Nightly Radiance

CH 9: Unseen Answers

Wow...he sure didn't take his time. Inuyasha thought, watching as the carriage that surely had his brother in it moved with force towards the army camp.

It wasn't as if he wasn't expecting anyone to arrive, yes he did in fact. However, if he could recall, he thought he heard Miroku and Tsuko said to wait for them in a week - not in four days. And as he thought about it now, his brother wasn't the easiest type of person to convince or the type of person to get driven by emotions so quickly. So, he wondered inwardly. What had Miroku and Tsuko been up to?

Unsure of many things, Inuyasha walked towards where the beautiful and somewhat elegant carriage would be stopping. Once he arrived and the carriage stopped, it wasn't long until two bruised and nearly half-dead bodies landed on the hard ground before him.

The two bodies were: Miroku and Tsuko both bruised to every inch of their form. Miroku had black eyes, while Tsuko had swollen lips and black bruises surrounding his form.

Instantly, Inuyasha's eyes widened and he made his way towards them. "What the hell happened!" He asked out loud. "You idiots, I told you to make him want to kill - not kill the likes of youse!" He yelled, yet what he got from them wasn't usual, for they just both smirked.

Miroku gave a slight wink at Inuyasha. "You better run too, Inuyasha." He said, his tone serious yet happy. "We were a success!"

The body next to Miroku nodded furiously. "And we made you the topic." Tsuko confirmed.

Inuyasha's eyes widened. Run from who? Success with what? Topic of what? It wasn't long until he heard the audible light thud of footsteps coming from the carriage. From the corner of his eyes, he could see his pompous brother walked towards him with grace. It was then and there when Inuyasha realised the answers to his questions. Each one of them dropped to his head. Sesshoumaru. Jealousy. Me. Somehow, those words together in a thought didn't sound good.

His ideas were confirmed as he watched his older brother launched at him with great speed, quickly knocking him against the tree. And when Inuyasha looked towards his brother, he could only see the narrowed eyes and the undeniable anger of jealousy in them.

Fuck Miroku and Tsuko. Inuyasha thought disdainfully. They are going to be dead. With that comfortable thought passing his mind, he drew his sword and concentrated on the attacks his brother was giving him.

From the side, both lying down, Miroku and Tsuko watched the scene of the two brothers with smirks on their faces. They had already seen this coming, yet they were still surprised that it turned out to happen so fast. But then again, the words they have said to Lord Sesshoumaru were probably helpful in what they had in planned.

Tsuko's eyes travelled to Miroku's bruised form as he smirked. "If Lord Inuyasha kills us later, I think it's worth it, don't you think?"

Miroku nodded a little. "Though, it was really your words that got to know." He pointed out. "C'mon, even I don't go that far." He declared. "Meaning, I shouldn't even get in trouble." He ended up mumbling.

"I wasn't the one who told him details, Miroku." Tsuko stated. "And I wasn't the one who started it."

A sigh escaped Miroku's lips. "I guess we both went a little too far, didn't we?" He asked, concerned for Inuyasha's life.

"She deserves it." Tsuko answered, whilst nodding. "Just to get that bastard's head cleared up. And I got to fight with him in his full strength." He muttered, remembering the flashbacks of what had happened as to why Lord Sesshoumaru was so angry.

It was still clear in his mind, the time when Sesshoumaru was in his study, and though both he and Miroku weren't allowed in, they went in anyway, screaming seriously, "Help!" It was their plan after all. And as always, it worked incredibly and they were able to get Sesshoumaru's attention even for a bit.

When they were in the study, they had pretended to be both tired and exhausted, taking a few minutes to supposedly regain their composures. Only when they were beginning to lose Sesshoumaru's attention did Miroku talked.

"Lord Sesshoumaru!" Miroku said out loud. "It was a message from Lord Inuyasha to tell you that Lady Kagome had left and that she will return to the Higurashi residence." Miroku said, pretending to be out of breathes.

Their lord merely turned his back on them, his face not showing the slightest bit of care. "It does not concern me."

Then, it started, their little game with Lord Sesshoumaru. And to Miroku and Tsuko's head. It was a success!

Tsuko gave a slight nod to Miroku. "Yes, we know, we told Lord Inuyasha about that. But he said some words along the lines of, 'That fucking bastard doesn't deserve her so tell him what he lost.'" He said, imitating Inuyasha's voice and tone.

