Title: Heaven Needed an Angel: Chapter Ten
Fandom: FAKE
Author: SeijiD
Disclaimer: Fake is the creation of Sanami Matoh, therefore she owns them, not me.
Rating: R (Just to be safe)
Pairing: Dee x Ryo x Dee
Content: Angst/ Character Death/ Language
Summary: When someone close to Dee is viciously attacked and loses their hold on life, Dee loses his ability to cope.

Heaven Needed an Angel
Chapter Ten
You Gotta Have Friends
By SeijiD


Dee staggered out of the hallway after exiting the restroom, still angry with Ryo and himself over the earlier confrontation with his lover. As he headed for the bar his eyes swept over the almost empty place, to find that Ryo was nowhere to be seen. He felt only partially relieved over that fact since he had almost wished that Ryo would have stayed and tried to talk to him.

'Like I can blame him for leaving. Shit what am I saying? He caused the whole thing! He should have told me dammit! Then again, I should have been more responsive to him and maybe he would have told me... Dammit, I need a frigging drink!'

"Well hello there tall dark and handsome..." Dee stopped to gaze at the bleached blond man who had stepped in front of him and was now smiling. "Care to buy a lonely man a drink?"

"Sorry but the asshole bartender cut me off." Dee growled when he caught sight of John and Alex watching him. "I'm screwed unless you can convince those weenies that I ain't drunk and that they should serve me."

"I could try or we could always go somewhere else if you would like?" He replied and smiled even more. "By the way, I'm Joshua and you are...?"

"I'm Dee and I'm pleased to meet you, Joshua." Dee held out his hand only to have Joshua latch onto his arm. "You're a friendly one, aren't you? I could be some nutcase for all you know."

"So could I," Joshua smirked.

"Yeah, I guess you could be. They'll let almost anyone in here so who knows, right?" Dee didn't mind the casual flirting but he wasn't crazy over the way the blond was holding onto his arm and he gently pulled it away.

"I hope you don't mind me being so forward but I couldn't help but overhear your little argument and well I figured that you could use a drink and someone to talk to... That's if you wanted to talk." Joshua pointed to the table he had been sitting at and smiled. "Have a seat and I'll see about getting you reinstated for another round, alright?"

"Okay, that sounds like a fair deal." Dee chuckled and was about to sit down when he felt a tug on his arm. Turning, Dee found John glaring at him. "What do you want?"

"To save you from making a complete ass of yourself. Let's go Romeo. I have a room upstairs with your name on it." John started pulling Dee away as he glared over at the blond Dee had been talking to. "Sorry, but this one is taken. He's got a good man at home and I won't allow him to fuck it up."

The blond arched an eyebrow and glared back at John. "Sounds to me like they aren't as tight as you might think. If they would be, then why is he going upstairs with you?"

"To sleep it off and come to his frigging senses!" John yanked Dee further away from the blond. "Go find your own piece and not someone else's." With that, John started pulling Dee toward the back of the bar and to the exit.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? I was just going to have a drink with the guy, not fuck him!" Dee pulled his arm free and staggered backwards. "You ain't my babysitter so bug the hell off!"

"A, you're drunk. B, since you can't seem to act like an adult I guess I 'am' your babysitter... for tonight anyway. C, that dude is bad news. Alex and I were both getting bad vibes from him. We're sure we've seen him before, picking up anything that breathes." John was doing everything he could not to lose it and just haul off and slug Dee for being such a jerk.

"Gee, should I arrest him for prostitution or for simply wanting to get laid?" Dee snickered.

"Don't get cocky with me, Latener! Now, this is what's going to happen, so listen up!" John pushed Dee toward the exit. "I'm taking you upstairs and to bed so you can sleep it off. Got that?"

"Is Alex going to join us or just watch?" Dee laughed until he glanced back and saw the anger in John's light gray eyes.

"I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear that, ass wipe. I'm allowing you to stay here in hopes that after you sober up you'll see what a complete jerk you're being." Pushing Dee again, John was surprised when the dark brunette seemed to go willingly.

"If you're referring to the argument with Ryo, well then don't hold your breath, moron." Dee hissed as he glanced back over his shoulder at the taller man. "I had every right to be angry with the bastard, considering what he did, or should we say what he didn't do!"

"But did you have a right to treat him like trash? To put him down the way you did? No! That was uncalled for, Dee. I realize that you are upset and I can sympathize with you to a degree but that doesn't mean that I condone the way you treated the man you love. Ryo is hurting just as badly over all of this, only you're too blind with anger to see that." Stepping out into the cool air, the two walked over to another door that John unlocked. Holding the door open, he allowed Dee to enter first and the two men climbed the stairs. "Go to the third floor and down the hallway to the end."

