The 14 Days of Valentines.

Summary: In the aim to impress Rogue on Valentines Day Remy unintentionally gets the other guys in trouble with their own girls. Romy, Jott, Kiotr, Bobby/Jubilee, Tabitha/Pietro, possibly Kurt/Amanda, Jonda and Loro to come, maybe a few others. Rating to increase with later chapters.

Disclaimer: Simple, me no own, but I do have Gambit tied to a chair in my wardrobe...

Authors Note: Set in future Xavier saw, thus Piotr and Remy are part of the household and no longer enemies to the X-Men. This also means Rogue has absorbed Carol Danvers so has all her powers (Flight, strength, invulnerability) and can control her absorption (As I am lead to believe she has control over after seeing pictures of her not wearing gloves).

The idea for this came from the Simpsons in which Abu is trying to impress/make it up to his wife before Valentines day for working so much. The idea is basically the same here, Remy is going all out for Rogue but at the same time is (unintentionally) showing up the rest of the male mutants, who are suffering the wrath of their female partners for their 'lack of romance' compared to the Cajun.

I don't have any real feelings on the whole Bobby/Jubilee relationship, even if they do seem insane enough to deserve each other, but I needed more couples in the story to make it funny. Same for Tabby and the speedster, but I think they would be a fun couple to play with and also completely insane. As for the others, I think Kurt and Amanda are cute together, same for Kitty and Piotr. Logan and Ororo are so good together, she calms him down I think. I cannot stand to see Wanda with Toad and find it funny with her having to deal with Pyro. Scott and Jean, well its face it, they are meant to be, no matter what version of X-Men there is. And my two favs? How can Rogue and Remy not be together!

Most of the chapter are designed to be short, as it only shows a small segment during the day at the time Remy shows his surprises off. The '14th' should be longer than the rest... Note I said 'should be'...

Please excuse my French and German, I am working of the language translator on so please do correct me if I get any of it wrong. Unfortunately they do not have English to Russian on it so if anyone knows a good FREE translation site for it please tell me. And as always, can you pick out my references/quotes?


Chapter One: It is Never Too Early For Chocolate

February 1st

Moaning low in her throat Rogue rubbed her face with the palms of her hands, trying to push back sleep as she yawned. No matter how many years she had lived in the mansion she had never gotten use to waking up early and since graduation it had gotten even worse. Before it was to make sure they were not late for school and six am Danger Room training twice a week for the official X-Men team, now it was six am everyday for training. To put it simply, she was not a morning person and with her temper the rest of the team knew it.

Inhaling deeply with a smile on her face at the thought of her daily morning vision as she stretched her body over the bed - slightly disappointed to find herself alone - Rogue frozen at the shot of scent she just got. It was definitely not a smell she was use to in her bedroom, hell it was one rarely smelt in the household. Pancakes, eatable ones. Opening her eyes a slit so they were not be overwhelmed by the sudden light of morning Rogue gradually drew her eyelids back to find a man stretched along the end of her bed. Her man. Remy.

Laying on his side the Cajun propped his elbow into her - since it was technically her room, even though they shared it - bed and rested his chin in his hand, dressed only in a pair of tight jeans and watching the Goth as she slowly woke, a slight smile gracing his features. Guess she wasn't going to miss out on her good morning view after all. "Mornin' chèrie."

"Mornin'." Damn, it's unfair he can look so good this early. "Is that pancakes Ah smell?"

"Oui." Rolling backwards off the bed and landing gracefully on his feet Remy leant down past the edge of the bed and came back with a covered tray between his hands. Walking around to her side of the bed he placed it on her lap before moving around the bed to lie on his normal half.

"What's this?"

"W'at it look like chère?" Pulling back the cloth used to cover the tray he revealed a plate full of pancakes and a large glass of orange juice beside her daily morning cup of black coffee. "Breakfast."

"Hold on, yah got out of bed before," Looking over to her alarm clock Rogue raised an eyebrow at the time. "5:45 in the mornin' to make meh breakfast? Who are yah and what yah done to mah Cajun?"

"Quoi?" (What?)

"Remy LeBeau, in all the tahme yah've been at the mansion Ah have never seen yah up before 10 am unless yah have a Danger Room session, which since yah not an active X-Man yah don't have to do much. And then yah spend most the rest of the day gettin' back at Scott for wakin' yah up early. Hell, from the memories Ah got off yah, when yah were back in N'Awleans yah never got up before ten then either."

His confused look was quickly replaced by a beaming smile. "Oui, but Remy don't mind gettin' up early for ma chère."

Rogue stared at him for a moment as if he suddenly started perching the need for more Danger Room and wearing red sunglasses... like a certain fearless leader. She let out a sigh of a chuckle as she shook her head, looking down at the food in her lap. Picking up the fork provided Rogue cut into one pancakes but paused to study the meal closer, dark spots rested among the golden cakes. Recognizable dark spots.

