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Kyo sighed heavily. From his perch on the roof all he could see were Sohma Zodiac members milling about, as well as the few people that had Tohru invited. There were paper cups and plates strewn about, children running and laughing, and the older folks sitting or standing in little parties amid the party, chattering amongst themselves.

Leaning back and putting his hands behind his head, he closed his eyes and tried to imagine all of the people gone; that there was no party, no school, no graduation. His chest felt heavy and his throat constricted at the mere thought of graduating high school. No one had said anything to him lately concerning, well, him. Shishou had declared over a year ago during parent-teacher meetings that Kyo was going to go to University and become a Sociology major, which was almost a joke seeing as how anti-social he truly was. He had applied to University months ago, but he had gotten no response as of yet. Not even a no. He suspected an interception on the part of the Main Sohma family, but he had no proof to convict them of it. Besides… he had pretty much run out of steam. On top of that, Tohru—

NO, he told himself, curling up a little. He wouldn't think of Tohru in that light. His stomach balled up and the prickling behind his eyes and nose signaled impending tears. Oh how he was going to miss her.

Hearing a scrabbling on the roof, Kyo snapped out of his self-pity and peered to his side. Two hands and an elbow were trying to hoist Kagura onto the rooftop. She no longer wore that annoying cat backpack and had grown out her hair. He couldn't help but remember the conversation they had had so long ago. "I played with you because I wanted to look down on you... I forced myself to love you." "I will never love you the way you love me... I was just glad that you played with me." He smiled complacently at her as she wiggled over cautiously to sit beside him.

"Kyo, why aren't you down with the rest of us? The miso soup that Tohru made is wonderful! I know it's one of your favorites…"

Kyo smiled inwardly at the thought of Tohru making one of his favorite foods. "I'm not big on crowds. And miso soup isn't one of my favorite foods. It's just the only way that I think miso should be made."

Kagura shrugged. "Well you do know that it upsets Tohru when she thinks that someone isn't enjoying themselves. She's been asking where you were all afternoon."

"Did she even need to ask?" Kyo replied. He repeatedly came up to the roof when he wanted to be by himself; it was his safe haven. Tohru was one of the few that had ever joined him up here. His heart lightened at the thought of Tohru wanting him arou—NO.

"Well, seeing as how the younger ones have the tendency to hang on her, she's been a little busy. It's a good thing that there are so many people here to help out! I made some cookies!" Kagura announced proudly. "Here, I even brought you one!"

Out of a small pocket Kagura withdrew a tiny sugar cookie in the shape of a cat's head. Kyo felt a little piqued. Apparently she still really liked cats.

"It's the only one I made as a cat. Don't worry!" Kagura stated while laughing after seeing Kyo's reaction to the cookie. "You don't have to eat it now. Just promise me that you'll humor Tohru (and the rest of us) by coming downstairs, okay? Besides, I have a present for you!"

Kyo shrugged, giving neither a yes nor a no. Kagura's eyes went dark and she grabbed Kyo's neck to give him a nuggie. "I SAID, COME DOWNSTAIRS SOON, OKAY?"

Kyo cried out,struggling to get his head out of her vice grip, "OKAY, OKAY! I'LL BE DOWN SOON!"

Kagura giggled and let him go. "Thanks! See you soon!"

Kyo watched her scrabble cautiously off the roof as he put his hair back in place, a little annoyed...

...and yet grateful that someone had finally come up and gotten him.