"He should be upset! He lied to me! He kept information from me that I had a right to know about! Let the prick suffer!" Dee hissed and started up the stairs. "It smells like beer and piss in here!"

"Some idiot left the front door unlocked yesterday. I'm having the rugs in here cleaned this weekend, so shut up!" John sighed. "Do you know that Ryo is afraid that he might lose you because of all of this? Do you even care? He loves you dammit and he wants so badly to help you through all of this but all you do is push him away!"

"It's not my fault! Ryo knows how much I love The Penguin. He knows what she means to me and he knows that I should have been told everything! I should have been told by him, not some bitch on the rag doing the news! He screwed up, not me!" Dee got to the third floor and stopped to wait for John.

"He did it because he does love you, Dee. He knows what Mother means to you and didn't want to tarnish that image you had of her. Sure he should have told you before the media said anything, but shit happens, Dee. You never gave him a chance to explain himself. Instead you tried and sentenced him without hearing a thing he had to say." John and Dee headed down the dimly lit hallway and then stopped at the last door. "You've been so busy wallowing in self-pity that you haven't even noticed how much Mother's death has hurt Ryo. Not only that, he's had to deal with his own pain, your sorrow, this knowledge he's had and now your anger, all alone! He's been there for you but have you been there for him?"

John knew that he had hit a nerve with the detective when Dee's shoulder's suddenly slumped forward. 'Yeah you hadn't though of that, had you?'

"Don't you dare! Don't make me the guilty one here! That was 'my' mother, not his!" Dee looked at his friend, his face red with anger.

"She was a mother to every child that came through that orphanage, Dee! We all feel her loss, not just you! How dare you think you had exclusive rights to her!" After opening the door to the room, John pushed Dee into it and then turned on the lights. "You've had people comforting you throughout all of this, be thankful about that. Ryo, on the other hand, has had no one to turn to! He wanted to turn to you but you wouldn't let him. He needed your comfort just as badly, you imbecile!"

Dee just snorted as he looked around the sparsely furnished room. "Damn, you need a new decorator. This place looks like some of slime ball motels we've raided."

"Shut the hell up!" John slapped his hand down onto the dresser beside him. "Here I am, trying to keep you from making a big mistake and possibly losing the best thing ever to come into your life and all you can do is hurl insults!"

"So, you're an authority on relationships now, are you?" Once again Dee smirked as he walked over to the bed and sat down.

"To be honest... No, I sucked at them until I met Alex. I did learn, however, that in order to make one last you need to give as much as you take. I also learned that communication goes a long way in working things out when there is a problem. Those are things you obviously haven't learned yet. Maybe you simply choose not to, who knows?" John stared at Dee as the detective kicked off his shoes and lay down.

"Are you going to nag me all night? Jesus, I could have gone home and had Ryo do that." Dee acted as though he were thoroughly bored with the current conversation and made sure that John knew it as well.

"I get the hint, Dee." John rolled his eyes. "You got the deluxe suite because this one has a bathroom. Just don't barf all over the floor. If you do, make sure you clean it up. Alex maintains these rooms and he's got enough to do without having to mother your pansy ass." John placed a set of keys on the dresser and sighed. "Do me a favor, stay put and don't go wandering off. Alex and I promised Ryo that we'd make sure you were okay and I don't want to worry him anymore than he already is."

"Yeah, yeah, Papa John. I hear ya." Dee rolled onto his side, putting his back to the taller man. "I want go to sleep now. That's if you don't mind?" The dark brunette waved his hand in the air as though he was dismissing his friend.

"Did you say your bedtime prayers?" John snickered and watched as Dee rolled onto his back and clasped his hands together.

"Dear God, de-ball John for me because he's so good at busting mine. Amen." Dee laughed as he slipped himself under the blankets. "Is that better?"

"Kiss my ass, Latener." John sneered and gave Dee the finger.

"Bite me!" Dee shot back and then laughed.

"No way! I don't know if you had your shots." John shook his head and made a face. "Do us all a favor, alright? Sober up and then grow up. Just try to do it before it's too late, Dee. If your stupidity causes you to lose Ryo you're going to regret it."

"Goodnight, daddy." Dee snickered as John shut out the lights. "Oh and for your information, Johnnie boy... There's not a whole lot I ever regret. Life goes on even when shit happens!"

"Go to sleep moron." John turned to leave, but not before giving Dee one final glance. "Sleep well, my friend."

