Chapter One

General Jack O'Neill walked in to the control room, just as the Stargate activated.

"What've we got?" General O'Neill asked over the noise of the klaxon.

"Offworld activation, sir. Receiving IDC now… It's the Tok'ra, sir." The gate technician replied.

"Oh Christ. Let 'em in." O'Neill was worried. The Tok'ra hadn't been in touch since the alliance had gone sour. What the hell did they want now?

"Sir, the Tok'ra haven't been around in a while," the tech said as he opened the iris, "what do you think they want?"

"No idea." Jack replied as Jacob Carter stepped through the event horizon.

Jack sauntered into the gateroom where Jacob was waiting at the bottom of the ramp. "Jacob!"

"Jack? You're alive?" Jacob sounded incredulous.

Jack looked down at himself, as if to check that he was, in fact, alive. "Yep, still here. Why, you heard otherwise?"

"We heard you died after Anubis' defeat."

"Apparently, rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Jack smiled.

Jacob grinned in return. "Where's George?" He started to ask, only to be interrupted by Walter dashing into the gateroom, wielding his clipboard.

"General, if you could just sign these…" he said, thrusting the clipboard at Jack.

"Oh for cryin' out loud…" Jack muttered half-heartedly, scrawling on the dockets Walter handed him and thrusting the clipboard back at the smaller man, who scurried away.

"General?" Jacob questioned, wonderingly.

"Yeah, I never thought I'd make it either. I guess there's only so many times you can save the world before they force it on ya." Jack shrugged, amused by Jacob's amazement. "General Hamm- George­," he corrected, "is the big boss now, head of Homeworld Security."

"A lot's happened while I've been away." Jacob said.

"Yeah. Lieutenant Colonel Carter's out with SG-1 right now, but they're due back in a coupla hours." Jack grinned at Jacob, knowing the older man hadn't heard anything beyond 'Lieutenant Colonel Carter'.

"She got promoted again, and I missed it." He sounded a mixture of elated and sad.

"Don't sweat it Jacob, she knows why you couldn't be there."


"So… lunch?" O'Neill offered, gesturing in the general direction of the commissary. Jacob nodded and the two men wandered out of the room.

Jack looked at his watch. Jacob had been exhausted so he'd sent him off to rest with the promise that he'd send someone for him when SG-1 got back. The only problem was they were now seven hours overdue and he was pretty sure Jacob would wake up soon, tired or not.

"Unscheduled offworld activation!"

"Thank god!" Jack jumped out of his chair and left his office, bumping into Jacob in the briefing room.

"Jack they're over seven hours –"

"I know." Jack cut him off and both men hurried towards the control room.

"Who is it?" The gate technician spun when he heard his CO's voice.

"Uh… receiving IDC now, sir. It's SG-1."

"Open the iris."

Unfortunately, the gate technician was new. "But, sir, procedure states that an overdue team's IDC is locked out –"

"Open the damn iris, sergeant." O'Neill growled.

"Sir, yessir." The sergeant stopped just short of actually saluting Jack.

The familiar sound of metal on metal sounded in the gateroom. O'Neill stalked towards the stairs, Jacob following close behind.

As they reached the gateroom they were greeted by the sight of Teal'c's bulk diving through the event horizon.

"Stand down!" O'Neill yelled at the gateroom SFs as he sprinted up the ramp towards his friend.

"T, you okay?"

Teal'c hauled himself up, using his staff weapon for support, as Jack reached him.

"I am fine, O'Neill." The big Jaffa replied.

"Where are Daniel and Carter?"

"We were attacked. ColonelCarter and DanielJackson were captured. O'Neill, JacobCarter, I am sorry, their numbers were too great."

"Not your fault Teal'c. Do you know who got 'em?" Please don't say Baal. Please don't say Baal. Please don't say –

"Our intel suggested that the planet was occupied by a female Goa'uld serving under Baal. The Jaffa seemed to know of us. After they had captured ColonelCarter and DanielJackson they shouted for you and I, O'Neill. When they could not find us they headed towards their mothership. O'Neill, I am afraid that this was an attempt by Baal to recapture you."

When Jack didn't say anything for a few moments Jacob said, "We have to help them, Jack."

"I know that." Jack said softly. Then he turned on his heel and strode from the gateroom. Teal'c and Jacob exchanged a look before hurrying after him.