"Or was it, 'I'll just have her for myself. HAHAHA!'" Tsuko paused, seeing Lord Sesshoumaru's form tense. "Wait, Lord Inuyasha also said, 'If that fuck doesn't want her, then I'll be the one to share her bed!' But I really think he said: 'Since she just craves for me after Koya died. I probably reminded her of him' Hmm...can't decided." Tsuko ended, giving Miroku a nod as a gesture for him to continue.

Immediately, without a second to spare, when Miroku saw Lord Sesshoumaru look over his shoulder, to look at him, Miroku nodded his head furiously and he looked towards Tsuko. "Tsuko, I think he said all those." He said hoarsely, confirming Tsuko's words.

The lord remained quiet, but both Miroku and Tsuko could fill the anger within him rising. However, they both knew that he had no right over Kagome now, for after all, she wasn't his future mate anymore. So, with large smirks on their faces, they continued.

"I guess she really did like Lord Inuyasha, after all." Miroku stated, his voice perfect with the great imitation of honesty. "She wasn't that great, other than her legs...of course." With that, Miroku situated himself on the floor, next to the big pile of scrolls; this was going to take a while.

Their lord hadn't even dismissed them; it was obvious that though their lord didn't want to hear it, he was still interested to hear it.

Coughing, Miroku continued. "Oh, and those eyes with those lips and that perfect face. And don't even get me started with her hands, those hands are perfect..."

Tsuko stood up, opening the curtains that covered the sun from coming in. "Yeah, she wasn't that great, and I bet Lord Inuyasha won't really do what he had in plan. After all, he already confirmed that she was already taken." Tsuko continued, making each of the words that mattered cling to the air.

As if unknowing, Miroku looked towards Sesshoumaru. "I could remember the way Lord Inuyasha told us how it happened." Miroku stressed out the words, as if unnerved by the thought. "I never thought that she'd ever get over Koya, but I guess she did. I guess she only thought of Koya as a friend after all. Lord Inuyasha was right. Well, at least Lord Inuyasha got to her first before someone else."

A coughed was heard from Tsuko's lips. "That's what he told us, anyway." He stated, watching from behind Lord Sesshoumaru as the lord's hand clenched. "He also never forgot to tell us how nice she was to give him everything he wanted or needed from her. Especially when they were alone together. I remember him saying that her screams were music to his ears as she asked for more."

Dreamy eyes took over Miroku's features as if imagining the way a magical moment would happen. "Lord Inuyasha and Lady Kagome...together...forever." He said, almost as if he was trapped in a dream. "They are a great match. With Lady Kagome's great wonderful fighting skills, taught by Lord Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha has a great warrior! And I bet that because of her fighting skills...her stamina has improved..."

A sigh escaped from Tsuko's lips, "You're right. Lord Inuyasha has the powerful, beautiful female warrior in his arms and in his army, not to mention a great future mate. That's why he'll visit her soon in the Higurashi residence."

Then, from what Tsuko could remember, it was enough. Because after those words were said, Lord Sesshoumaru stood up, his eyes narrowed and his hands clenched. "Repeat what you said." He demanded at Tsuko.

A scared and nervous yet happy face replaced Tsuko's once before taunting face. "Lord Inuyasha said that he had already confirmed with the Higurashi family that Lady Kagome would be his mate, instead of yours-"

Tsuko's mind went blank, his memories not wanting to remember the great bodily injuries he had to face that day. And from what he could remember, the pain that was forced on his body lasted several hours. That was, until Lord Sesshoumaru had had enough of them and decided to go for the main topic of the anger. Inuyasha.

"Fuck, Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha's voice snapped Tsuko out of his thoughts as he looked towards the injured Inuyasha against the tree, bruises now marring his bare chest. "Whatever those bastards told you - it's not true!" Inuyasha continued, one his hands supporting his left shoulder, and the other hand holding onto his sword, which was already blunt from the battle it had just faced.

However, it was obvious to Tsuko's eyes that Lord Sesshoumaru didn't want to listen, but just do major body harm to his brother. And even with the protest of the younger brother, Lord Sesshoumaru didn't stop but kept on until (after hours) it was obvious that Inuyasha's body could take no more. He fell to the ground, and like Miroku and Tsuko, he was half-dead.

Miroku crawled to Tsuko a little bit, trying not to make a sound. "This is all your fault." He stated, but only got glare from Tsuko.

"Shut up!" Tsuko hissed. "He might hear us and beat us up again..."

