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Chapter Eleven:

February 11th

Personal movie day


Chapter Twelve:

February 12th

VIP to her fav club


Chapter Thirteen:

February 13th

Slave for a day


Chapter 14:

February 14th


limo waiting for them, new dress, hires out an entire restruant for a night (money and connections), dancing at the restaurant, hotel at four seasons afterwards so they're away from the mansion for the night.

Entering her room Rogue raised one eyebrow at the large black box on her bed. Walking over she noticed the matching envelope resting neatly in the centre of the box with her name written in silver ink on the front.

"What yah up to now Cajun?" She muttered as she picked it up and tore paper open, unfolding the note inside, finding only four lines in the same silver calligraphy.

Seven pm sharp

On the front steps

Wear what is in the box

Your Swamp Rat.

Shaking her head Rogue couldn't help but wonder what Remy had planned tonight, she was still getting over the last thirteen days and couldn't see how he could top those. She had never been one for this so claimed holiday so this had all be an overload. Curiosity for what was in the box on her bed over took her wonder as she eyed the container before placing the note back into the envelope and dropping it to her bed. Slowly she pulled on the green ribbon holding the lid on and removed both, gasping at the sight of the item inside.

"Sneaky Swamp Rat." Pulling out the dress a slow smile formed on her face as she studied it before holding it up to her form, it seemed a perfect fit. "Ah won't even ask how he knows mah sahze."

Starting at a form fitting green strapless corset the dress flowed down until it touched the ground, a split up the right hand side to mid-thigh level. In the box rested black elbow length gloves, stockings and matching high heel shoes. Spreading the dress carefully over her bed Rogue's eyebrows raised again at the other contents of the box, made up of some lacy and sexy yet very revealing lingerie in the same black as the accessories.



As seven pm neared several occupants in the rec. room found themselves trying to pass the time as they waited for what the next event in the Cajun's plan was, as well as hiding from their partners. Scott, Kurt, Bobby and even the normally calm Piotr occupied the main pieces of furniture in the room, their fearless leader drumming his fingers upon the arm of the chair he sat, glaring into space behind his glasses. Jean had been given him the cold shoulder for almost a week now, despite his attempt to make it up to her tonight. Each male had their own version but with similar results. Even Piotr was annoyed with the situation after Kitty refused to talk to him, something that he didn't think she was capable of.

Just before the stroke of the hour they turned away from with own brooding at the sound of footsteps from the stairs, getting ready to take down Gambit if it turned out to be him. Instead they came face to face with a true angel, at least in appearance.

Dressed in the outfit provided to her earlier that day her hair was claimed by delicate curls that they natural fell in before she would tame them with hair product and a hair drier each morning - which she hoped everyone would over look as a styled look instead of guessing it was natural - and white spirals framing her face. Green eyeshadow matched the colour of her dress and emerald eyes that lay partly hidden behind heavy eyelashes. Around her neck hung the choker she received only a few days ago, the red and silver offsetting against the mass of green and black.

"What yah boys all starin' at? Never seen a girl all fancy before?" Rogue smiled down at them through her red lipstick, touching a gloved finger to the edges of her mouth to check she hadn't smudged the colour.

After a moments silence Piotr cleared his throat, realizing how rude it was with them staring at her. "You look lovely Rogue."

Looking up from adjusting her gloves the girl shot a dazzling smile at him as she finished descending the stairs. "Thank yah Piotr."

Second to find his voice Scott spoke up. "Where you going Rogue?"

"Not sure," She admitted, smoothing out the non existing wrinkles in her dress and just drawing the boys attention to how tight the material really was on her. "Ah was just told to be outsahde by seven." Looking to the clock she inhaled a breath quickly through her teeth, resulting in a light hissing sound. "And Ah'm goin' to be late if Ah don't go now." Rogue shot a wink in their direction before hurrying to the door. "Nahght yah'll."

All four of their eyes followed her as she disappeared out the door, only snapping out of their daze as it slammed close behind her. Pausing for a moment Kurt and Bobby rushed back to the rec. room, fighting over the best view out of the window.


"What is it?" Scott asked Bobby as he and Piotr joined the two younger mutants.

"It'z a limo! He got her a limo!" Kurt cried, his yellow eyes wide as he watched the pitch black limousine pull up in front of the steps, directly before his sister.

As the limousine pulled to a halt the focus of the topic for the last fourteen days stepped out of the car and held a hand out to his date, taking her gloved one in his as he moved to stand in front of her, bowing low to kiss her knuckles through the black fabric. A hint of blush covered her cheeks as Remy led her to the car, holding the door open for her to slide in before he joined her. The men at the window followed the veritcule with their eyes until it glided out of the gate and down the road.

"The girls are not going to let us forget this."


NOTE: change remy hair?

Sitting slightly more stiffly then she would of preferred - the tight corset didn't allow enough room for her to slouch - Rogue shot glances over towards her date and love. Remy had also dressed to impress like her but seemed much more at ease in his formal clothing. Fitted into a matching black suit of coat and perfectly pressed trousers he wore a dark red shirt underneath, the first two buttons left undone for a slight casual touch as his long hair was tied back neatly into a tight ponytail behind his head.

Smiling over at her Remy took her hand and kissed her knuckles again, rubbing his thumb against her palm as he noticed her studying him. "Quoi?"

"Yah use to dressin' lahka this, ain't yah?"

