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Gseed Aftermath Trilogy I:
a hermit junction project


Before gaining full conscious again, Dearka Elthman reached out one arm and brushed it across the cold surface beside him. His eyebrows furrowed slightly at the moist. Opening his eyes slowly, he found himself staring into the dark ceiling of the Archangel cabin he spent the night in.

She left.

'What did you expect?' Dearka whispered, throwing one arm over his eyes, trying to block out the sunlight that was shining into the cabin window. He always hated the sunlight that shone directly from space, it was irritating without anything to filter it.

Realizing that he couldn't lie on the bed forever despite the temptation, he sat up, wincing at the wound on his left forehead. The patch had moved slightly and the gauze strips were loose, thanks to last night. Having injured at the same place wasn't that much of a pleasant experience and he anticipated a scar when it healed, although he could get it removed anytime.

Turning to the shelf beside the bed, he grabbed another role of gauze and wrapped it around his forehead absently, looking down at his lap all the time. When he felt it secure, he turned around slightly, making sure the door to the cabin was closed before he stood up. He wasn't really in the mood to let others see him naked.

He wasn't really in the mood to do anything, but then again, life goes on whether he liked it or not, he learnt that from his war experience.

Sighing, he flipped the lights open and changed quickly, throwing on his ORB jacket. The crew of Archangel were scheduled to leave the ship today before nine and it was already eight thirty. Pulling on his boots, he stood up and headed for the door, grabbing his bag that was lying on the desk. Slinging it over his shoulder, he turned and gave the room he claimed his for the past month one last look. He stopped and widened his eyes as something red among the white sheets caught his eye. Shaking his head, he let out a bitter laugh before he stepped out of the room, the automatic doors sliding shut behind him.

'Oi, it's almost nine! What are you still doing here Dearka?' Kojiro Murdock shouted, floating in the air above him in the hanger.

'Don't worry, I'm going to get out of your butt, hopefully for a long time.' Dearka joked, winking at the head mechanic that was hovering over all the junk that used to be called a Gundam.

'Better make sure of that, because Buster is beyond repair, I tell you.' Murdock muttered, waving his wrench in the air.

Dearka smirked, looking up at the torn Mobile Suits before him. He was kind of found of Buster, but there are times when you have to separate with things that you really like, or even love.

Stepping out of the ship, he found himself in the military space port of O.M.N.I. He had no idea where he'd go, but the first thing on his agenda was going back to PLANT, he hadn't seen his family in a year. Fighters from Archangel, Clyne Faction and Orb were considered neutral although Archangel risked being charged of treason. Orb had accepted his claim as an Orb fighter so he was free from charges.

'Dearka!' a familiar voice called from behind him just as he stepped out of the military base. It was Yzak Jule, his former comrade.

'Yo.' Dearka greeted, giving his friend a smirk. They had had a brief talk in the hanger of Ark Angel before Yzak had to go into the battlefield again. Buster was damaged beyond repair and there was no way he could fight again, so he decided to witness the battle on the bridge instead.

'Any plans?' Yzak asked.

Dearka shook his head and looked at Yzak. 'But judging you're attire, I see you have.'

Yzak looked down and shrugged. 'I have to take my Mother's place in the council, thanks to Patrick Zala.'

'What are you doing here?' Dearka asked, slinging his bag over his shoulders.

'Negotiations.' Yzak said darkly. 'My Mother's under house arrest they leave all the shit to me. I have to leave in ten minutes. I thought I'd catch you before you were discharged.'

'You want me to help you right?' Dearka asked, raising his eyebrows.

'I wouldn't mind the help, you know you're trusted.' Yzak replied.

'Even after my betrayal?' Dearka asked, lowering his eyes.

'The war is over, period.' Yzak said, looking away. 'There's no use lingering in the past. We really need all the help we can.'

'Are these words coming out of Yzak Jule's mouth?' Dearka joked. 'I remembered a certain someone who was determined to destroy Strike even when he couldn't.'

'That's a totally different scenario!' Yzak argued. 'Right now, we need all the help we can, are you onboard or not?'

'Sure.' Dearka said quickly. 'But I want to go home first before I join you, is that cool? I have to re-enlist anyway, you know the procedures.'

'Fair enough.' Yzak nodded, holding out one hand.

'Deal.' Dearka murmured, shaking it.

'I'll contact you in a week, okay?' Yzak said, turning around.

Watching his car disappear around the corner, Dearka turned and headed for the opposite way. Knowing he'd have something to do made him feel secure. He was afraid of having nothing to do but think in the near future. He wasn't a deep thinker, no, but there are times when you just can't help it.

He was kind of hoping to start a new life with her, but it wasn't likely to happen at all. He was, after all, just a rebound.

End of Prologue