It was moments after that they saw that Tsuko's little prediction might actually come true. Lord Sesshoumaru was still angry, and though he could take it out on Inuyasha, it was obvious that he wanted to take it out on them. After all, there was still a strict order from Lord InuTaisho's that Lord Sesshoumaru wasn't allowed to kill Lord Inuyasha. But there was no such rule for them.

And with great understanding and fear, Tsuko and Miroku stood up, and ran as fast as their broken legs could take them.


A soft and graceful hymn was heard throughout the small but beautiful garden. The flowers that were once despised, ugly and locked, were surrounded the garden with it's lively radiance. After Sekai discovered the flowers, blooming at daylight, not a single person in the Higurashi residence could help but come past the little garden and stare at the radiance of the flowers.

Apprehensively Sekai watched, from the corner of the little garden, as some children ran around, playing and enjoying the fragrance of the beautiful flower. Beside her, stood her daughter in all her glory, beautiful and will remain beautiful.

She could still remember the day she found the flower blooming at daylight, it was the day when her daughter, Kagome, returned. When she touched the petals, mesmerized by the flower's beauty at daylight, did she saw from the corner of her eyes that her daughter was once again within her arm's reach. And like any loving mother, she ran to her daughter's arms, not noticing that Kagome was not in her monster-like form, but was just happy that she was there.

Sweet untainted words were said, and to Sekai and surprisingly to her husband, they seemed to not notice that it was daylight and Kagome was not a monster. Also, even Kagome at that time did not fail to notice that they did not scold her for leaving, but acted as if they understood clearly. And that, to Kagome, Sekai and Lord Sayoseke, was enough.

To Lady Sekai and Lord Sayoseke, words were just words. Clearly, why do people bother to say things that could hurt others? - It's just a waste of breath. If they would say something, why not let it be untainted words and be nice? And then, that will just add another reason why they had a reason to live: they did not waste their breath.

Beside Lady Sekai, Kagome looked towards her mother, deep inside, she was smothered with happiness. But still, she couldn't help but feel that there was something missing. Though yes she loves the world around her much, but she knew that this wasn't all that she wanted. She wanted to leave, have adventures, see the world and get to know others.

However, she was the only child they had ever had. How could she possibly leave them now? She had not asked, and she didn't need to. She knew that as their heir, she must soon take over the control of the Higurashi residence. But, she knew she wasn't ready for that yet.

Decisions, decisions... If Koya was here, she knew that he would take the responsibilities from her hands and just take her away to the army. But, unfortunately, Koya wasn't here.

"You're not happy here." Sekai stated, watching from the corners of her eyes as her daughter turned her face to face her. And before Kagome could speak, Sekai continued. "Don't lie to me, I know my daughter, after all."

Kagome instantly turned her head away, and she walked towards the little pond, and once again it didn't surprised her to see the pond fairy staring back at her. Happy, yet unsatisfied clearly shown on her face.

A sigh escaped her mother's lips. "I never always wanted to live in this place, only with the family to know, and you and your father as companies. Like you, Kagome, I also wanted to travel." Her mother said, her voice soothing. "And though I am not growing young, your father and I will take no part in once again chaining you to a room. We're sorry for what we did. So now, if you want to leave, it's up to you. You can always return home."

From behind her, she could feel her mother's light footsteps and soon a hand landed on her right shoulder. "And home, is where your heart lies, Kagome. It's with you everywhere." A chuckle rose from her mother's lips as she looked at her daughter's reflection and then at the Nightly Radiance in grasped gently by Kagome's hands. "Just like that flower. But, you don't have to be alone."

A few minutes past, Kagome remained silent and her mother left with the children. Inside, she knew what her responsibility was. But deeper, she knew what she wanted. Was it possible to have both? Her freedom and her responsibility to stay at the same time? Somehow, the answer was no. Soon, before she would be address as an old maid, she had to marry. And that, unnerved her.


In his study, Lord Sayoseke watched as his wife walked towards him with unmarred wisdom. She was always a great source of knowledge, understanding and a great heart. Somehow, he wished that his daughter also had those qualities.

Lady Sekai gave a slight smile. "You would never go against out daughter's wish again, would you?" She asked, her tone serious.

His old but somewhat handsome face smiled, "Never again." He said truthfully. "Everything's enough."

A slight curve form on Lady Sekai's lips as she nodded at her husband.

