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The older gang went their separate ways. Tristan's scar was removed by the trip to the past and no longer wore a bandana. They rejoined at the factory three hours before the clothing show and discussed the situation.

Hours pasted and the older gang waited anxiously to see their younger selves. "Ulrich" kept in touch with his roommate and continued to give updates to "Yumi" in the backstage area. Though the younger gang hasn't arrived yet she was very excited about it.

It seemed like days to "Yumi" but soon enough their younger selves arrived. Since Lyoko was online, they were transported from their Lyoko to the Lyoko of five years later in the forest region. The younger Jeremie sat in the computer chair that the older Jeremie had forsaken for the past hour.

"Aelita" delivered the good news to "Jeremie" who relayed it to Tristan who told "Ulrich" on the phone who then delivered it to "Yumi" when she came backstage to change. The exchange would seem quite strange to any other group of people.

The older Lyoko inhabitant met up with the younger gang and greeted them. They were partially confused and dumbfounded when they realized where they were. It turns out that they were sent back to just before they came here.

The younger Aelita called out to Jeremie to make sure that he was okay and he responded affirmatively. His voice made her smile as she recalled her last memory with him.

The older Jeremie told the younger gang that he'd devirtualize them and did so with the exception of Odd who wanted to play around with that hover board that Tristan had before he went into the mine field. "Jeremie" let the hyper kid have the board and went down to the lower level to see the rest of the gang.

Once again, the younger selves were in the company of Tristan and "Jeremie".

"Since you already know what the situation is, let's just get down to business," Tristan proposed. With no one objecting, the man gave Jeremie Aelita's anti-virus, the program to go back in time almost five years and the incomplete firewall program. He then handed his recently appended note to Ulrich whom he personally trusted would not read it.

"It's going to be about an hour before Yumi's show gets over," the older Jeremie explained, "so to pass the time Tristan bought some disposable cameras for us to take pictures."

The older Aelita who was still in Lyoko watched Odd as he glided from side to side of the forest area on the virtual board. She laughed every time he shouted for joy. It reminded her so much of the Odd that she once knew and loved as a friend. His carelessness and disregard for his own safety kept her from calming down.

Eventually the others heard the laughter and became curious. They stopped taking pictures went up to the computer room to see what the fuss was all about. Odd was definitely having the time of his life.

However, the younger gang thought that it was time for him to come back to the real world. Against his will, "Jeremie" devirtualized Odd and the older Aelita. The two then made their way up to the room with everybody else.

"Einstein!" Odd shouted excitedly, "You have to make that when we get back! The hover board is sooooooo cool!"

Jeremie didn't know how to respond to that so he just replied, "Uh, okay." Then he looked up towards his older self and asked for the code. "Jeremie" told him that the code wouldn't be hard to make but the concepts that would be learned in the process needed to be learned by his younger self.

More time pasted and the older Yumi and Ulrich came by without any Sissy incidences. That was a huge relief for the both Ulrichs. Both groups of friends just relaxed, took pictures and had a good time.

"Aelita" managed to talk to her younger self and Jeremie. She reassured the young girl that everything will be okay and that living has its ups and downs. Aelita was still a little nerve-wracked from this whole ordeal but she understood what her older self was telling her.

Later, the two disposable cameras that Tristan bought were filled up with memories and he took them to the photo shop to develop them.

Some time later, the pictures were done and he glanced through the two packs to make sure that every one had turned out right. The man saw a picture that he wanted only the younger group to see and no the older. He took it out and threw it away in a near-by garbage can then went back to the factory.

The two gangs said their goodbyes and Tristan handed a copy of the prints to Ulrich. He was the last to enter the scanner and go back to his own time.

The younger gang found themselves where they were before Aelita deactivated the tower. Jeremie was sitting in his computer chair and checked on his friends. Everything seemed to be normal and he pulled out the three DVDs he had been given and held them in his palm.

The discs seemed to be like miracles. Five years-worth of work done in a day. He could hardly believe that he was actually holding the key to Aelita's anti-virus yet couldn't use it. The boy felt happy yet sad at the same time.

Jeremie's friends began to thumb through the pictures. They gave no regard for him because they all knew that he could see anything in Lyoko easily. Pictures of the older group were the first to be seen. The older Ulrich and Yumi were kissing in one picture which the younger Ulrich took immediately and hid it after seeing it. Another one was of a tombstone with Odd's name on it. The mischievous teen thought it was cool. There was one photo that made Jeremie laugh and that was of Aelita with a blank stare on her face, probably from learning how to use a camera. The remaining prints were of the younger gang and older gang together.