Dee waited until John left and closed the door before he sat back up and switched on the light at the nightstand. Grabbing his cigarettes, he lit one up and sighed. "God, he and Alex are perfect for each other. They're both nags who love to henpeck people to death. Those two are worse than frigging hemorrhoids when it comes to being a pain in the ass. Maybe I should get them a very large tube of Preparation H for Christmas so they can fix that problem."

Dee sat back and smoked his cigarette. Once he was through, he lay back down and stared up at the ceiling. Since he couldn't trust anything people said at the moment, he realized that he would have to start looking into The Penguin's death on his own.

'I'll find the bastard who took you away from me and I'll make him pay. I promise you.'


Alex looked up from his task of counting out the register, as John walked in and noticed the fatigued look in his lover's eyes. "I assume that idiot is upstairs and sleeping it off?" The auburn haired man asked and then frowned when he realized that he had just miscounted the money. "Damn!" He tossed the bills down onto the bar top.

"Yeah, he's up there. Hopefully he'll stay." John pulled out a barstool and sat next to his lover. "Need some help?"

"I hope you don't mind that I closed early but it was dead in here anyway." Alex sighed as he handed over the large stack of ones to his partner. "I'm just too stressed out to deal with customers anymore tonight."

"Not a problem, Baby." John put the bills down and then grabbed Alex's barstool to pull it closer. "When we get home, I'll draw you a warm bath, alright?" The brunette began to kiss his lover's neck. "I'm sorry you had to get in the middle of this, I know how much it bothers you to see two people you care about, fighting."

"Thanks." Alex's pale green eyes slid closed and he sighed. "What really pisses me off is the way Dee was flirting with that bleached blond whore. Ryo is ten times more man than that snot nose is! At least his hair coloring is natural and not from a frigging box!"

John pulled his head back and blinked at his lover. "Don't get angry with me and please don't make me take the couch tonight but... Darling, how do you know Ryo's hair coloring is natural?"

"John Stanley Thompson! How could you even insinuate that? My parents owned a Salon and Barber Shop, remember?" Alex opened his eyes to glare at his partner but found himself smiling when he saw the puppy dog eyes staring back at him. "Ryo never has any roots showing, Sweetheart. It's as simple as that. If it wasn't natural you'd see roots, no matter how diligent he may be at re-coloring."

"Oh... Okay. I didn't realize that." John looked down at his hand guiltily. "Sorry, I didn't mean it the way it sounded. Forgive me?" Gray eyes sparkled when he looked up.

"Yeah, I guess I can forgive you. Besides, you're too damn cute to stay angry at." Alex smiled and leaned in for a kiss. "How about a beer or something to help us relax?"

"Sounds good but make mine a mixed drink, okay?" John grinned as his eyes fell to his lover's ass when Alex stood and headed around the bar.

"Okay, what will it be then?" Grabbing two rock glasses, Alex sat them on the bar top. "I think I'm going for a Bulldog Highball." Alex grabbed the Gin and the orange juice.

"Make mine a Foghorn, please?" John watched as Alex took out the lime juice as well and then made the drinks, topping each off with some ginger ale and a stir stick before he placed coasters down and set the drinks on them. "Thank you love. How much do I owe you?"

John took a sip of his drink as Alex walked around and took his seat again. The auburn haired man grinned as he leaned closer to his lover. "The drink is on the house but you can always tip me if you'd like?"

"Now this is what I call friendly service." John chuckled and gave Alex a soft kiss. "I hope you won't get in trouble for giving out free drinks."

"It's not a problem. I'm part owner, plus my partner is a very giving man." Alex smiled and kissed John back.

"That's good. I think you're a very giving man too. Not to mention sexy, hot, incredibly good in the sack and..." John's words were cut off by another kiss.

"Finish your drink and let's get the hell out of here. I want to go home and make passionate love to my partner." Alex cooed against John's lips.

"Mmmm, so we're on the slow and sensual kick tonight huh?" John chuckled as he sipped his drink and watched his partner grin.

"Slow and sensual or fast and furious... It doesn't matter just as long as we're together, Baby." Lacing their fingers, Alex squeezed his lover's hand. "I love you, John."

"Love you too, sweetheart."

The two men finished their drinks and once they had double-checked everything, making sure all was shut down and cleaned up. Alex set the alarm before he joined his lover outside on the sidewalk. Sliding their arms around each other's waists, the two started down the street but stopped to glance up at the darkened third floor window where their friend slept.

"It'll all work out, you'll see." John gave Alex a tender squeeze.

"Yeah, you're right." Green eyes looked away for a moment.

'I hope so anyway... For both Ryo and Dee's sake.'

To Be Continued