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Happy Anniversary

"Happy anniversary," Draco smiled at his wife. "Happy second anniversary," he clarified.

"Our first second anniversary," Hermione said happily as she played with his hair.

"Yes, and many more to come. Let's see, we have the second anniversary of when we started dating—today—when I said I love you, when you said you loved me, the first time we shagged, when I announced my undying love for you in front of the entire mass of Hogwarts…"

"Draco, that's two events in the same day," Hermione said.

"Yes, but one was a first anniversary and one is a second. Shall I get you two gifts then?"

Hermione smiled at her husband of six months, recalling just what had happened a year ago today.

Hermione stood outside the Great Hall doors on Draco's arm.

"You ready for this?" he asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be," she said, tightening her grip on his arm.

"Good," Draco said, pushing open the door and walking in with Hermione still connected to him. He walked over to his table and Hermione sat down. He took a seat next to her.

"FINALLY!" Pansy screamed.

Yup, that was pretty much how the rest of the dinner went. People congratulating them. Finally, they had gotten together. Finally, they had announced it to them. Finally, they had seen the light. Finally, they were free of the secretiveness.

Now Hermione was sitting in a chair, looking into the eyes of her husband who was kneeling on the floor in front of her.

"One shall be sufficient enough, as long as I still get you," Hermione smiled.

"You will always have me, my love," Draco said ardently.

Hermione pulled him to her and caught his mouth in a kiss, the newspaper on her lap falling to the floor.

Blaise was sitting in his house, wondering when his life had taken such a sudden turn for the worst.

He looked up at his maid that had just delivered him his dinner. He looked at her for the thousandth time. She was nice, she was pretty, she was everything he could want in a girl; but she wasn't Hermione.

The one time he had had with Hermione had only made his feelings towards her stronger. Her threw down the Daily Prophet, scowling at the picture that met his eyes.

Happy couple, married for six months, blah blah. Blaise knew that Hermione could never stay happy with someone like Draco. He was too dangerous.

No, Hermione was his. Blaise's. He would have her, he would take her, he would kidnap her and make love to her all night and into the next day. Then he would do it again. He would never tire of her. All he wanted was to satisfy this lust that he held for the studious Gryffindor.

Too bad after his solitary time with Hermione, Draco had cursed him into oblivion; almost taking away the only part of him that made him a man.

No matter how much he wanted Hermione, he still feared the wrath of her husband. He would just have to get rid of him. Somehow, someway he would do it. But this time he would enlist the help of someone more competent than Ginny Finnegan.

Maybe his sexy little maid.

Wizard's house catches fire! The headlines read.

Blaise Zabini caught in fire. His maid, one Velvet Winters, escaped…

Draco smiled at the paper. Finally, he was free of the ever-growing threat that was in the way of his and Hermione's relationship. Finally, Hermione would not have to worry about Blaise Zabini.

He would have to pay a visit to his cousin tomorrow, he was extremely grateful to Velvet for doing him this great favor.

Draco got up from his desk to find Hermione. He found her in the library as usual, sitting by the fire, a book in her lap.

"Did you see the paper, love?" he asked her as he took the book from her lap and handed her the paper.

"No, what happened?" she said as she scanned over the first couple of lines of the front-page article.

"You did this?" she asked, slightly bemused.

"Happy anniversary," he said happily. "Happy second anniversary," he clarified…


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