As they headed towards Jack's office a few people were unfortunate enough to try to demand some of the General's time. Jacob noted that at first Jack just waved them away. The fourth person, however, was not so lucky.

"Uh, General if you could-"

"What?" O'Neill yelled, loud enough for two SFs to come running into the corridor.

"Uh, sorry sir. If you could just…" the underling cringed under the O'Neill glare but still manfully tried to hand the General his clipboard.

O'Neill snatched it from him and drew a large cross over the page.

"Anything else, Airman?" He snarled nastily and stalked into his office, not waiting for the reply.

When Jacob and Teal'c entered Jack's office he was already on the phone, listening to someone on the other end, impatiently.

"I don't care if he's in a meeting. Get him on the phone." He paused while the person on the other end spoke to him in a loud irritated voice. "Wait there, gotta check something." Jack moved the phone away from his ear and looked at it curiously, holding it up to the light. He put the phone to his ear again. "Yep, I was right. This phone's definitely red. Put Hammond on the line now."

Jack's fingers tapped impatiently on his desk as he waited.

"George!" Jack exclaimed when Hammond finally came on the phone. "Yeah, I know you were… yessir it's important… well I've messed up again, sir, I've lost two thirds of SG-1." He paused while Hammond asked him something. "Baal, sir… I think so too… I need to go, sir… Thought you might say that, sir." Jack hung up the phone.

Despite the situation, Jacob smiled inwardly at Jack's unconscious reversion to addressing Hammond as 'sir'.

When Jack remained silent, Jacob knew he had to prompt him to get any information. "And?"

"He says I'm not allowed to go. He'll be here in twenty-four hours and we'll decide what to do then." Jack said, rising and exiting his office.

Jacob and Teal'c merely stood looking at each other a moment, before once again hurrying after Jack.

They caught up with him in the gear-up room, half ready in his field uniform.

"Jack?" Jacob questioned.

"Jacob?" Jack replied, pulling on his flak vest and fastening it.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like?"

"It looks like you're preparing to disobey a direct order."

"Ten points for observation." Jack said, bending to lace up his boots.

"Oh." Jacob paused. Jack looked up at him, waiting for the former general to bawl him out for insubordination. "Good." Jacob said.

Seeing the shock on Jack's face, Jacob went on, "Jack, she's my daughter."

Jack nodded and turned to Teal'c. "T, you okay to go?"

"I am ready to embark again, O'Neill."

"Good. Re-equip yourself and get Jacob some SGC gear. Meet me in the gateroom when you're done."

As he moved towards the door Walter Harriman's voice came over the base speaker system, "General O'Neill to the briefing room. General O'Neill to the briefing room."

Jack glanced at Jacob and Teal'c before heading off in the direction of the briefing room.

Jacob and Teal'c proceeded to gear up.

Half an hour later Jacob and Teal'c unexpectedly found themselves waiting in the gateroom for Jack.

When he finally arrived Jacob turned to him and asked, "Where have you been?"

"Had an urgent phone call." Jack responded.

"From who?"

"Pete Shanahan. Carter's… fiancé." Jack said.

"Sam got engaged… to him?" Jacob asked. He seemed a little shocked at the prospect.

Jacob's reaction puzzled Jack. "Yeah. Why?"

Jacob hastily tried to cover his reaction. "Nothing. Nothing. Just…uh… surprised. How long have they been together?"

"How should I know?" Jack said tersely.

The two men stood in silence, looking at the inactive gate.

"O'Neill, should we not depart?" Teal'c asked.

"In a minute Teal'c. Gotta wait for someone." Jack didn't sound all too pleased at this prospect.

Teal'c frowned. "For whom are we waiting?" He asked, just as the doors to the gateroom slid aside.

Pete Shanahan entered, accompanied by two armed airmen. He was dressed in SGC field uniform, wearing a holstered nine-millimetre. Teal'c gratefully noted that the man carried no other weapons. He didn't entirely trust Shanahan.

Jacob turned to Jack. "Jack?" he questioned.

Jack merely shrugged. He turned and waved at the gate technician. "Dial it up."

Shanahan surveyed the room. He had met Teal'c once before, he didn't really like or trust the guy: he was an alien. Then there was O'Neill. The man stood loosely, his hands resting on the P-90 strapped to his chest. Shanahan didn't trust him either. He was an authority figure with no respect for authority. The way Sam talked about him, he was a hero. Shanahan thought O'Neill might have a 'thing' for Sam.