After the rolls had bee viewed, the avatars responded that they wanted to come out and went in the tower. As they left a very disturbed individual was having second thoughts about her three-day weekend.

"Aelita?" Jeremie called.

The sound of her name startled her as she was deep in thought. She gasped at the surprise and said hotly, "Yes!"

"Do you want to join us?"

"Um…no. I'm sorry Jeremie but I don't want to come to Earth right now." Her words shocked him and herself too. Aelita had desired for ages to walk among the planet that her friends called home yet something told her that she needed time to think to herself.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," she replied, "I need some time to think about what just happened."

"Okay," Jeremie responded. The conversation went unnoticed by the others. He then fixed the return to the past program.

His friends arrived and he then remembered how they came here. The bed sheets were still hanging from his window! If he didn't pull them back in soon then Jimbo will notice and only God knows what will happen after that.

The computer genius dashed to his dorm room with Odd who had originally thought up the plan. If Jeremie was to get in trouble then he wanted Odd to as well.

As they reached the dormitories Jeremie's worst nightmares came true. There was Jimbo looking up at the white sheets on the campus lawn. Next to him was no other that the drama queen herself, Sissy.

Ulrich decided to walk Yumi home that evening. She could have stayed longer with him and her friends but she didn't want to. The two walked together in silence until about half-way to her house.

Ulrich was the first to speak. "Yumi, what do you think of what just happened?" He was trying to get onto the subject their relationship.

"To be honest, I don't know, Ulrich," she replied truthfully, "There were so many things that went on I don't know where to begin thinking.

"In five years a lot can happen," she continued, "We could be together, someone could die, we could make new friends…" Yumi summarized the events that took place with no direction in her speech until she concluded, "…I guess what I'm trying to say is that we should make the most of every situation."

She stopped and turned towards Ulrich. "Thanks for walking me home, Ulrich," she said.

"It wasn't a problem," Ulrich replied, scratching the back of his head. He didn't want to leave until he had a certain conversation with her.

The intuitive girl picked up on his unwillingness to go back to school and asked, "Ulrich is there something on your mind?" He had always been a quite boy so if he didn't answer her then she wouldn't think of it being odd or out of place.

"Uh, yeah there is," he answered quietly. The personal nature of the topic made him stammer as he continued, "Um…y-you know our older selves? The ones we just saw?"

"Yeah, what about them?" she asked.

"Well, they were…uh…um…together and I was wondering if, uh, you'd like to…uh, try it, you know."

Yumi had always wondered when this moment would happen. In her heart she would gladly say yes but that word was just so hard for her to say right now especially since both of them were blushing.

"Um, sure. I guess we could try it," she replied, cautiously then gave a semi-laugh that turned into a smile. Ulrich did the same.

"Okay, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow then," he concluded.

"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow," she replied. Upon entering her house she said, "Goodnight."


"Jeremie! What is the meaning of this?" Jimbo demanded.

"Uhhhhhh," was all that he could reply until the P.E. teacher interrupted him.

"And where are your friends, Ulrich and Yumi? They were with you just minutes ago. You're plotting again aren't you! I knew it," he accused and then gave his overdone statement about how he'd tell the principal and get them in trouble.

Odd came to his rescue and replied, "Actually, we weren't plotting Jimbo." The man glared at him like he was being interrogated. He continued, "You see, we were trying to get out of Jeremie's room but a certain someone wouldn't let us pass. I.e. Sissy! So we had to go out the back way."

The girl was disgusted at the accusation. Even though it was true the black-haired teen denied it and said that all she did was tell Jim about the sheets. The teacher backed up her story but was still suspicious about both parties.

He told Jeremie and Odd to stay in their rooms for the rest of the night and to pull the sheets back inside. Jimbo then scolded Sissy for being a tattle-tail. Everyone then went their separate ways.

The two trouble makers cleaned up Jeremie's room. It took less than five minutes.

"So are you going to bring Aelita to Earth for the weekend?" Odd asked.

"No, she's doesn't want to come right now," Jeremie reported a little saddened.

"Why not?"

"She said that she had some things to think over about what happened."

Odd understood what Aelita meant. "Then how did your date with her go?"