"Chocolate chip pancakes? Isn't it a bit early in the mornin' for chocolate?"

"Non chère, never too early for chocolate. Like it never too early for bourbon." Seeing her raise an eyebrow at his alcohol comment Remy smiled and quickly changed the subject, no need making her think he was an alcoholic. "Plus ya will need da energy for Danger Room."

Shaking her head at him yet again a touch of a smile appeared on her lips as she stabbed at the piece of food with her fork. "What is this all for Swamp Rat?" Bringing the chunk up her mouth Rogue's eyebrows shot up. The pancakes were really REALLY good.

"Valentines Day." He answered calmly as he sipped at her glass of orange juice on the tray.

"Valentahnes? That ain't 'til the fourteenth Remy."

"Oui, Remy knows, but 'e wants to make ya feel special Roguey."

Leaning over she quickly planted her lips against his, her tone becoming soft to show the emotion she hid from the others in the house. "Yah 'ready do sugah."

Remy returned the kiss with a smile. "But Remy wants to treat ya dis Valentines chère, so dat means somethin' everyday 'til 'nd includin' Valentines Day."

Rogue started to choke on her mouthful of breakfast as what he said registered with her. Taking a mouthful of coffee to clear her throat she stared at the man beside from her. "Fourteen days of this!"

"Well, not dis," He waved his hand at the food. "But other surprises. Remy don't wanna get predictable by doin' breakfast in bed every day. Dey'll be all different, Ah promise."

"Remy, yah don't have to do this-"

"Oui, Remy does." Remy interrupted before giving her light kiss on the lips and getting to his feet. "Enjoy chèrie, but remember, we got Danger Room in fifteen minutes."

She rolled her eyes in his direction. "How could Ah forget?"



"He did what? That is, like, so sweet!"

"Apart from the fact Ah'll be workin' that chocolate off for the next month." Rogue answered as she peeled off her trench coat that had seems to had stuck itself to her during training. She hardly broke a sweat during battle thanks to her strength and invulnerability but after one of Logan's training sessions it seemed to pour off her, but then again she was up against fifty ton enemies in the Danger Room. It pushed her to her limits.

Smiling at her teammate Jean dropped herself down next to the Goth on the bench running down the middle of the room, pulling off her black head piece. They had all just finished a two hour training session and the team had broken up to change in their gender specific changing rooms, which had been added to the underground level with the increase in the mutants to train. Both rooms were complete with labeled lockers for each mansion member as well as multiple showers and private changing areas. "You say this was a lead up to Valentines day? Fourteen days of it?" Her smile was quickly replaced with a frown. "Scott's never done anything like that for me."

"Well it is Scott." Kitty grinned as she pulled out her shower gear and a bright pink towel from her locker. "But, like, Piotr's never done anything like that before either. I mean, he's, like, sweet and all but not as romantic as Remy."

Rogue rolled her eyes at the two girls as she snapped off her belt and stuffed it into her locker with her coat, quickly followed by her boots. "But fourteen days is just so much. It's overwhelmin'."

"Are you referring to the training child? You have never had trouble with it before." Storm asked as she entered the room, completely missing most of the conversation.

"No Storm, it isn't that. We're talking about Rogue's Valentine's charmer." Jean spoke up again, still seeming slightly off by the romance level difference between her and Rogue's boyfriends.

Ororo let out a soft smile, "What has Remy done now?" Half expecting an angry expression on the heavy hitter mutant compared to the shocked one that was in it's place. It was not unusual to hear in the mansion Rogue yelling at one of Gambit's 'inappropriate' actions or comments. In fact as well as heavy flirting and sarcastic remarks to one another fighting seemed to be a large portion of their relationship, even if most of the arguments were half hearted and no true anger was behind them. It seemed to keep their relationship 'spicy', a word that was perfect for them both.

"He gave her breakfast in bed." X-23 spoke up from her place in the changing room, having eased-dropped on the red-head and phaser as they tried to get more details out of Rogue.

"Oh, well that is very sweet."

"Like, that's not all! He's going to, like, surprise her everyday with something new until Valentines day. It's so romantic."

Rolling her eyes yet again at her extra hyper friend Rogue looked to the older woman. "Lahke Ah said, it's overwhelmin'. Ah don't want anythin' special."

"In this case Rogue, I suggest you just enjoy it. You know Remy, once he has his mind set on something there is no changing it." Ororo commented as she reached her own locker, mind set on a hot shower after the X-Team's daily training. "That and I am sure he had put a lot of planning into this, you would not want to disappoint him."

Sighing she nodded as she grabbed a towel and moved to one of the showers. "Ah guess, Ah just hope it's nothin' too over the top. But knowin' Remy, it will be."