Looking down at himself he sighed. "Oui. Da Guild use to 'old balls 'nd Jean-Luc always made Remy dress up, even as a enfant. Remy 'ated it." (child)

Reaching out to brush the chunks of hair that had escaped his ponytail and fallen over his face Rogue returned the smile softly. "Yah look very handsome Monsieur LeBeau."

"'nd ya look belle Mademoiselle Rogue."

"So, yah goin' to tell meh where we're goin', or is it 'nother surprahse?"

He just grinned right back at her, answering her question in actions more than words as a 'no'. "It wouldn't be a surprise den chèrie."


back at the mansion, girls watching the limo go

"Remy thought a night away from da mansion would do us both good," Kicking the door closed with the tip of his shoe Remy locked it and walked up to wrap his arms around her waist from behind, slowly running his hands along the smoothness of her dress. "Non curfew, non petites runnin' 'round, non questions from da filles 'bout w'at 'appened, non Wolverine stalkin' da 'alls. Just us." He pressed a kiss through her hair and against the base of her ear along the jaw.

Rogue's body suddenly stiffened in his grip, her hands coming up to pull his from her body as she turned to face him, eyes narrowed slightly as if trying to figure him out. "Whah?"


Crossing her arms tightly over her chest she scanned his confused face. "Whah the hotel? By the tahme we got back almost everyone would be in bed and Logan is use to us by now." Rogue's expression instantly turned to one of shock and almost anger. "Is this 'bout sex?"

"Quoi?" He repeated, still trying to get of the first shock and process what was happening. "Non chèrie, non."

"It was, all of this, the whole Valentahnes thing, all to get meh in this hotel tonahght. Ah thought yah were bein' sweet and romantic, but Ah guess it's just a typical Remy LeBeau thing." She gave a snort of disgust. "Once a player, always a player, lahke a thief. Some things never change."

"No, Rogue," As Remy reached out to touch her again she pulled well out of his arm range, turning her back to him. What was happening? She never reacted like this before, well, in the beginning when she thought she was just a challenge to him because of her power and the ability to scare others away by her attitude - as much as that was true to start with - she did but not anymore. Their relationship was rocky to say the least in the beginning. As if it wasn't hard enough starting as enemies to go to team mates, friends and finally a couple the stress between the suspicion from the X-Men against him, her power and both of their pasts trying to catch up with them didn't help matter. But they worked at it! They made it work! "Remy didn't do it for dat. Je t'aime, dat's why."

"How can Ah believe that? Yah the master as playin' people Gambit."

"'Cause ya never fell for Remy's tricks?" A glare sent back at him told him this was definitely not the time for humour. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. How could he convince her, to put all the emotions she caused him into words? It was impossible! She was his world, nothing else mattered apart from her. When Rogue was near all he could focus on was her. How to get a smile or laugh from those normally purple covered full lips, to bring a blush to her pale skin that no one else was capable of doing, getting a flash of emotion to those amazing emerald eyes, whether it was cause by anger or joy. Remy knew he didn't deserve her. She was well out of his league, a lowly thief devoting himself to an all powerful goddess that could crush him with her little finger without breaking a sweat. No, words could not express what she meant to him, nor could physical gestures, but he was willing to try.

Taking hold of her shoulders Remy slowly turned her body around to face him, but she stubbornly kept her head angled away him. Cupping her face between his hands he gently aimed her face up towards him. "Ah love ya Rogue 'nd Ah never meant dis to be taken any other way dan to show ya dat."

Lowering her eyes Rogue placed her hands over his ones as they rested on his face, pausing there for a moment before pulling them from her skin and taking a step back. "Let's just go to bed, Ah'm tahred," As he opened his mouth to speak she shook her head. "Please."

Remy's shoulders slumped but he slowly nodded. "Ok Rogue. Ah'm sorr-"

"Please Remy, don't." Turning her back on him again she pulled at the zipper on the side of the corset top.

Twisting away to give her some privacy Remy shrugged his coat off, walking over to place it on the back of the chair resting in front of a vanity and make-up mirror he lowered his head and forced his eyes close. Did all of this really come across as another way to get her into bed? The aim was the opposite! Well... ok, maybe not to not get her into the same bed as him but show her that it wasn't just physical, that the relationship was so much more important to him compared to the numerous meaningless ones he had been part of in the past. That he always wanted her in his life, not that he would have much of one without her.

Rubbing a hand over his face he heard movement from behind him, guessing she had slipped under the sheets of the bed to cover herself he turned back around, jaw dropping open at what waited for him.

"What? Can't a girl do something for her boy on Valentahnes?" Making her way over to him with an extra sway in her step Rogue she stopped right in front of him, slowly spreading her hands across his chest. "Well, man."

surpsied him by only wearing the stockings and garterbelt under her dress, nothign else.

Chapter 15: Day After

February 15th

get home by taxi, not as neat as when they left, gloves off, jacket off, etc.

rogue goes up to room but girls follow to try and get details, leaves remy by himself downstairs, throw coat onto kitchen chair (important so that way he doesn;t have cards for fighting)

meets up with males in house, as well as pyro and quicksilver, gets dragged to danger room to take on all the guys by himself, only has one deck of cards. ends just before they attack him.


Authors notes: And this boys and girls, was why I was going to up the final rating on the last chapter. Please excuse the personal notes to myself in this, I do that as I write, and the bad spelling. This wasn't spell checked. In fact, I haven't read this SINCE I wrote it ^_^ sorry about that.