It was only moments afterwards did they could hear -from beyond the doors- the loud gasped their male servants made as a unexpected guest arrived. Instantly, Lady Sekai stood up, gesturing for her husband to do the same, and they both headed for the guest rooms, where this unexpected guest would surely be waiting.

After a couple of minutes, Lord Sekai and Lord Sayoseke arrived, both watching with great curiosity as the unexpected guest turned towards them, his features unreadable as usual. Lord Sayoseke was surprised, yet Lady Sekai remained cautious and knowing.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, we are sorry, we were not informed of your visit for today." Lady Sekai quickly said, giving a greeting bow, and Lord Sayoseke also did the same.

It was obvious that Lord Sesshoumaru was here for business, for he did not bother to bow, but gave them a hard look and his eyes travelled around the room. Obviously, he was searching for something or someone.

"It was not in my schedule to visit. However, a great matter had risen and I am forced to solve it." He said, his tone business-like. "It concerns your daughter." He added, watching with intent eyes as Lady Sekai and Lord Sayoseke looked at each other with questions.

But Lady Sekai quickly regained her posture. "Ahh, yes." She replied quickly. "We are well aware that you have cancelled the marriage between you and my daughter." She stated her face gentle and kind as usual.

Lord Sayoseke nodded. "Do not worry Lord Sesshoumaru that business has been well cleared up."

"No," Sesshoumaru replied quickly. "It concerns the arrangement between my foolish young brother and your daughter." He stated, the words 'brother' was almost spat out. "Whatever arrangement of marriage he had made, I, as his older brother, declare that it is now cancelled."

Both Lady and Lord gave a questions look at Lord Sesshoumaru, as their eyes travelled to each other. Instantly, Lady Sekai spoke. "Arrangement...? We were not awa-"

"Enough." Sesshoumaru interrupted quickly. "Kagome will marry no-one, but me." His tone was serious, and if you listen carefully, his words weren't questions, they were stated. As if that simple statement was a fact and nothing could stop it. And with the thought, Lady Sekai smiled wistfully.

Lord Sayoseke gave Lord Sesshoumaru a hard look, annoyed by the fact that this man was demanding him, taking his only daughter from him as if she was some sort of prize to be one. And he simply could not put up with that.

"I do not know what you had in plan, Lord Sesshoumaru, but my daughter's hand in marriage is not something that will be toyed with by you or your brother. And only god knows how you know of her name, but the decision of her marriage or of her freedom is no longer a choice for us to make." Lord Sayoseke replied, for once, his voice powerful and hard.

A hand quickly landed on his shoulder and Lady Sekai walked to step between them. She continued for her lord, her voice in a much calmer state. "What my lord speaks of, Lord Sesshoumaru, is that we had already made many decisions for our daughter, Kagome. And now, we think that it only did her wrong. We gave her freedom, Lord Sesshoumaru, and we do not wish to take it back." She said as she smiled.

"It is up to her if she wishes you as her mate." With that, both Lady Sekai and Lord Sayoseke started to walk away, this time, their backs turned towards Lord Sesshoumaru's annoyed and somewhat stunned form. "Find her, tell her of your wishes, but do not use us as an excuse."

No one had ever turned his or her back on him, especially no one from the lower class. But seeing both Kagome's parents walk away from him, he could only guess where her courage came from. And now, knowing that Kagome was not in love with the dead Koya or that Kaji was a male, he did intend on taking her as his mate.


"I do not wish him for our daughter." Lord Sayoseke stated as he and his wife walked towards his study.

A chuckle came from Lady Sekai's lips. "You always say that."

"I mean it this time."

She rolled her eyes. "You always mean it." She stated, remembering a few of the suitors that had showed up, her husband instantly threw out most them towards the door.

He frowned. "He's different."

"Our Kagome as well."

He stopped and looked towards her. "He doesn't deserve her."

She looked towards him. "So do we."

"Why don't we?" He asked.

She frowned. "Why do we deserve her?" She started more than question.

Lord Sayoseke puffed his chest, unable to answer. "Does he deserve her, then?" He asked under his breath.

Lady Sekai gave a nonchalant smile. "If he knows something we don't, show her something we can't, give her something we never had, make her understand something we couldn't, and let her see something we never saw." She paused, and she continued to walk as she looked towards the direction. "Then, he deserves her."

"Why did I marry you?" He asked, annoyed.

"Why did I marry you?" She answered. And that alone was enough, and both lady Sekai and Lord Sayoseke continued to walk.