"Date? Odd it wasn't a date. It was supposed to distract her from the older Aelita's condition," he replied.

"Right, sure…" the boy responded sarcastically.

"It was!" Jeremie defended hotly.

"I bet she thinks it was…" Odd said then was chased out the door by Jeremie.

The computer genius was confused by Odd's observation. In truth, it had been because of the older Aelita's condition. If it were a date then he would have asked her. However, what Jeremie didn't understand was that it started out as a distraction but it turned into a date. To clear up this misunderstanding he made a connection to Lyoko.

Aelita was in a tower, the tower that materializes her. She was thinking of the night they spent together and what happened. Jeremie's hale for her was answered with her normal promptness.

The boy began to converse with the girl a world away. They exchanged notes about what they thought of the recent paradox

Aelita asked, "Jeremie, do you think we were…dating?" She was referring to their older selves and not that evening.

"I don't know. We really didn't see much of them," he replied.

Aelita signed. She wondered what the feeling she experienced before they went back into time was. It was like her whole body just stopped working and concentrated on that particular moment. The emotion she thought could have been love but she couldn't understand why it was so strong. She wanted to experience it again.

"Aelita, why don't you want to come back to Earth for the weekend?"

"I'm afraid. Afraid of what might happen," she answered.

The boy talked with her again and eventually he convinced her to come to Earth. After that, he called Yumi.

Ulrich had finally reached his dorm room after a slightly-more-lengthy walk from Yumi's house. He wore a big smile on his face the whole way until he came to his door.

As he turned the knob, reality set back in and he remembered that he had to do something with Sissy so that way Odd wouldn't die in the bus accident. Ulrich was not going to go out on another date with that witch so he thought of another clever way to fix the problem.

He went in and unsurprisingly Odd was there messing around with Kiwi. Ulrich told him that they needed to talk to Sissy. Odd understood why and went with his friend for support. The troublesome kid was completely in the dark about his involvement in Ulrich's scheme.

The boys reached her lair and Ulrich knocked on the door. It seemed to Odd though that he pounded rather than knocked.

"Yes?" Sissy answered, trying to sound as friendly as possible even though she was furious. Upon seeing her crush she rephrased her welcome with joy and excitement.

"Sissy," Ulrich interrupted, "Odd has something to tell you." His friend looked at him with a complex face.

"Huh?" he said.

"Tell her that you're sorry for making fun of her tonight," Ulrich instructed him.

"Okay…uh…Sissy I'm…" it took him the longest time to say the next word, "uh…sorry. I didn't mean to be so mean to you today."

The girl was shocked at his action. Never before had anyone apologized like that before to her. She replied, "Oh, well, thanks Odd. I didn't know you felt so guilty. Hey Ulrich, you know what would make this even better?"

Before she could finish her sentence he stopped her. "Don't even think about it. It won't happen."

"Hmph! Fine, then. I might not accept your friends' apology then," she said

"What? Hey! Don't drag me into this!" he protested.

Sissy retreated back into her room and pretended to cry. In a saddened voice that was obviously fake she said, "You made me feel so worthless today."

Both boys were shocked as it looked like that Ulrich would not be able to get out of this one.

"Fine..." he replied reluctantly, "I'll take you to dinner but nothing expensive, okay!" For once he was glad that Yumi didn't stay late.

Sissy couldn't have been more thrilled. For once Ulrich was actually willing to do something with her.

Jeremie and Yumi met in the computer lab of the abandoned factory. She got the go ahead from her parents after explaining that her "plane" just arrived in town and that she would be staying for the weekend.

The computer genus started the materialization program and seconds later a pink-haired girl lay in one of the scanners. Just as the program finished running, Odd arrived. They all went down to the next floor to greet her.

Upon seeing three of her four friends, the curious girl asked about the location of Ulrich. Odd covered for him saying that he was saving his life. However, that sparked Yumi's mind and she further inquired about his where-about. The boy then told her that he was at Chow Now, a not very fancy burger restaurant about a block away from campus.

Aside from Yumi's anger and frustration about Ulrich's absence Aelita smiled and readjusted to gravity. She would have a wonderful time with Yumi and her friends this weekend.

Almost a week had pasted and the gang went back to their normal routines again. Jeremie and Aelita began to analyze the DVDs they were given in every spare second they had. Odd was his usual self, clowning around and making Sissy mad although he had been very careful the past few days.

