Genetics of a pixie

Chapter 1

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It was a cold day with a harsh wind outside the car but Daniel didn't care. He was with his father a engineer at the military base just up the road. A military base that he would now be able to see himself with his father.

Daniel smiled as they pulled up to the guards post with the chain link fence running from either side and behind it he could make out the hangers and a control tower. He also saw the many buildings of the complex where his father worked. It was amazing to the 16 year old who had until then never been allowed near the base.

ID please the guard asked as they pulled to a stop. Ok Doc but you'll have to have your son fill out the nondisclosure forms and stuff. Oh don't forget to show him the you know what over in hanger 27 it's getting shipped out next week. the guard finished as he handed back the ID card and picture Id and waved them in.

Daniel felt like fainting when they went through the arches for they were immediately faced with a multitude of strange vehicles including the one that flew past them to get into a hanger to their left, Literally. Whoa! How did they do that? he asked as his father smiled. That's the Volsten it's a combination of a troop transport and an experimental anti gravity engine. He was informed as his dad smiled widely. And it doesn't even use gasoline! he continued as Daniel stared amazed. If only the guys at school knew about this! of course he already knew he could never tell them especially after he filled out the paper work in the office.

He was pulled out of his thoughts as they pulled up in front of the main building of the complex. It resembled some kind of sprawling bubbles linked with tubes and he looked up and found only a curve for a roof. He frowned as he entered though when they were faced with a normal waiting room.

He sat patiently after filling out the forms with his fathers help and he was rapidly becoming anxious as he sat while his father talked with some research head in n office down the hall on the left. His interest was peeked when he watched a woman come by with a cart full of what looked to be food still packaged an some kind of gun cases lining the sides.

He watched as she went down the hall and into an elevator and then after entering a key number proceeded down in the elevator. Daniel smiled as he went down to the elevator. Well what could they be feeding all that food to hat they need guns to handle I wonder? He thought as he looked at his fathers ID card. Well I guess I'll just have to see. Good thing I filled out the forms he thought as he took the magnetic bar and slid it through the reader on the side of the key panel and keyed in the number his father had put on his paper work shortly before leaving him his ID and the paperwork to go to talk with the man in the office.
The Door Opened with A whoosh and soon he found himself looking at a diagram and a button panel. Lets see, level 1 labs, level 2 Research and Development, level 3 storage, level 4..Live specimen holding? Daniel quickly pushed the button for level 4 without even reading the other levels on the chart/map combination. The doors opened to a hallway with room on either side as he walked down the hall he saw the doors were labeled.

Lab Mice storage, Amphibians, Reptiles, he read off the labels as he went on until he turned a corner and saw two guards standing in front of a pair of double doors labeled Restricted Access Specimens. He knew he had to get in there.

Daniel smiled as he walked up to the doors and one of the guards stopped him. ID please and reason. he asked as Daniel smiled and pulled out the Id card his father had given him and handed it to the guard. Yeah My father sent me down here to pick up some stuff he left the other day So here I am. The guard smiled as he handed back the card.

Yeah we've heard a lot about you from Captain Harris, you're Daniel the computer wiz right? The guard asked as Daniel put the card away and smiled inwardly thinking how stupid guards really are. Yep that's me after this I'm going to go see hanger 27 something cools supposed to be out there.

Ok the guard smiled. Just go straight, your dads office is at the end of the hall on the left. the guard prompted as he opened the door. Daniel smiled as he went through and headed for his fathers office to keep up pretense. As he entered his fathers office he saw an advanced looking computer and a lot of papers and a briefcase and keys and.. keys? he picked up the keys and the briefcase and headed down the hall.

just before he got back to the double doors he saw a door on his left labeled Specimens Holding Cells. Daniel noticed the key lock and after a bit of fiddling with keys he managed to find one that looked like a match. The door opened with a bleep as the phumatic lock opened. and Daniel stepper through.

He was faced with a long hall with cages on either side about 12x12 until the last few with chain link dividers, the last ones having actual walls for some reason. as he walked along he marveled at some of the animals in the cages. In one was a dog looking creature with a evil looking set of eyes and hair like a cat with a catlike design, in another was a bull with what looked like a horn in the middle of it's forehead and as he walked by he saw that it was taller than him by a inch or two and twice as wide easily. he stopped as he saw the door separating the last few cells from the others. It was a airlock style door with a small message plaque and a sticker beneath it. Female Researchers Only, Humanoid specimens storage. and just below the plaque was the sticker. TO BE DESTROYED.

Daniel gasped as he read that. They're going to destroy people? not if I can help it. and he soon found himself opening the door and stepping trough the airlock. As he stepped out of the second door he saw a open faced cell on his left with bars and a numeric bolt lock like a modern prison might have. What really got his attention was in the corner. A Girl! she sat curled up in the corner crying. As he looked closer he saw that she had wings, a tail and horns. Hey what's wrong? he asked her as she spun and scooted to the back of the cell. Who who who are you? You don't belong here she said as she sobbed in the corner.

Easy I'm Daniel and I'm just here to help, now what are you.. then he noticed that she was naked except for a band around her wrist. Umm uhh that is.. what's your name? he asked as he looked away slightly astounded that the woman seemed not to notice though she was almost his age and obviously very mature for her age. I don't have a name really but the doctors called me the Pixie so I guess my names pixie she said in a near whisper. Daniel smiled as he held out his hand through the bars a very narrow fit. Nice to meet you pixie. he said as she smiled and he moved to unlock the cell.