it was no use. The monster only grasped them tighter.

"Yes, do try and break free." Sheena cooed, "GARP 3 enjoys his lunch to squirm a bit before he eats it. It makes it all worth while."

"Sorry but dinner's canceled," Barnette cried out as all the dreads began to shoot the monster down while the vanguards slashed away.

The creature let out a painful screech as it's grip loosened on Vandread-Dita just enough for it to free itself.

"Oh well," Rave sighed, "How bout we kick things up a notch? GARP 3, activate, maneuver 5.4009/b-222, purge of the warriors."

The monster screeched again as its stomach became fatter. It suddenly looked as if the stomach was pulling apart creating two. And to more of a surprise the second stomach was making its way up its throat.

"Wha-what's it doing?" Bart asked repulsed.

"It looks like its throwing up." Georgia gasped.

"Egh! That's gross!"

Its mouth began to open and made a horrible, disgusting noise as it spewed out dozens of cubes.

"Ahhh!" Dita cried, "There are more bad aliens!"

"There's more where that came from too!" Sheena cackled, "GARP 3 can create as many cubes as it pleases. It just has to stomach it, get it? Stomach? HAHA I crack myself up!"

The cubes began to attack any mobile ship they could find. But the Nirvana team was always prepared for a fight and with their weapons ready, a great battle started.

"All teams fight off the cubes." BC commanded, "Meia, your team will fight the giant monster."

"Roger." Was all that came out of her mouth as she and the vandread combiners went off into battle.

"Jura, combine with Hibiki for this moment. We need cover if were going to get close to this thing."

Both of them nodded as they fused to create vandread-Jura.

"Alright, let's show them that we can't be defeated so easily." Hibiki cried out.

"I'm not going to die so easily!" Jura laughed, "I still going to have my baby before that."

"You're still going on about that?"

The red dread kept the team out of the frenzy as they moved toward the monster. They soon came face to face with he beast. It let out a huge ear splitting screech.

"Let's show this punk who can yell louder!" Hinoki shouted, "Whaddaya say?"

Hibiki grinned, "Sounds good to me!" He soon parted from Jura's ship and fused with his doppelganger to create Vandread-Hinoki.

"HEY! What about me!" Jura whined.

"Oh don't worry about your problem to much doll face." Lucas chirped on her screen, "Pretty girls like you shouldn't worry so much. They should be keeping me company. How bout we meet…YEARGH!" Lucas jerked around to see Barnette ramming into him.

"Don't push your luck you PIG!" She growled at the violet haired man.

"Aw, I was going to do nothing." He whined.

"Alright cubes for brains," Hinoki hollered at the beast, "You ready for some real noise?"

"Hears an earful for ya!" Hibiki pounded on the giant button letting out a tremendous roar from the vandread.

Everyone braced for the sonic blast's impact as blew away GARP 3 a couple of miles.

"Did it work?" Hinoki asked.


"Guess not."

The GARP charged right at them making the vandread split.

"Hibiki! While it's distracted!" Meia cried.

"Already on it!" He replied fusing with her, creating Vandread-Meia.

The monster made a quick turn and began to rush straight towards the new vandread.

"You hungry?" Hibiki asked, "Well then…HERE'S A SNACK YOU"LL NEVER FORGET!"

The monster opened its mouth ready for the creature to run away in fright but to its surprise, it charged right at him. And to an even bigger surprise, they flew right in its mouth...and through its body and blasted out of its back.

"KREEEEE!" The monster screamed in pain as it exploded.

Hibiki laughed in triumph watching the creature burst into flames, "Was that all? I've fought harder opponents than that."

Sheena growled for a bit but then made a slight huff. "Well…if you think you're so strong, I guess you won't mind this! Everyone, activate IT!"

"Right!" The two other pilots nodded and pressed a button beside their control panels. A strange purple aura emitted from their ship and blasted to the flaming carcass of the GARP.

"Captain," Celtic cried, "There's a strange reading coming from the GARP 3."

Magno looked at her in confusion, "What."

"It seems to be healing and getting stronger."


The monster's body began to piece itself back into position suddenly as the purple aura surrounded it.

"What's…going on?" Jura gasped, "It's fixing itself."

Rave let out a snort, "You fools should have surrendered while you had the chance. Now you'll have to be all destroyed by HIM! ARISE, GARP 3 ½!"

"The creature arose even bigger than before. Its body became longer with spikes poking out of its sides, and its talons became more beast like as it grew claws. Its roar became even louder and blew away some ships. Its stomach made a large bulge in it announcing the horrid.

"OH NO!" Barnette cried, "Its goanna spew out more of those things."

"Damn it!" Hikaru muttered, "This is my fault. There after me and Andrea, but everyone else got into this mess to."

"You know you shouldn't blame yourself so much." Said a familiar voice to him. In fact it sounded as if it was coming from inside his cockpit. And in fact it was. Beside him was the awoken Andrea staring at the battle unfolding.

"Don't blame yourself." She repeated, "You can only blame yourself if you don't do anything about it."

He stared at her for a long moment then gave a slight nod with a smile.

"Well then…shall we?"

