Written by: Me (Xanny-chan n.n)
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Rating: T (subject to change)

Broken--Chapter 01

Tatsuha closed his eyes tightly and gripped at the sheets beneath him, the aching in his chest not relenting even long enough for him to breathe. He'd locked himself up in his room about a week ago and hadn't had a bite of food to eat since then. "Ryu. . . ." he whimpered, burying his face in his pillow and sobbing again. The accident had been about three weeks ago, but he'd been kept from knowing. At first, he just thought Sakuma was tired of him, but when he heard the awful news, he was even more heartbroken. His father and sister had both been trying equally hard, 24/7, to get Tatsuha to eat, but he wouldn't even come out. At this point, nothing in the world could make him come out or feel any better. Nothing.

"Tatsuha," a voice came from the other side of the door, and the youth sprang out of bed at hearing it. He was reluctant to open the door, at first, just standing idly, waiting to hear what the other had to say. "Ta-kun . . . we're all worried about you. Mika says you've been in there for a week. Please, open the door." At the older male's soft words, Tatsuha unlocked the door and pulled him in, closing and locking it again before throwing himself into the other's arms and sobbing.

"Eiri, it's not fair! Why Ryu-chan! Why did he have to go get hurt like that? It's not fair. . . ." Yuki cradled Tatsuha, running a hand through his hair lovingly and hushed him. "I know, Ta-kun, but Sakuma wouldn't want to see you like this. You look so pale. . . . When's the last time you had anything to eat?" Tatsuha sniffled slightly and shook his head, "I don't remember. . . ." Yuki sighed sadly and hugged Tatsuha closer, shutting his own eyes, the younger of the two staring up at him curiously. Yuki hadn't been so caring for as long as he could remember. In truth, Yuki acted cold, and he fought with Tatsuha like any siblings do, but of all his family, he loved the little, raven-haired brat more than any of them, and he'd go to great lengths to see him happy.

Mika listened at the door curiously, hoping that Yuki could get Tatsuha to come out. She'd never understand how Tatsuha could love Ryuichi--them both being the same gender like that, it seemed wrong to her--but she did care about him, and she just wanted to see him through this. She envied Yuki the way Tatsuha was so fond of him, but it never showed. It was true, ever since they were little kids, Tatsuha had looked up to Yuki. He thought his brother was the greatest person in the world, and though he'd never admit it now, he still believed that, wholeheartedly.

"Aniki . . ." Tatsuha said, his crying slacking off a bit temporarily, "d-do you . . . think Ryuichi will be okay?" To lie to Tatsuha and tell him maybe, would be wrong, though Yuki wanted nothing more than to see his brother's smiling face again. He opened his mouth to speak, but upon seeing the the slight fading hope in his baby brother's eyes, he found the his voice wouldn't come to him. "I don't know. . . ." he whispered, after a moment, staring up at the ceiling--anywhere to escape those eyes, the sweet, haunting eyes he'd grown to love so much ever since they were little that now seemed broken and effete.

The younger of the two looked away again at his brother's response, tears, once again, flowing freely down his cheeks to his chin and dripping onto his, already soaked, shirt. The paleness in his skin wasn't just from lack of eating from the last week. When he'd begun to fear, three weeks ago, that Ryuichi was getting tired of him, the vocalist nearly twice his age not returning any of his calls, that was when he'd started starving himself, just too depressed to eat, a bad habit he'd picked up a few years ago when Yuki had moved out of the house.

After nearly fifteen minutes, Yuki wondered if Tatsuha had fallen asleep there in his arms, but didn't dare move for fear of waking him. The anorexic teen was, indeed, asleep, exhausted from lack of it within the past few days, and left drained of his energy from starving himself. After about five more minutes, Yuki just holding Tatsuha for a little while, his hand absently running through his hair lightly, he laid the boy on his bed and covered him up with the sheets, tucking them around his smaller body. "Sleep well, otouto. . . ." Yuki whispered, a faint smile gracing his lips as he leaned down to kiss Tatsuha's forehead before leaving the room.