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My name is Shego. I'm guessing you're here to talk about my two least favorite people in the world, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Those two are such pests. In runs in Kim's family too. Her annoying little brothers have joined her one a few of her missions.

"At last, Shego. I have found Kim Possible's weakness."

Shut up, Drakken! I'm enjoying some well earned time off. That was Dr. Drakken, my boss. He has to be the most annoying person on the planet. He has come up with some good plans…sometimes. Once he used a serum that made Kimmie begin to disappear every time she got embarrassed, but Stoppable found the cure. The problem with Drakken is that he makes up his plans as he goes along. It's so annoying.

Anyway, about Kim. Little Miss Perfect is a cheerleader that is high on the social pyramid. She's also on the honor role, I think. She's hard to beat. I've fought her several times, and usually lost. The last time we fought doesn't count, 'cause Drakken told me to lose. Ha ha ha. It was too great. You see, Kimmie was coming to save her boyfriend Erik from us and stop Drakken's plot (duh). Anyway, I let her beat me, but made it look convincing. She saw that Erik was okay and ran into his arms. What happened next was priceless. Erik told her that he was really one of Drakken's synthodrones and shocked her with electricity. Stoppable didn't like that. He probably would have torn Erik apart if I hadn't clothes-lined him.

Now you're probably wondering about Stoppable. He's a real loser and a buffoon. I fact, Drakken can't even remember his name. I don't know why. It's not that hard. Ron Stoppable, as in, he can always be stopped. I don't know why Kim lets him come with her on missions. He rarely ever actually helps. At least, I can't think of any time off hand. Hmmm. I can't understand why I'm so angry with Stoppable whenever I think of time…or even if I think of monkeys.

On that last "take over the world" venture, I noticed something between Kim and Ron. After we were put in the police squad car, I notice Kimmie looking at Ron in a funny way. I never would have thought that Kim would fall for that lack-wit. I could probably use that against her the next time we fight. Hmmmm. Might not work, but…

"Shego, this plan is perfect!"

SHUT UP, Drakken! What? Why am I still working for Drakken? Wait. Why'd I repeat your question? Whatever. Um…well, I'm not really sure. I mean, there aren't very many choices out there for me. There's Monkey Fist, but there is no way I'm working for a man with "monkey" in his name. Duff Killain has too short a fuse for me to want to have to handle. There is Señor Senior Sr., but he's totally warped. His son, SSJ, isn't to bad, but his singing is terrible. Anyone who told that guy he could sing should be taken out and shot. And there is Dementor, but he's…Dementor.

"Shego, this plan is perfect. Come on, see for yourself."

—Shego looks at Drakken's plan—

Dr. D., this look like in might actually work.

"I told you, Shego."

Let's get it on track.

Killigan and a few others will be coming soon.