Two Halves of a Whole Heart

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Chapter 1

Ding Ding round one

"You're a lazy bum you never get off your damn ass!" screamed the girl.

"Well at least I'm not a carrot" retorted the boy.



"Prick you're so embarrassing no wonder your dad didn't come back!"

"Yeah well at least I'm not knocked up Misty!"

"You're gonna regret the day you said that Ketchum!" the fiery red head yelled as she pounced on him, sinking her nails into his skin.

"Get of me you bitch!" he yelled at her, his hands hurting as he griped her arms so tightly they left a mark on her arms, as he tried to pull her off . "Take it back you pig!" Misty replied as she kneed him in the stomach "no! You take back what you said!"

"NO! It's true" she said meanly.

"Well as far as I'm concerned you're not my friend and I wouldn't give a fucking toss if you dropped dead right in front of me!" Ash said coldly.

"That's it you're gonna wish you were never born!"

"Here let me help you with those Mrs Ketchum" Came the warm reply of none other than Brock Slate, "No thank you Brock, be a dear and open the door? Thanks" said Mrs Ketchum, Brock did as asked.


"There you go Mrs K"

"Thank you Br-"




"What's going on!" they both exclaimed, dropping the shopping and running towards the racket, I knew we shouldn't have left them two together thought Brock as he and Delia ran to pull the two apart.

"What in gods name's goin' on 'ere!" Brock pried trying to keep Mist away from Ash.

"I'm...gonna...Kill...You...Ash...Ketchum" Misty threatened panting,

"Beta watch…your back…Waterflower!" Ash remarked.

I know it's not much, this is my 1st fan fic though and I'll get chapter 2 up ASAP, plz r+r, be nice ……uh huh in chapter 2 (it's gonna b long hopefully lol) Ash is gonna get really ill but I wont give the rest away.kk.