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If you open your eyes slowly, I believe that any sort of pain you have will be gone. Or, it will multiply tenfold. The latter was sadly, choosing to stay with me.

I groaned miserably, and found a hand pressing a warm cup of tea into mine. Remembering what had happened last time I accepted, I shook my head, no.

"Drink it, Usagi-chan. I guarantee there's no sleeping powder in it."

I recognized the voice, and struggled to get through my blurry vision.

"Hotaru-chan? You're back?" She laughed, and I saw her wave of dark hair shake.

"You sound so happy. Iie, I'm not back. Your friends know only that I helped them, but they do not know I was here. Do not tell them, Usagi-chan."

"How come?" I sat up groggily and began to drink the tea. I found Hotaru to be in her Sailor Saturn form.

"They need not know; it was not important. I just wanted to say, you'll see us again."

"Chibiusa missed you terribly." The words slipped from my tongue before I could stop them, and I saw her wince.

"She may have now, and I regret I didn't get to fade away from her slowly. But in the future…" a soft smile lit her face. "In the future, we see each other every day." A giggle fell from her mouth. "I think she is courting a young lord. You know him not, but you will soon. His name is Helios."

My brow furrowed. "Courting? At her age?"

Saturn shook in silent laughter. "Setsuna took me to the future once. When we got there it was farther then you've been. Chibiusa is Chibiusa no longer. They call her Princess Usa. She has grown up wondrously."

"And you, Hotaru-chan?"

There was a faint blush tinting her cheeks. "I will meet someone. With glorious white hair, and a smile he says only I can bring out of him. But you do not know of him yet, either."

I sighed. "It seems there is much more to come. Will I be able to stand it all?" Hotaru smiled.

"With friends like yours, of course. Until we meet again." And I was left, alone in the room.

"I swear, she reminds me so much of Pluto it's not even funny. Same cryptic language and everything…"

The teacup, now empty, fell from my sleepy hands and landed on the soft sheets. I closed my eyes. A nap would do me good. I suddenly felt exhausted.

Would Hotaru have lied and put sleeping powder in my tea?

But my lips crease in a smile. How can one so innocent lie? Unbeknownst to me, she is listening to my thoughts, and she grins at my words. She walks into a small portal behind her, muttering something.

"Senshi of Death and Destruction and I'm still innocent?"

In my sleep, I smile.


Mommy sent me back to the past so I could visit Usagi-chan and Mamorou-san for a while. They seemed happy to see me, although Usagi-chan looked weak.

I sat down and took her hands, and I put my hand on top of hers. She smiles at me, knowing I am trying to see how much longer I have until I am old like her.

I ask her sometimes, how long it takes to grow up. She always answers the same way.

"Grow up? I'm not grown up yet. Neo-Queen Serenity isn't even grown up yet. We're all kids at heart, don't you think?" And she leaves it at that.

Silly Usagi-chan. She wants us all to be happy, and she always avoids the answers that would make us sad. But I know she's sad sometimes.

How can you help it, being so good?

I asked her that too, and I saw her sad face. "It's not easy. But you do it out of love."

She doesn't know I know. She doesn't know that every time I tell her a new story about how I did something and it's all because she saved the world and I got to be born, it's to make her happy. I saw what she saw. I didn't mean too, but when I had the ginzouishou and Mommy was showing me how to use it once…

Some things seen aren't meant to be seen.

But I don't mind. It's easier to love Usagi when you know what's in her mind. She sees a lot of things, and I can see them too. It's a mother daughter thing, I think.

She's looking at me now, with her sad face. I stand on my tippy toes to reach her and I kiss her cheek. She looks surprised, but then she smiles, and Mamorou-san comes to take us for ice cream.

I don't see her sad faces much anymore. I like to think my kiss scared them away. I know she saw something when I kissed her, and it makes her happy. I don't mind that it may not be me.

Sad faces aren't meant to be on her face, don't you think?

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