Shanahan only recognised the other man in the room from the photographs Sam used to have on the walls at her old house. Jacob Carter. Sam's dad.

Jacob stared at Shanahan.

The man began to look uncomfortable under the stern gaze. He extended a hand towards Jacob. "Mr. Carter, I'm Pete Shanahan, Sam's –"

Jacob ignored the hand. "I know who you are." He cut him off. "And it's General Carter." He added, and continued to stare at the man.

Jack suddenly found his boots very interesting.

Next to the other three men, Shanahan felt very under-equipped. Teal'c carried some sort of staff-weapon, and the thing Sam had referred to as a 'zat'. He also carried a knife in a sheath attached to his uniform. Jacob carried a zat and a nine-mil. O'Neill was the most heavily armed. As well as his Beretta nine-mil, he had a knife on his uniform, a zat, and the P-90, which he was absent-mindedly drumming his thumbs on.

Eventually, Selmak grew tired of Jacob's staring and took control. "O'Neill, before we depart I must tell you something." Selmak reached into a pocket and brought out a small vial. It was filled with a clear liquid.

Shanahan visibly jumped at the sound of Jacob's voice. He didn't know, Jacob thought. Selmak merely gave a mental shrug.

Jack glanced at Selmak, "What is it?"

"We came here to bring you this drug."

"What's it do?" Jack asked, making no move to take the vial.

"It completely suppresses a person's memory. We thought it would be useful for SG teams."

"How?" Jack asked, almost drowned out by the new gate tech's boisterous "Chevron four, encoded." He briefly glared in the tech's direction, who visibly flinched.

"Were they to be captured, they could erase their memories and pose no security threat to Earth," Selmak paused, knowing O'Neill wasn't going to like this, "or its allies."

At this Jack turned and glared, "Let me guess, this is the Tok'ra's way of saying: 'we'll be friends again, but we still don't trust you guys'."

Selmak's head dipped and Jacob gave Jack wry grin, "Got it in one, Jack."

Again Shanahan seemed slightly freaked out by his future father-in-law's sudden vocal change.

"And you're bringin' this with us?" Jack asked.

"Yes. Just in case."

Jack gave him a look. "We'll talk about this when we get back, Dad."

The gate technician's voice came over the speakers "Chevron seven, locked."

The kawoosh filled the gateroom. Again Shanahan visibly jumped.

"Teal'c take point, Shanahan you next. Then you Jake. I'll watch your six."

Teal'c nodded and moved up the ramp. Shanahan followed the Jaffa, somewhat reluctantly.

When both had passed through the gate Jacob turned to Jack and said, "Why's he coming?"

"He insisted." Jack said.

Jacob just shook his head, gave Jack a 'You will tell me later' look, and headed through the event horizon.

"Gotta love those Tok'ra." Jack muttered, before following.

On the other side of the wormhole Jack was greeted by a firefight. He ran and hid behind the DHD, began providing cover fire for Shanahan, who seemed to be freaking out.

Teal'c and Jacob, however, appeared to be holding their own.

"Shanahan, goddamit! You're a cop! Return fire!" Jack yelled at the man.

"But… but…" The man was obviously in shock.

"Do it!" Jack barked.

Shanahan finally managed to fire on the Jaffa.

Jack looked to his friends, just in time to see a staff weapon blast glance off Teal'c's shoulder. "Teal'c!" He yelled.

"Go!" Teal'c yelled, firing at the advancing Jaffa.

When Jack didn't move, merely returned fire, Shanahan glared at him. "You heartless bastard! You're just gonna leave him there!" he growled at Jack, who recoiled in shock. Before Jack could react Shanahan was on his feet, running to Teal'c's position.

"Shanahan, get back!" Jack yelled. Then watched helplessly as Shanahan got hit by a zat blast. Moments later and Jacob too had been taken down while trying to grab Shanahan. Jack remained crouched behind the DHD, firing at the Jaffa.

"O'Neill!" He heard Teal'c shout. "Go! I will provide cover."

Jack nodded at the Jaffa's reasoning. He was more use to them all from the outside, less if taken captive. Teal'c would be okay, and he'd take care of Jacob and Shanahan.

"O'Neill! Go!" Teal'c yelled, and began firing. Jack stood and ran, still firing, for the treeline. He didn't stop till he was well away.

Oddly, the Jaffa made no attempt to follow. Instead, they headed to their mistress's fortress, taking their new prisoners with them.