The woman who stared back at her wore a light brown kimono with a black obi around her waist. Her raven hair surrounded her form, as the clear greyish; almost black eyes stared back at Kagome.

Kagome's eyes had been on the pond for quite a while now. She didn't know exactly why, but it still comforted her to see the pond fairy and to refer to the reflection as the pond fairy. For her, to her eyes, the pond fairy will always remain the pond fairy. Simply, because, like what Koya said before, it can be anything she wanted it to be.

From behind her, Kagome didn't feel the presence or the eyes that was on her back. Once again, everything was starting where it all started, and this time; hopefully, everything will end just as happily as it began. For after all, within the ending was also the beginning.

Lord Sesshoumaru walked towards the small form of Kagome's. And when he thought about it, it was strange to see that she was fully alive, and that for once, he didn't have any reasons or a back-up plan to support his decisions. And that somehow, made him, feel... Clearly, it made him feel.


Back in the army of Defence, Lord Inuyasha's half-dead body laid on the ground. When he thought about it, never had he seen his older brother take things so far. Other than the fact, that his brother does always beat him. But, that wasn't the point. He looked towards the form that had just walked towards him, the form towering and covering him from the sun.

"Your brother did this?" The unknown man asked, annoying Inuyasha all the more.

"Of course! Who the fuck else?" Inuyasha yelled, even if his battered body didn't agree with the pain that came with it. "That bastard is a fucking hypocrite! He said that 'I, Sesshoumaru, will never go so low as to fight for a woman.' But, fuck! He fucking did this for a woman!"

A chuckle was heard from the towering shadowed form and Inuyasha instantly narrowed his eyes. "You fucking bastard! Don't you fucking laugh-" The form moved away, stopped laughing and lend a hand to help Inuyasha stand up.

When Inuyasha's eyes were able to see the once towering form clearly, his eyes widened. "Uh...sorry...father."

"It is quite fine, son." Lord Inutaisho replied, smirking. "I'm just surprised to find out that I may not need to stay in rule for a long time, after all."

If Inuyasha's eyes could roll out, it would have done so at that time. "You're letting that bastard take over?"

"A lesson was learnt, Inuyasha. Yes, your brother will soon take over." Lord Inutaisho confirmed. "But before that, we have a marriage to prepare."


A slight shiver wanted to creep on her skin as her mind comprehend to who was standing before her. It was Lord Sesshoumaru. And somehow, something didn't feel right. Well, to her it felt as if something wasn't in it's place. Something had changed and she didn't know if it was the way he looked at her, or the way he was acting at the moment. But whatever it was, she didn't know if she should like it.

"Lord Sesshoumaru," she acknowledged him carefully, very much aware of his gaze which fell to the flowers beside the pond.

He stood up, unknowing as usual, and he made his way beside her as his eyes travelled the flower's roots and everything about it. She knew he liked the flowers, for after all, he knew of its qualities. Yet, still, she didn't think it was because of the flower that's why he was here. No, it was something else.

Kagome and Sesshoumaru stood silent, both unknowing of what to say, and both unsure of how things will start or how things will end. Maybe, no one would start anything, so meaning, nothing will start. But this wasn't why Lord Sesshoumaru was here. No, he wanted something or more clearly someone and no 'lost of nerves' was going to stop him from getting it...or more so, from getting her.

"Inuyasha," he started, anger in his voice was quickly controlled, as he tried to imagine of more ways how to ruin his younger brother's life. "Made a rash decision." He added, sure that she would know of what he spoke of.

It wasn't until after a couple of seconds did Kagome turned to face him, her eyes clearly showing questions of what he spoke of. And without further delay he continued. "Whatever arrangements he promised you is no longer available."

Kagome tilted her head to the side. "Arrangements?" She asked in a question tone. "Do you mean to speak of my return to the Western Defence army, Lord Sesshoumaru?" She asked, afraid that he may not be allowed to have her future adventures she had dreamt of.

His eyes showed slight curiosity. It was obvious to him that her mind was completely off topic, but he continued. "Your return to the Western Defence army shall not happen, yes." He said, justifying things out. Of course, if she were to become his mate, she wouldn't go to the defence army. She would go to the Attack army and be with him. However, it would seem that she had gotten that wrong.

Her eyes narrowed a little, "You cannot say that, it's Lord Inuyasha's decision to make." She said quickly and not caring if he was after all a lord or a man in a much higher status. She just didn't care. In translation to Lord Inuyasha's language: Fuck Lord Sesshoumaru, fuck his opinions, fuck his life, fuck what he thinks, fuck that he might be the next ruler...fuck HIM! Of course, she didn't say that.

