Daniel Smiled as they pulled up to the cabin seeing the girls immediately rushing out to meet him the exception being pixie that was likely resting inside still. He grinned and hugged and greeted each as his aunt looked at him rather amused that he wasn't molesting the naked women throwing themselves at him despite his furious blush. Soon they were moving inside with the girls sorting through the clothes except for one bag which Daniel had as he hands Anna and Uni their outfits getting a kiss and a purr from each before he leans down and gently rubs pixies cheek as Edith goes to make some lunch and some of the girls follow asking about their new outfits.

Slowly pixie opened her eyes and Daniel looked into them smiling lovingly as he caresses her face gently. The store didn't have enough underwear for you pixie but...I picked a set out that I hope you'll like. It matches your hair. Pixie watched as he pulls out the dusty red combination and smiles as he hands it to her clutching it to her chest and then looking at him as she feels the soft feel of it and blushes softly. Daniel was about to ask what was wrong when her quiet voice reached his ears almost pleading and filled with need.

Will you dress me? I can't put it on myself. Pixie told him trying not to blush as she looked up at him hopefully and knowing this was the only male she would ever want with her in such a helpless condition as he nodded and she felt his hands slide under her lifting her gently against his chest as she held close and without thinking pressed her breasts into his chest and kissed his chest and neck lovingly.

Of course…just don't tell Edith he joked as he felt her snuggle close and took her into the bedroom and sits her gently on the bed and takes the outfit and slowly removes the bottoms and looks at her then blushes. Can you lift and spread your legs pixie? He asks as he holds up the bottoms and looks away hearing a soft giggle and then he feels her tail turning his head to look at her. Daniel... You can look at me. You saved my life and you're protecting and caring for me. You're the only one I trust and…well Daniel...I'm yours if you'll have me. Pixie told him leaving Daniel stunned and blushing before he eased the bottoms up her legs slowly covering her wet and inviting slit. The sight of it making him blush even more until he leans down and gives her a long slow passionate kiss on her lips and caresses the back of her head. I'll always be here pixie. Thank you. But, nobody deserved what they were putting you girls through.

Slowly she let him slide the top on and fasten it behind her back amazed that it allowed for her wings easily and then she held him tight with what strength she had left and pressed herself against him. Just hold me she pleaded as he rocked her and caressed her lovingly and just let her be seeing that she just wanted to bask in being safe and cared for.

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