Ulrich put the note from Tristan's older self in a safe place, next to his diary. He never gave much thought as to what was written on it but none-the-less he promised to give it to the younger Tristan when the time was right.

Yumi's anger cooled down with the passing days too. Although she hadn't talked to Ulrich much their relationship seemed to be where it was before the ordeal last Friday.

The four friends were standing on the sidewalk outside Kadic's main entrance waiting for the bus to arrive. Today, the day that their older selves warned them about, was a field trip day. The seventh and eight grades were to go to the zoo for a biology lesson with Mrs. Hertz and Jimbo. Unfortunately, Yumi was in the ninth grade and wouldn't be going yet she still stood by her friends.

"Yumi," Ulrich said, seeing the bus protrude over the horizon, "I think you should get back to class now."

The girl knew he was right but after being told what would happen, a car crash, she couldn't get the thought of one of her friends being hurt or even killed out of her mind.

As the bus came to a halt the brakes squealed and it made her jump. Then Jimbo hollered at the kids to get on and not make any trouble.

Yumi hugged Ulrich for reassurance. "I'm…scared," she replied, tightening her grip. The boy returned her touch.

"Don't worry, Yumi," Odd stated, "We won't let anything happen. If worst comes to worst, we'll make sissy sit in that seat!" The troublesome teen then laughed at his own joke.

"You know, that wouldn't be such a bad idea," Ulrich seconded, "It certainly wouldn't bother me."

Jeremie added some logic to the discussion, "As good as your intentions are I'm going to have to say that we shouldn't affect peoples' lives like that. We have no idea how they will affect us."

The computer genius wore a silver ring on his left hand. It was a promise ring. He had given the matching pair to Aelita during her first weekend as a present. However, instead of promising his love to her he promised that one day he will materialize her virus-free.

Yumi sighed and let go of her friend. She responded sadly, "Yeah, I guess you're right. We'll have to deal with Sissy some other way." The woman switched topics, "Call me when it happens." Ulrich nodded.

Sissy, hearing her name came over to the gang. She snidely weaseled her way in between the two ambiguous lovebirds and took her Ulrich dear on the bus. He tried to escape but her grip was especially tight for some reason. Jeremie and Odd waved good-bye and boarded the doomed bus.

The two boys sat behind Ulrich and Sissy in the middle of the bus on the left-hand side. As they walked down the aisle they made a mental note of the "hot seat", two rows behind the driver.

The gang was also being aware of another person on the ride. Tristan was wearing his bright orange hooded sweatshirt and sat in the death chair. Ulrich noticed him and glanced back at his two friends. They all had the same thought on their minds.

The leader of the gang got up from his chair and went over to the lonesome boy. He was facing forward but his head was looking out the window. It was like he was deep in thought.

"Hey, Tristan," he interrupted the kids' mental process.

Startled at the sound of someone talking to him, Tristan turned to Ulrich with a blank expression. He replied timidly, "Ummm, hi, Ulrich"

"You want to come sit with us? I could use your company."

"Uh, sure, okay." This was the first time that someone actually wanted to have his company. It was quite an unusual request for the kid since he had never done anything with Ulrich or his friends before. This was either a trap for humiliation or an invite for friendship in his mind.

Ulrich sat behind Odd and Jeremie, leaving Sissy alone. Tristan was in the aisle seat and asked, "You know this is kind of strange for you guys." The three boys stared at him, waiting for an explanation. "I mean, we aren't friends or anything."

Odd replied, "Yeah, well, sometimes you just have to change."

The four boys continued to converse as the bus began its journey. Tristan was still cautious about their intentions and didn't speak very much. As much as he wanted to be friends with them he couldn't trust them just yet.

As the bus entered the Franklin and Washington intersection, the horrors that the older gang spoke of came true. As the car that was supposed to kill Odd made its way into the intersection, it slammed into the vehicle. The second row behind the driver was totaled and squeezed tight. Students and faculty evacuated the smashed bus through the emergency exits and gathered on the sidewalk.

The four boys were stunned at the event as they had never seen or experienced a car crash before. Tristan was especially bewildered at the sight of his former seat lay in ruin.

Ulrich called Yumi. He told her every detail. To his eye, it looked like no one got hurt. That was a very welcomed relief to the girl. She let go of the breath that she was holding and heard something in the background. Yumi asked what it was and Ulrich told her that he sneezed.

"I hope you're not getting sick," she said.

"Don't worry. I'm sure it's nothing."

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