"YEAH! MAKE WAY EVERYONE! THIS GUY IS MINE!" The red vanguard charged at the monster with his sword in hand.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" Hinoki cried, "You really want to die!"

"I'm destroying this monster!" Hikaru cried out stabbing its sword on its beak keeping it shut. "Now watch the fun."

The monster began to struggle to make his mouth open as the bulge neared his throat. It made muffled screeches but that was about it as the bulge finally made its way to its mouth. Of course there was no entrance for the cubes to go through…so they barged their way through its body by force bursting the poor GARP into a thousand pieces.

Anita made her nasty cackle, "You think that will stop it? We'll just juice it up again."

"Not if I can help it!" Hibiki cried emerging right behind the three. "While you guys were preoccupied on watching that monster, we made our way behind so we can give you a present."


"Here ya go!"

Dita and Hibiki let out a powerful energy blast throwing them miles away. The three ships were totaled and useless to fight anymore. All three of them were now pissed off to no extent.

"ARRRRRRGH! You bastards are goanna pay for that!" Sheena cried as she tried to shoot off her weapons.

"Sheena, stop it." Said a calm voice from her communicator.

"Argh, Serenity. What do you want?"

"I have special orders for you to head back."

"No way! I have to kill the moron called Hibiki! Just look what he did!"

"It's been commanded for not a single one of you to kill Hibiki Tokai."

"Oh come on. Is it about him being Andrea's cousin or something?"

"No…This was a command from master."

All three pilots' eyes bulged.

"M-master?" Rave repeated.

"Yes. Amith has talked to the master and Master says he has special plans for that boy."

There was a long pause but Anita broke the silence by reconnecting with the enemy. "We decided that you've won this round."

"?" Was all that everyone could say.

"Rejoice for now, but don't forget. We will be back to finish the job."

"You're not going anywhere!" A vanguard pilot cried.

"The only place you're going is to the brig!" A dread pilot cried.

"KREEEHH!" A monster appeared at lightning speed. It grabbed in its mouth the three ships and then used its fins to swim off.

"We'll see you later." Rave gave a farewell as they disappeared in the darkness of space.

"Ugh." Hinoki moaned. "They can still act all high and mighty even after we beat them. How dorky."

Soon all the ships redocked with three new ones.

"Aww," Lucas whined, "I helped you again. Why do you have to take me back to the brig?"

"Because we said so, idiot." A man growled.

Everyone watched as Maxwell, Laviene and Lucas were sent away. Vile was taken to Duero for medical attention since she collapsed inside her dread. The vanguard finally opened to reveal two characters: a young woman around the age of Jura and Meia, and the young boy known as Hikaru.

"Step aside everyone!" a voice shouted from the crowd as it neared Hikaru.

"Hinoki." Hikaru sighed as she went face to face with him.

She gave him a hard look that made Hikaru feel miserable for what he did. Then, with her left fist, she punched him in the face.

"OW!" He cried as he hit the floor.

"That's for attacking me you jerk!" She bellowed now kicking him, "And that's for trying to kill me, and that's for kidnapping my brother, and that's for being an IDIOT!"

"I get it! I get it!" He growled. After she was finished the guards began to lead him and the woman to their holding cell. He then whispered to one of them for quite some time asking something.

"Don't try anything funny." The guard warned as he led Hikaru to Hibiki.

Hikaru stared at the boy for a moment. Their height both the same and his yellow eyes shoed such relief in them. He took a small boy then said, "I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused you in the past, Hibiki Tokai. I will make sure that I can repay you for your kindness." He then extended his hand, "And I hope…we can soon become friends."

Hibiki gave a grin and shook the boy's hand. Hikaru gave out a smile…before Hinoki toppled him over of course and started beating him again.

Further through space, the beast was preparing for something unimaginable.

"Lord Sakura!" A soldier saluted, "All the supplies are here. We can begin construction any time."

"Perfect." She said in a happy tone, "And the documents?"

"Yuki Dove gave us all the documents. He kept his word."

"All of that to spare the Nirvana. He tries to hard to protect people. It just falls flat on his face. You may go back to your duties."

The man saluted and left.

And even further throughout the Beast was another plan being created.

"Okay were here." Sheena growled as she and her two companions burst into the room.

Amith and Serenity turned to greet them.

"Welcome back." Amith said, "I'm sorry for halting your attack."

"You should be!" Anita bellowed, "Why didn't we kill that vanguard kid when we had the chance! Geese, what are you thinking master?" Her head motioned to a giant bowl filled with red liquid. The liquid was somewhat clear but foggy.

"I'm thinking what's best for everyone." The liquid said coolly.


"Yes Anita…I'm strong enough to even speak with you."

Suddenly, a young boy appeared from behind the pool. A young boy with blonde hair and red eyes stared at her. His face was scarred and he bled a bit.

"Master!" Serenity cried, "You can't go into your form yet! It's too weak."

"I won't have this form for long sweet Serenity. I am about to find another body."

"Another body?"

"Yes…from the boy who killed me last. Hibiki Tokai."

That's the last chapter of the third war! The sequel is called the fourth voyage! It will be released soon. I'm actually thinking of fixing the third war up a bit before moving on. I'm sorry that it took me so long to write this piece. Keep reading.