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WK/FOR Crossover: Beautiful Alone


I didn't know when I started feeling this way but it made me realize that all those years, I've been blinding myself from the reality of what the human race really is.


Cynical, you may call me but never deny the truthfulness of the word. Humans are naturally selfish. They can't help thinking about themselves in everything they do.

These thoughts were running through my mind as I sat on the bench inside the police station, staring blankly into space.

Just a few hours ago, our house was burned to the ground. My parents are dead. Somebody broke into the house and shot them while they were sleeping.

I was awakened by the rustling of the bushes outside our house. I had a hard time sleeping that night for some reason and I had just fallen asleep that time. But the noise woke me up and I had immediately opened my eyes. At first I thought it was just some creature of the night but then I heard the shouji doors open downstairs. I heard footsteps stealthily creeping downstairs and felt that something was about to happen. I silently, but swiftly made my way to Ganko's room. I got there and I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. I didn't know why I went there first but then I suddenly remembered my parents sleeping in the room at the end of the hall.

I shook Ganko awake and brought my index finger to my lips, gesturing her to keep quiet. She looked at me with her sleepy eyes and I whispered: "Someone broke into the house. Just stay here and keep quiet and I'll see what's going on".

I crawled to the door, peeked in the small opened portion and saw a dark figure enter my parents' bedroom.

I immediately stood up to go there but just as I opened the door I heard the first gunshot. I heard my Kaasan's scream cut short with another bang. I turned to Ganko and saw her blue eyes widen in fear with tears about to fall. I picked her up and I ran to my bedroom to get my Fuujin.

Ganko's arms and legs were wrapped around my torso tightly and my airways were constrained. But my breathing discomfort didn't stop me from getting to my room and getting my things. I knew that I to get her out of here before the killer would come to get us. I gathered all the possible things we might need and stuffed them in a bag.

I heard footsteps hastily coming our way. The intruder must've heard me running. Ganko was sobbing silently, still clinging to my form and as I zipped up my bag I hid behind the large cabinet. I told her to calm down so that the intruder wouldn't hear us.

The door of my room swung open and heard the floor creaking with each step the intruder took. I readied my needles in my hand grasping them tightly.

"Hey, what are you doing? Let's get out of here before this whole place burns down!" a raspy voice said coming from outside the room.

My eyes widened hearing what the other man just said.

"But I think someone's still here--" he answered back as he turned to his partner.

"Never mind. This place is on fire. Now, come on!"

I already inhaled some of the smoke coming from downstairs. The two intruders ran down the stairs and out of the house.

I ran to my parents' bedroom with an unconscious Ganko in tow. I wasn't prepared to see what came into view as I opened the door. My Otousan was shot in the head with his blood splattered all over the headboard as well as the sheets. Kaasan was shot in the chest; her form slumped over Otousan's. I felt my insides turn with all the blood.

I suddenly remembered the sleeping child I was carrying and was somewhat glad that she wasn't awake to see the nauseating scene. I was snapped out of my reverie when I was inhaling the thickening smoke from the growing flames. I ran again to my room to get the bag and I opened the window. I threw the bag outside and then I held the sleeping girl in my arms tightly before jumping off the window.

I grabbed the bag and ran over next door for help.

Everything went by so quickly. The firemen came and put out the fire. The paramedics had taken my parents' body to the morgue. And now I'm here in the police headquarters, waiting.

Ganko still lay asleep in my lap. I just hope I can explain things later when she wakes up. I was still trying to process all that had happened.

But I don't know why I hadn't cried. My mind replayed the scene when I found my parents dead. I felt nothing. Numb. Indifferent even.

Shouldn't I feel devastated? It's only natural to cry, right? They're my parents after all.

As I tried to figure my emotions or my lack thereof, my thoughts were interrupted by a policeman waving his hand in front of my face.

"Anou, Kirisawa-san... I know this a very hard time for you right now but, I would like to ask you some questions. Would you be ok with that?" he looked at me sympathetically.

'Like he really cares,' I was about to roll my eyes but instead I blinked then gave him a nod.

The interrogation took about half an hour. I really couldn't give them anything useful since I didn't see the faces of the two men nor did I know why my parents were killed.

Otousan never really bothered to get to know me. So I never bothered to know about him. I was too much trouble for them because of the fights I get into ever since I was young. My parents often treated me as a problem child. A rebel. But they never really bothered to know why. Both of them work so they had very little time for me.

They never did adopt Ganko. I just took her in and they said it was okay. Now that the authorities are involved, she could be separated from me. A minor cannot take care of a minor.

As I realized that I looked at the sleeping blonde on my lap. Ganko's my only family ever since I took her in and since I'm not really related to her, they will take her from me.

I was only a year away from adulthood but that won't qualify me as her guardian. 'Shit. Why now?' I shut my eyes tightly as the fear of loosing her came to me.

I suddenly felt the coldness of the room with me wearing only a tank top and my pajama pants. Then I felt tired from all that had happened with my body feeling the fatigue. I felt like closing my eyes and surrendering to my tired body's plea.

to be continued.