"What and what I cannot say cannot be judge by you, woman. You are a weak creature that should know her place." He replied, annoyed, of course.

She turned her face to face him. "I wasn't a woman as Kaji." She replied quickly. "And when you were training me, you trained me harder than the others, so you can't say that I'm weaker than the others."

"You're nothing..."

A sigh escaped her lips as she looked towards the pond fairy (her reflection) on the water. "I guess I can't change what you think of women, Lord Sesshoumaru." She said simply, her head lowering to the ground as she crouched a little.

The air of silence took over and both remained still. It wasn't his intentions to degrade her, but she simply had placed him on the spot and he had just needed to dodge. Also, that specific sentence wasn't completed. And before he knew it, he was walking closer to her crouched form, and he followed the direction of where her eyes laid. It was on her reflection. And now, beside it, was him.

"Koya became a pond fairy too." She whispered her voice like a gentle breeze. "You see, I always thought that my reflection and me were different. I didn't know it was really me that was the pond fairy that I admired so much. And now, since after finding the truth, I felt as if I shouldn't believe in the pond fairy anymore and that I should grow up."

He looked at the top of her head, and then back to the reflection on the water. He couldn't blame her, her reflection did look beautiful and magical. It almost looked as if it wasn't real. And if a person who had not come across a reflection before saw such beauty on the water that they could not touch, who would really believe that the person you thought beautiful, was yourself?

He looked towards his reflection, not amazed by the form that stared back at him. His reflection didn't hold any ethereal look, though he knew he wasn't ugly. Her reflection was just different. And after that pacific thought, he couldn't help but talk.

"A person may grow with or without their childish beliefs." He stated, his voice smooth. "Most of the times, it is what makes them different from others. Believe in what your want, don't think for a moment that because you need to grow you have give up your beliefs."

She didn't reply, but merely stared at the water much more than usual. After a couple of minutes, she suddenly stood up and smiled at him. "Then, can I think of your reflection as my new pond fairy?" She asked happily. A slight nod of his head was her only answer. "Then, you must be near me at all times."

"What of Inuyasha?" He asked, suddenly taken back by her suggestion.

"Lord Inuyasha?" She questioned. "What about him?"

"I was informed by Tsuko and Miroku that you and Inuyasha were to be mates."

Her eyes widened. "Lord Inuyasha and me!" She asked, amused by the idea. "Mother and father did not tell me of another engagement was to happen-"

"Miroku and Tsuko." Sesshoumaru stated. "They made it up."

"So..." She continued, not sure of what to say next. "Are you going to stay here, then?" She asked, almost completely happy.

"No," He answered quickly and watched as her eyes began to sadden. However, that wasn't all what he had in planned. "You know of our past marriage arrangement, am I right?" He asked, trying to get her full attention and he watched her nod. "Do you wish for it to continue?"

"When?" She asked, as if it was some sort of meeting that was just going to happen.

"Anytime you wish."

Her eyes landed on the flowers beside the pond. "Am I nothing to you?"


"You lied, then."


"But you said..."

"I wasn't finish." He stated, this time his eyes locking with hers. "You're them." He said simply, as if stating a cold, hard fact.

A deep sigh was heard from her. "You could've just finished the sentence before." Her eyes went down and then looked towards him. "Then I guess we have to end what we started, ne?"

"And I shall ask you," he whispered, each and every single words coming from his lips clear. Then, the corner of his lips curved up. "You will become my mate." It wasn't said like it was asked, in fact it sounded like a demand, an order. However, for a girl who didn't really knew about romance, she didn't know how to respond properly.

"Whatever," she replied back, much like Koya.


Deep in the middle of the night, in a once before lonely garden, a flower bloomed like no other. It wasn't the night that made it beautiful, it wasn't its surroundings that made it beautiful, and it wasn't its appearance that made it radiate any beauty. It was because it was different. Unlike before, now, it was free.

Though day will continue to bring grieves to the world and its surround ness, its spirit was able to wonder free and see beyond the walls of where it was born. Its spirit was able to see friendship, gain it, know it, return it, lose it and find it once again. And the certain emotion that its spirit felt surrounded by was something that needed freedom and now will continue to surround it with beauty as long as it stays.

Nightly Radiance wasn't nightly beauty; it was just an incomplete part of love.

END OF CH 9 - Nightly Radiance

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